Looking Stylish When Traveling – 8 Tips To Look Glamorous

Traveling does not mean you need to throw style out the window. Regardless of where you will go, from the deserts of Africa to the busy cities of the US, you can look stunning and be practical at the same time. Obviously, everything will depend on what your goal is with your trip but there is never anything wrong with looking great for a few Instagram photographs.

If you want to look stylish when you travel, here are some very simple tips that will help you from FashionologyMag.

1. Pack Some Statement Pieces And Mostly Basics

Three-quarters of the clothes you are packing need to be basics, like black skirts, dark blue jeans, warm coats, and shorts (based on the climate of course). You can look up for a perfect pair of jeans at Then, add some dressy-casuals that you can match and mix so they will fit several possible occasions. When you mostly choose basics, you can use them for several situations.

As an example, you can wear a plain white top as you pair it with shorts or jeans. This is perfect for biking, hiking, or simply exploring. Then, you can take the tank top, cover it with a scarf and a cardigan, and you get a perfect outfit for your next dinner outside of town.

2. Work With Layers


When you want to dress outfits down or up, layering makes it very easy to do. You can have a simple little black dress with you that is perfect to go out and then great as a daywear option when you top it with a sweater and combine it with dark stockings. In a similar way, you can take dark jeans with you that can be combined with a blouse for casual wear. This becomes perfectly dressed up in a combination with a colorful jacket.

3. Focus On Accessories

When you travel, you do not want to worry too much about what you will wear. A great way to do this is to focus on accessories. You can even buy some when you are at your destination. The trick, just as with clothes, is to keep things simple. After all, the main reason why you travel is not to look great in pictures. This is just an extra.

Take some silver or gold studs, a charm bracelet, and a nice pendant. This will cover most possible outfits, from casual to dressy. You only really need a few nice accessories to look great.

When at the destination, keep your eyes open for souvenirs that you can wear right from the start. You can always buy a brand new scarf, sunglasses, a necklace, or anything to enhance your style when needed.

4. Always Think About The Destination


If you will go to Russia, there is a pretty good possibility you do not need a swimsuit and shorts. When you go to Mauritius, heavy turtlenecks and winter coats are useless. In fact, packing for tropical destinations is much easier to do than for cold ones. This is because it is tough to choose right and pack light when visiting cold-weather destinations. Layering is your best bet in this case.

Make sure to also think about the political and cultural climate of the travel destination and you will surely come up with something great to pack and wear.

5. Pack Your Clothes In Three Colors That Coordinate Well

As you think about what clothes you should pack for your trip, you want to choose some pieces that are in 3 matching colors. This makes it so much easier to mix and match and you can create several outfits you can wear on different days and on different occasions. You can pick colors based on your destination.

As an example, let’s say you travel to an urban destination, like Paris. In this case, a combination of white, black, charcoal, and navy is a sure thing. If you will travel somewhere near a beach or you want to do some outdoor excursions, off-white, bright hues, and khaki do wonder.

Obviously, you can always go for comfortable t-shirts in a neutral color since they are pretty easy to combine with practically anything else you may want to wear.

6. Pack Fewer Shoes


We all love shoes but the truth is that you will not need more than 3 pairs when you go on a trip. You basically need a pair of comfortable daytime shoes, exercise sneakers, and something for evenings, like heeled sandals.

As a man, you can actually get away with packing just 2 pairs. You want to take loafers and sneakers. Just choose loafers you can wear at night and during the day. If you want to pack great sneakers, choose sportswear brands that make lightweight pairs capable of folding. This will take up so much less space inside bags and you can pack more as a result.

Obviously, shoes do not need to be chosen while simply thinking about traditional gender roles. Simply aim to pack a few pairs capable of serving several purposes instead of trying to bring one pair for every single evening or every single occasion.

7. Wear Exercise Gear When Flying

The truth is exercise clothes can be quite fashionable. And when you fly, especially if the journey is long, these are clothes you have to consider since they are very comfortable. Also, they will fold neatly so they fit in all bags. Women can easily wear compression leggings and men can try track pants. Such options help a lot when it comes to traveling comfortably and still looking stylish if you choose the right exercise gear.

8. Have One Flexible, Dressy Outfit With You


When you want to participate in an event during the trip or there is a formal evening you have to join, you might want to avoid the bulky dress and the heavy full suit. These simply occupy a lot of space. You can go for a beautiful slip dress, bold earrings, and high-heeled sandals. As a man, you can opt for a multipurpose blazer, a white shirt, and a pair of loafers. In an ideal scenario, it is a good idea to opt for something that you can also use as a part of another outfit for practical reasons.

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