How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Berlin ─ 4 Travel Tips

Do you want to blend in and feel like a local when exploring Berlin? You don’t need to look like a tourist! Here are our top tips for having an authentic Berlin experience with the locals.

From avoiding stereotypes to dressing better, get the inside scoop and learn how not to look like a tourist in Berlin!

Research Before You Go

Doing research before you go on your trip to Berlin is essential. There are several reliable online and offline sources of information that can help you plan your ideal trip. It’s important to find out as much as possible about the city, including its customs, culture, sights, sounds and food. Find more information online on sites like Reddit and Pinterest.

Reading travel guides or blogs can be helpful in learning more about Berlin and discovering its top attractions—Museum Island, East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower, Reichstag building and many more—as well as some of the lesser-known destinations. Once you have a good feel for what there is to do in the city you are better prepared for great experiences and unforgettable memories!

Asking locals for recommendations is also advisable; find out where they go for a good meal or where to shop for unique items. If time allows, try visiting local bars or cafés as these often make great experiences themselves. Doing so gives you a chance to interact with locals on their home turf which can give you valuable insight into their culture and way of life while also giving your conversations more depth than typical travel conversations usually provide.

Dress Appropriately


Berlin is a city with fashionable, trendy inhabitants and visitors. While it’s perfectly permissible and encouraged to explore the city’s historic sites and museums, it can be easy to stand out as looking like a tourist if you are unaware of the dress sense of Berliners. Appropriate attire is essential for blending in, especially in more upscale areas.

Comfort, practicality, and neatness all matter to Berliners. It is important to feel comfortable while navigating the city by day or night and also abide by any applicable dress codes in certain establishments. Generally, casual urban chic is key when deciding what to wear when visiting Berlin. Fashionable jeans are acceptable anywhere; some venues may even allow relaxed urban shorts in warmer months.

Button-down shirts for men work too; women can opt for blouses or simple t-shirts paired with chic jackets or light sweaters. Flat shoes such as sneakers are great for long days exploring the city on foot; women may pull off minimalist ankle boots paired with local street style flares or wide-legged jeans. Urban chic also factors into accessories; scarves make excellent statements about one’s style in colder seasons, but keep them classic – no loud prints here!

Get Around Like a Local


Berliners generally get around with a combination of public transport, walking and bicycling. With over 170 local train, tram and bus routes to choose from, getting around is easy. Tourists can save money by investing in a transit pass for the duration of their stay. With flexible options available to suit short stay or long stay visitors, it’s easy to keep your transportation costs low.

Make sure to check what types of discounts you are eligible for when purchasing a transit pass. You may be able to get discounted access to bicycle rentals or discounts on transit fares and tickets.

If you’re right in the city center, you’ll find that walking is also an efficient way of getting around – take advantage of during your tour to really soak up the sights and sounds of Berlin!

When using public transport, make sure to have your route or destination written down on paper (or saved in your phone) as many locals do not speak English fluently. Knowing the names of train stops or other destinations ahead of time can help – even better is knowing how many stops until you need to get off – few tourists will know this so try if you can learn it! Having a map ready before hopping onto trams and trains can help locals identify where you’re going more quickly so they don’t have to ask too many questions before helping out!

Don’t Take Pictures of Everything


When visiting a new place, of course, you’ll want to take lots of pictures to capture the memories you make. However, if you really want to blend in with the locals in Berlin, it’s best to restrain yourself from taking pictures of every single thing. Instead observe and appreciate the sights around you – don’t just photograph them! Try not to draw too much attention to your presence by snapping photos with large cameras or flashes – this can attract unwanted attention that can make a traveler feel unsafe.

In addition, remember not to take pictures or videos inside sacred places such as churches and other religious sites; always check the etiquette guidelines before doing so. It is also considered improper to take photographs of certain sites or people (such as in government buildings or military installations). Always respect local customs and laws when traveling abroad and make sure that both yourself and your subjects are comfortable with being photographed before proceeding. Finally, it’s important for visitors to be aware when taking pictures of children in public places- there may be laws against this that can vary from country to country.


Etiquette and cultural norms are different in every country, so it’s important to do your research when you’re traveling abroad. Of course, the most important thing is to just be yourself and enjoy your trip – but following a few simple tips can help make sure you have the best experience possible!

The key to fitting in while abroad is to understand the local culture and customs. For example, instead of dressing like a tourist, blend in by wearing clothing that’s typical of the locals. To avoid looking out of place, try not to shout or make disruptive noises in public places. Additionally, it’s a good idea to learn basic German phrases that you can use during conversations with people on the street or in shops. And finally, don’t forget about body language; smile often and use polite gestures such as nodding your head when meeting someone new!

By following these tips and being mindful of local culture, you’ll be sure to blend in like a local during your travels in Berlin!

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