7 Reasons Why Military Boots Are Perfect for Backpacking

For strenuous and adventurous activities like backpacking, it is necessary to wear durable and comfortable shoes. When you hike with your backpack, you must walk many miles from rough terrains to reach your destination. In your journey, you will take breaks to rest your body and enjoy the place’s scenic beauty.

If you are on a long route, you will also go camping. Therefore, you have to carry all the necessary items on your shoulders and go a long way. You cannot compromise the quality of your footwear.

It should be durable to walk on rough terrains without getting injured. It needs to be comfortable so you can wear them a long way.

You must be wondering whether you should purchase military shoes or not. Undoubtedly, it is a good idea. Soldiers also wear this footwear and do extreme strenuous duty at the country’s border.

In this write-up, we will discuss various reasons why military shoes are perfect for backpacking.

1. Protection from Injuries


While backpacking, you have to carry a heavy bag with all the essentials. When you go hiking, you will walk with a backpack, which may cause injuries and pain in your feet. But what if you wear footwears that give protection from your injuries?

Military shoes help in protecting your feet and do not cause any pain. Even if any object falls on your feet, you will not get hurt, and you can walk on roads with big stones. When you climb mountains, you have to put extra effort into going further, and you may experience little accidents.

But nothing will happen to your feet in any way. The military footwears undergo the non-metallic ASTM test to determine whether it is shock-resistant, puncture-resistant, impact-resistant, compression-resistant, etc. The toe area is not bulky but keeps your feet safe from injuries.

2. Durability

Military footwear is highly durable, and you can easily walk on rough terrains. Even if you walk miles, nothing will happen to your footwear. It will remain in good shape. Generally, it is made up of high-quality leather, which makes it durable. The stitching to combine different pieces of leather is quite strong, and it is not easy to break.

The sole is made up of rubber which adds to its durability. There will be no tears in the leather or rubber even if you do strenuous activities. Nortiv8 military boots for men are pretty durable and comfortable. You can explore and buy any of them from

3. Comfortable


Military boots are comfortable enough that you can go hiking without feeling tired. While hiking, you have to walk for hours and cannot rest repeatedly. Due to intense physical activity, you must focus on buying a comfortable pair of shoes, and you will get all such features in the military boots.

Whenever you purchase footwear, you should check the ankle padding, removable insoles, proper cushioning, lightweight, mesh lining with anti-debris feature, etc. When you get all such features in your boots, you can buy them.

4. Breathable and Anti-Odor

Hiking boots should always have a breathable feature, absorbing the sweat completely. When you wear shoes for many hours, your feet start sweating. Constant sweating can cause blisters and other injuries to your feet. Breathable boots can solve your problem. Most of the designs of military footwear are available with the breathable feature.

The material used to manufacture the boots can absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry. You can wear and walk for hours without feeling wet in your shoes. To maintain hygiene, these footwears also support anti-odor features. There will be no odor due to sweat in your boots even if you wear them for many hours.

5. Slip-Resistant


The outsole of the military shoes is made with rubber. It helps you not to slip on any terrain. If you are climbing a mountain or any rough terrain, the rubber outsoles will grip the land easily, and you will not slip at all. Hiking in rainy weather is possibly easy for you. There are fewer risks of falling from a slippery surface and experiencing injuries.

Make sure you check the material of the outsole of your shoes, as it should be rubber. You can expect only rubber in the military boots because soldiers wear them too, and they walk easily on wet surfaces without slipping.

6. Weather-Resistant

You can wear military shoes in any weather as it is resistant to all the extreme climatic conditions. You can go hiking in any weather, like hot, wet, or cold. An insulation layer in these boots works well in every weather. You will feel relaxed in boots when hiking in a hot climate.

Similarly, in winters, your feet will be warm. It supports quick-dry technology that dries up the shoes easily. Your wet boots will dry up quickly even if you are backpacking in rainy weather. Every hiker prefers weather-resistant shoes.

7. Better Structure


Generally, military boots are available in tall structures above the ankle length. It helps prevent the boots’ mud, insects, dust, and debris. When dust or debris enters your shoes, you can feel discomfort, which is unacceptable while backpacking.

You cannot tie and untie your shoes repeatedly to remove the dust from your shoes. Due to the better and tall structure of military shoes, it is comfortable for hikers.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, military boots are perfect for backpacking or hiking. You must go through all the mentioned reasons and buy a good pair of boots. You can only walk and climb for hours when you wear comfortable and durable shoes. There is a high risk of injuries when you walk on rough terrains, but military shoes can protect your feet.

You will not slip because of the rubber outsole. The innersole is well-cushioned so that you will not feel tired while walking or exploring the terrains. For hiking, you cannot choose any random pair of shoes. Instead, go for the military shoes as they can be the best choice for backpacking.

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