How Big Can Maine Coons Get?

Maine Coons are one of the most loved breeds of cat in the US. If you are a proud owner of one of these gentle giants then you may have many questions about just how large they can get.

One thing you should know is that male Maine Coons grow bigger than the females, and they can end up reaching an insane 15 to 25 pounds in weight.

They can end up growing around 40 inches in size. However, this possibility is very dependent on the genetics of a cat, and how they eat.

The males of this breed of cat are able to grow from 10 to 16 inches tall, but the females can be a bit smaller being only 8 to 14 inches tall.

Their sizes can vary, although they are known as being very big cats, they can grow big, much bigger than the average cat.

They are also believed to have come from North America, in Maine, hence the name ‘Maine Coon’. Check out more about them here:

Maine Coon Size Chart

It is important that you understand that male and female main coons will grow at slightly different sizes. This includes height, weight, and length.

Average Size Males Females
Length (inch, cm) 19-40”, 48-101 cm 19-40”, 48-101 cm
Height (inch, cm) 10-16”, 25-40cm 8-14”, 20-35cm
Weight (lbs, kgs) 15-25lbs, 6.8-11.3kgs 8-12lbs, 3.6-5.4kgs

How Big Can Maine Coon’s Grow


Maine Coons are very big boned, and they are very muscular also, making them grow much bigger than a majority of other cat breeds.

They do usually end up being around the same size as Ragdoll cats, or the Norwegian Forest Cat.

These cats will grow for 4-5 years before they are technically full size. But, a majority of cats will end up being physically mature at the 2-year mark, or thereabouts. Which might actually be part of the reasoning behind their significantly bigger size.

Although the averages in our above table give you a decent point of reference in the size of how these cats can be, you should never rely on this being solid fact, as each cat is different.

Sizing can always differ, and there will always be one cat who needs to be different.

There have been reports of male Maine Coons that are as heavy as 35lbs, which is definitely much more significant than the average weight you see above.

So, if you want a Maine Coon, or if you have a Maine Coon kitten, know you could be in for a very heavy surprise.

How Big Was The Biggest Maine Coon

In the 2010 Guinness World Record book, there is a cat named Stewie. Stewie is a Maine Coon who achieved the title for being the longest cat of his breed. How big was he? He was an astounding 48.5 inches long.

This measurement was made by measuring from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Incredibly a good 16 inches of that 48.5 inch long cat was his tail!

He was also very heavy, at 33 pounds!

What is amazing about Stewie, was that his owners announced he had no special diet, and there were no breeding methods out of the ordinary with him either. Nothing was done to influence his size, he just did not want to stop growing.

Naturally he was just a very big Maine Coon. Genetics bless some of us!

Why Are Maine Coons So Big


These cats are so big they overshadow some dogs, giving them the nickname: the cats of the dog world.

Their history is very mysterious, or more, just… empty, really.

In spite of many myths, Maine Coons, and how they came to be what they are, is all just very unclear.

The lack of knowledge about them makes it rather hard to figure out exactly why they grow to the massive size that they do.

We do know that genetics play a part in this breed’s size, and other attributes of theirs. However, some would argue that the Maine Coon simply evolved this way.

Many think they evolved this way due to the climate in Maine, with it being so cold. If this is true, no one can tell for sure, but we do know one thing.

Maine Coons have very big and fluffy paws, which are perfect from walking over snowfall in their home State. Perhaps their size is to accommodate them better to their climate and to snowy conditions, making them better hunters?

Or maybe not. Chances are we’ll never be able to tell 100% for sure exactly why these cats are the size they are, but we love them regardless and hope perhaps history one day gives us an insight into their heritage.

Can You Predict The Size Of A Maine Coon


So, thinking of all this, if you happen to have a Maine Coon kitten, and you want to anticipate how big it will grow to be, sure, you can use our chart to make a guess, but you are unlikely to be accurate.

There is no actual way to predict the size of a Maine Coon cat.

Even while genetics do play a part in the size of these cats, just like it does for humans. There are plenty of recessive traits which can crop up that we just can’t plan for.

All this means is that even if the parents of your Maine Coon kitten are a particular size, then it doesn’t mean that your kitten will end up being that same size.

They may be smaller, or they may be larger, sometimes they can exceed the size of their parents greatly.

All you can be certain of is that you will end up owning a much bigger than average cat which will give a great many breeds of dog a run for their money when it comes down to size.

They are the biggest house cat you could have.

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