How to Write a Declaration on a Resume

A resume is your personal ticket to a good job. You need to approach the writing of this document responsibly, as this is usually your only opportunity to get into an interview. Getting started on a resume is always difficult, but it’s really necessary, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right and sell yourself as profitably as possible.

Your resume should be clear, well-structured, and contain complete and up-to-date information about your qualifications, work background, and education. Use bulleted lists wherever possible and try not to overuse paragraphs. Most of them are not read like text or a book, they are “scanned” by the interviewer to pick out key points – this is easier to do when the information is presented as a bulleted list.

One approach to creating a resume is to write one complete document describing your entire work history and then adapt it for each job you apply for. Pay attention to what you do in your daily activities at your current job. Write down the responsibilities in the form of a job description, this will come in handy as a guide to describe your experience. Don’t worry about the length of the resulting text, you’ll edit it later when you create your resume.

Writing an effective resume requires including elements that give potential employers a complete picture of your qualifications and professional skills. Among these elements are statements that assure potential employers that the information provided in the resume is true and accurate.


The purpose is to draw attention to yourself at the first, as usual, correspondence acquaintance, to make a favorable impression, and to encourage the employer to invite you to a personal meeting.

From this follows the main principle of writing a resume – to emphasize all the positive points and make it invisible, as far as possible, what is not your strong point.

To write a good one, you must follow the principle of selectivity. Information should be selected based on its objectives, that is, the resume should include a description of exactly those aspects of your experience that are significant for the position you are applying for.

By form, resumes are divided into professional (universal), chronological, functional, chronological-functional, targeted, and academic.

The biggest secret of the resume: you need to write a resume not for the candidacy of the applicant, but for the requirement of a particular employer, taking into account the peculiarities of the company’s business.

And therefore, one of the main rules of the resume: for each new interview, you should come with a new summary and never – without it!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own resume declaration to find a job on Layboard abroad.

Resume, Declaration, and their role in successful employment


The first acquaintance with the employer takes place in absentia, with the help of a resume. A well-written document must meet a number of requirements – only then will it guarantee successful employment and become the next step on the career ladder.

This is a description of the employee’s knowledge and professional skills that make him competitive in the labor market. Such valuable qualities as resistance to stress, activity, education, and the desire to improve skills should be indicated.

The summary is issued in printed form, and a photograph is added to it. The purpose of the document is to attract attention, impress, and motivate to conduct a personal interview. On the basis of such a presentation, the first and persistent opinion about a person is created. A resume read by an HR specialist before the meeting provides an opportunity to learn the basics about the candidate and write down questions of interest, which makes the interview more effective.

What is a resume Declaration?

The resume statement states that all of the information you have included is correct to the best of your knowledge. It is usually placed at the end of the resume as confirmation that all the information provided is true. Along with the statement, the statement also includes the author’s name and date.

The practice of including a declaration dates back to the time when job seekers sent resumes to potential employers via the mail system without meeting them in person before. The application was then part of a more formal process of approaching employers, which should create a more favorable impression of the job applicant.

Even today, declarations are commonly included on resumes in countries such as India, although they are less common in the West.

Why is it important?


In the scenarios above, the declaration and accompanying signature certify that the information in the resume is correct to the best of the applicant’s knowledge. The application is intended to prevent ambiguity, confusion, or fraud in the recruitment and application process.

Declarations are usually included on resumes in India, where they often follow the personal information section. Indian employers expect job seekers to provide more personal information than would be expected in other countries. Thus, adding a statement to the end of a resume is standard practice. By including a declaration, job seekers can help strengthen or improve their professional image in the eyes of potential employers.

How to create a declaration

Here’s how to create one for your resume:

Write a statement that all the information provided is true

This serves as your guarantee that all the information you have included in your resume is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Place this statement at the bottom of your resume, just below the last line of your personal information. You can keep your statement as simple as possible but write clearly and conclusively.

Write the current date and your location

This provides the validity date for your original application. Place the date and place below the declaration statement on the left side of the page.

Dates on a resume are an important element that shows age, experience, and other things that make you stand out from job seekers. Is it worth pointing them out, and how honest should one be? In this matter, we recommend not to remain silent and not to embellish reality. The truth will come out anyway, and you will feel embarrassed.

Include your full signature

This makes your declaration statement official and certifies that it is your own statement. Your full name must be placed directly below the declaration statement on the right side of the page, and your signature must be placed directly above it.

When should you include a declaration?


Although some believe that it is not as relevant now as it was many years ago, it is still useful in some situations. It may be helpful to add an ad to your resume when applying for a job in:

  •  India or another country where adding ads is still a common practice.
  •  Government agency or educational institution
  •  A company that has a formal application process
  •  A company with a strictly defined corporate hierarchy

In most other situations, adding a declaration is probably not necessary. However, including one can impress an employer or draw more attention to your resume.

Checking the result

A well-written resume will become a reliable assistant in finding a position of interest, it is important to develop the ability to write a document. You should learn effective self-presentation during a personal interview – this will arouse the interest of the employer and motivate you to take the best candidate for the vacancy.

Use ready-made templates. This will provide invitations to interviews, after which you can independently choose a vacancy that is more to your liking.

When the work is finished, we advise you to carefully go through the text two or three times, correcting mistakes and editing not very successful phrases. Misprints in headings, company names, and job titles will especially alert the employer.

If you want to show your resume to someone else, choose someone with experience as a recruiter – otherwise you are guaranteed to get a bunch of unnecessary advice. If you are considering several different positions – for example, “sales manager” and “head of sales” – write two different resumes.

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