5 Ways to Make Your Traveling Dream Come True

Do you dream of traveling the world? Have you always wanted to see more of your home country? Seasoned travelers say it’s one of the best feelings in the world to explore new areas, soak in new scenery, and learn about other cultures. If that’s your dream, you’re not alone. However, you need money to travel.

It’s understandable if a lack of money has been stopping you from pursuing your traveling dreams. However, there are plenty of ways to start traveling that don’t require much money or any money at all.

On the other hand, if you have the money, but not enough free time to travel, there are ways to get the time to travel.

Want to make your dreams of traveling and exploring come true? Whether you’re short on time or cash, here’s how other people have made their dreams a reality.

1. Get your CDL and work as a truck driver


Have you considered getting a commercial driver’s license and becoming a truck driver, delivering goods across the country?

Driving a commercial truck across the country or even between neighboring countries is an excellent way to see the world. Although your attention will be on delivering your loads, it’s the perfect adventure for people who don’t feel the need to socialize all the time.

You’ll get more freedom as an owner-operator

While most people entering this field tend to work for trucking companies, there are CDL holders who buy their own trucks. Owning your own truck is a plus for traveling because it will give you more freedom in the jobs you choose, which means you can pursue jobs with amazing scenery. You can also set your own routes and schedules, and you won’t be under any unnecessary pressure to deliver on impossible deadlines.

It will cost money to become a truck driver, especially if you buy your own semi-truck. However, if you’re in the U.S., the secret is to import a commercial truck from Canada through a company like since the exchange rate works in your favor.

Once you have your truck, you can start taking on gigs that will have you traveling anywhere you wish. Although to make good money you’ll need to take on gigs that may not be as exciting as other places, but it’s all just part of being a truck driver.

2. Become a travel blogger


No matter how many blogs exist, blogging will never go out of style. Travel blogs, in particular, offer interesting content and are an excellent opportunity to make a career out of traveling.

Bloggers explore the world while earning money by writing articles about their experiences with new cultures, food, entertainment, and scenery. Travel blogs are popular and if you can tell a good story, it’s not hard to gain a readership. However, it does take time to build a successful blog.

What does it take to become a successful travel blogger? Like any other business, you’ll need to create well-written, engaging content and market your blog. Most importantly, you’ll need to choose interesting or obscure destinations to capture your attention. If you travel to mundane destinations, you’ll need some kind of twist to make your stories interesting.

How bloggers make their money

Some of them earn money through affiliate links for travel-related products. However, most of them make money when companies pay them to promote their products and services. Being a brand ambassador or promoter is an excellent way to earn money, but earning top dollar requires a large audience and plenty of website traffic. Companies are only willing to pay top-tier rates when bloggers have a sufficient and targeted audience.

3. Get a job that requires traveling


In addition to driving a commercial truck, there are other jobs that require traveling, and you may want to consider one as an option to start traveling. Some of those jobs include:

  • Joining the military
  • Stagehand
  • Travel agent
  • Working on a cruise ship in any capacity, including as a barista, cocktail waitress, or bartender
  • Flight attendant

Out of all these options, working on a cruise ship seems to be the most popular way people get their travel fix. While some people enjoy working in hospitality or serving food, many prefer working as a barista. In fact, many career baristas choose to start working for cruise ships to travel and save money on rent and other expenses.

When you choose a career that requires traveling, you may not get to choose your destination. For instance, when you join the military, you can’t choose where you get deployed or stationed throughout your career. However, if you don’t have a preference for where you travel, it can work well.

4. Invest in overseas real estate

If you need a reason to travel, start investing in real estate overseas and you’ll find yourself traveling more often. Not only will you need to visit your potential investment properties, but you’ll spend time getting familiar with the neighborhood and talking with the locals.

When you find an area you enjoy, you can buy a property and either rent it out full-time or seasonally so you can enjoy it as your vacation home.


5. Run an online business

Is time holding you back from traveling? Running an online business will give you the freedom to travel anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

There are many different online businesses you can start, but most internet entrepreneurs are involved in affiliate marketing, joint ventures, or selling digital downloads.

If you have the expertise you can share with the world, you can start an online business selling your knowledge and expertise. You’ll just need to have patience and determination to build your business.

Traveling is like soup for the soul

Traveling is an amazing experience, and it’s worth the effort to find ways to make your travel goals happen. Whether you take on a new job, change careers, or take a long vacation, you’ll be glad you chose to travel.

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