It’s Possible to Make Money in Online Casinos All Over the World

Although it is not easy, it is possible to make money with casino games. But beating the bank at a blackjack table, a roulette wheel or a slot is not available to everyone, so you have to know the keys to winning in the casino.

Chance plays a vital role in casino games. As much as you have a perfectly refined strategy to play roulette or blackjack on Betcris, if the ball does not stop on your numbers or the dealer has better cards, it will be difficult to win.

Winning on a Slot Machine


Slot machines are usually the most popular attractions of a casino because they often require little knowledge or technique. Almost everything is pure luck, or perhaps not.

There are a number of tricks, warnings and recommendations for betting on slots that experts know about and that newbies usually overlook. Here are some of them.

First of all, an important warning: there are no foolproof ways to earn 100% on a slot machine. Reject the siren songs of people who claim to know the trick. Either they lie to get attention, or they are preparing a tome and loin scam for you.

The only strategy that will help you increase your chances of making money on a slot machine is to lengthen the experience as much as possible. The less money you burn, the longer you last, and the more opportunities and rounds you will have to get a jackpot, big or small.

Become a Member

There is a general reluctance to become a member of a casino club for fear that, if the local keeps track of your winnings, it will give a kind of switch so that you start losing. However, this is a hoax. If you become a member of the casino, you receive discounts and free rounds, and all these incentives lengthen your playing time and increase your chances of winning.

Set A Limit

If you are going to play slots, make a commitment not to exceed a certain figure and propose your strategy from this limit. If your budget is $100, for example, if you spend $5 on each bet, it will take less than half an hour. Remember that the winning strategy is to extend your starting time as much as possible.



A key term to win at slots is Return To Player (RTP). It marks the theoretical return of money to the player after a huge number of rounds (usually one million) and is usually represented as a percentage. For example, an RTP of 97% indicates that, after a large number of games, the machine will return 95 euros for every $100 spent. Always remember this measure regardless of whether you play in a real or virtual casino.

Choose a Higher RTP

It doesn’t matter if a slot machine has a cool design, attracts more people around it or has more elaborate rules: all you care about is finding out the RTPs of all and playing the ones closer to 100%. They are the ones when they give a significant prize they will return most of the euros that other players have lost before you.

Activate Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are key to lengthening your playing time for several reasons. The juiciest is that during them, you are not paying money, so you have extra opportunities. Another reason why you are interested in getting rounds like this is that the prize money is always higher than in a normal round.

Each machine has its rules and conditions to get bonuses. If you have doubts, the usual thing is that the slot itself contains a help menu that tells you what steps you should follow.

Progressives Aren’t Always the Best Options

According to the blog Gaming, the Odds, progressive slot machines have become fashionable in casinos. As the name suggests, they are those in which the jackpot or jackpot increases as more money has been invested by its players. It’s a bit like the jackpot of TV contests when no one wins in the final round.

It may be tempting, but the victory ratio is much lower than that of other types of machines precisely because the victories are huge, but punctual so that a sporadic winner attracts enough attention to convince the rest.

But Sometimes They Are


There is a way to maximize the outcome on a progressive slot. If you treat the machine as if it were non-progressive and therefore try to get the smallest jackpot with the least possible money or if you discover that one of these slots is approaching its maximum jackpot. Still, it’s not the best kind for novice gamers or for those who just want to enjoy the thrill of the experience.

Well-known Characters Don’t Make Winners

Yes, that Batman or Game of Thrones slot looks good, but it is very possible that playing in it will be expensive. Brands force manufacturers to pay to license characters or whatever. The theory is that, in turn, the manufacturers rent the machines to the casinos at higher prices, so the casino raises the minimum bets and lowers the % of winning so that these slots pay off.

Learn How the Machines Work

Usually, online casinos allow you to play their machines for free. Obviously, you are not going to win anything because you are not betting anything, but it will allow you to understand how each one works, how to get the bonus rounds, and broadly increase your skills as a player. This tip is doubly useful if you find a virtual version of a real, physical machine you want to test; so you can taste it first.

Pace Yourself

Finally, a tip that is almost like a reminder of everything said so far: the more big bets you make, the faster you spend your budget, the faster the experience will end, and the faster you will be back home. If you have the opportunity to make small bets, if you can lengthen the games with round, if you find in the casino a machine that uses cents instead of dollars, take a long way.

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