8 Job Options Which Provide the Opportunity for Travel

Even if you do not want a job that is primarily focused on travel, the opportunity for travel within a job can be very appealing to many people – especially those who want to escape the confines of an office or a set working environment.
Many jobs provide opportunities for traveling, whether in your own country or abroad, and offer the potential to meet a wide variety of people during your job responsibilities.
If you’re looking for job opportunities which will increase your travel potential, then read on.

1. Remote Digital Positions

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Any job position which allows you to work remotely in which you only need a laptop will offer freedom for travel. You can then pick and choose where you want to work from — even if it’s in a different country.

This digital nomad lifestyle appeals to a lot of people who want to travel while they work. This also allows more freedom in that you are not restrained to traveling to the areas you are told to within your company, but instead lets you choose where you want to work from at any time.
You can even work during long travel plans or vacations if needed.

2. Jobs Within Consumer Travel

There will be many opportunities for travel if you are looking for a job that serves holidaymakers. You can consider all the areas of business that are needed for providing an ideal vacation, and research the available roles within your desired sector.

Some great examples include:

  • Hospitality, such as working in a restaurant or in a hotel abroad
  • Working on a tour boat
  • Working on a cruise liner
  • Working as cabin crew

According to, these are also great options if you have transferrable skills, such as being educated as a chef and can, therefore, look for those opportunities within kitchens on cruise liners or in various hotels.

3. Tour Guide

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If you have extensive knowledge of a specific place, or of a particular field, then this may open up opportunities to lead group tours or private tours in various countries or locations. As a tour guide, you are not only presented with the potential for travel but also assured that you’re always on your feet and traveling through locations throughout the day as necessary, therefore perfect for those who always like to be out and about during their work.

4. Travel Photographer

If you would like to couple your love of travel with your love of photography, then this is the perfect venture for you. Working as a freelance photographer successfully, however, may see you up against a lot of competition, and it may take a long time to build up a portfolio. However, there’s no reason you cannot be successful as a travel photographer if you look for opportunities to showcase your work. Many travel companies may be looking for professional photographers to take photos for their brochures or marketing material, or certain international companies may be looking for on-location photo shoots.

It may even be that you can use your freelance photography skills to aid consumers who need photography services abroad, such as a wedding or event taking place in another country. The possibilities are there if you take the time to seek them!

5. The Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry is a varied business that will allow you to travel to many places if you have a mind for it. Within the manufacturing industry, you will be making new contacts and sourcing new materials and products regularly, which will always provide the opportunity to get out on the road. Whether your supplier or contact is based in your own country or abroad, this is the perfect excuse to travel to meet your relevant contacts and form lasting relationships — while also having the opportunity to explore a new location or simply escape your factory or office environment.

Machinery and equipment suppliers like also offer information on dealers you can visit and maybe apply for a job. Furthermore, construction manager positions may see you traveling to various locations to oversee site projects.

6. Instructor Vacancies

A lot of places abroad, such as resorts, will require various instructor positions to help teach visitors or holidaymakers. These opportunities can vary from season to skill level. A few examples could be:

  • Ski or snowboarding instructor
  • Dance instructor
  • Yoga instructor
  • Watersport instructor (such as rafting, surfing or sailing)

These are just a few examples and will be dependent on the season or skill level. Still, there will always be instructing opportunities with resorts and activity-based companies in various countries.

7. Truck Driver

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Being a truck driver will provide ample opportunities to always be traveling from place to place. Whether it’s for an international freight company or local truck deliveries, this job role will see you constantly on the move, able to make regular stops, and to always be experiencing new sights and scenery.
This can also be an excellent option for those individuals who already have extensive driving experience and have the relevant trucking licenses, but who are looking to broaden their horizons when it comes to the travel distances they are making.

8. Working as a Reviewer or Critic

Many industries will need the services of professional reviewers and critics. Whether it’s the film industry, the theatre industry, hotel experiences or restaurant reviews, there will be many opportunities around the world to visit various places and journal a professional review.
If you are already working as a critic in any capacity and have only ever worked in your local area, you could look for opportunities abroad or further afield if you want to travel more.

Final Thoughts

Opportunities for travel within job roles aren’t always the obvious ones. Even within those businesses where travel isn’t the key focus, there may be new opportunities at to be able to get out on the open road while still fulfilling your job role. Travel doesn’t always have to mean to distant countries, either; sometimes, simply escaping the office and seeing more of the country you’re in can satisfy any career travel bug, too.

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