7 Best Things To Do In Wears Valley

The history of Wears Valley, Tennessee, goes back several years. Small as it may be, the town boasts breathtaking natural beauty and interesting historical sites. Tourists will find various attractions in Wears Valley and neighboring popular destinations like Pigeon Forge. If you are planning a trip to Wears Valley, be sure to read up on these top things to do to make the most of your time:

1. Put on your hiking boots

There are routes in Wears Valley that are suitable for hikers of all ages and skill levels. However, they can go on for hundreds of kilometers, so it is essential to be aware of what your body is capable of enduring. Be sure your backpack has everything you may need along the way, including water, snacks, and hiking gear.

2. Visit Cove Mountain

At an elevation of around 1,454 feet above sea level, Wears Valley is mainly a region with gently rolling hills surrounded by mountains. Most notably, Cove Mountain stands guard on the town’s southern boundary. The mountain’s summit is about 4,000 feet in altitude and towers over the surrounding valley by over 2,000 feet. With profound effect, the scenery alone is well worth the entire trip.

If you are interested in an overnight stay, you can book Wears Valley cabins for a comfortable stay. From stunning outdoor pavilions to breathtaking mountain views, there’s a lot to choose from.


3. Dine at Elvira’s Café

Elvira, the owner, is originally from Siberia but fell in love with Tennessee. She eventually became a citizen of the United States and launched her restaurant in 2012. Elvira’s Cafe is well-regarded by both natives and visitors. The restaurant’s cuisine is unlike any other in the south because of the unique Russian spin it adds to traditional southern dishes. The cooking crew at Elvira’s is known for being among the best in the business, and the restaurant’s servers are renowned for their warmth and friendliness.

Although classics like country eggs and ham and pancake stacks take up a sizable portion of the menu, you should not leave without sampling at least one of the house-made crepes. Breakfast is served just until 11 a.m. However, some breakfast items can be ordered for lunch. The restaurant is not open at night very often. But when it is, the dinner menu is where you can find the most Russian influence in the food.

4. Take a trip to Headrick Chapel

Headrick Cemetery hosted burials in the 19th century. For those attending the burial, a big oak tree provided shade. However, rain and cold weather forced locals to erect a construction to perform funeral rituals inside. During the funeral rites, the bell in the chapel would toll one for every year the deceased had lived. Many present-day Wears Valley locals continue to uphold this age-old custom.

The Headrick Chapel has earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places because of its historical significance. For almost a century, this little white church in the mountains has served as a spiritual and social hub for the people of Wears Valley.


5. See the Moonshine Distillery

While Moonshine Distillery is one of the more recent additions to the Wears Valley economy, its namesake activity dates back to the area’s earliest days. Farmers in Wears Valley usually turned to moonlight corn liquor production as a means of subsistence, allowing them to avoid tax collectors and keep more of their hard-earned money. At first, it was only distilled at night to prevent scrutiny by law enforcement agencies. Visit this distillery in Wears Valley to learn about the origins of moonshine in the Smokys while sampling some of the spirits for free.

6. Go Ziplining

If you want to see the Great Smoky Mountains in a unique way, ziplining in Wears Valley is the way to go. From a height of several hundred feet, there is little doubt that the beautiful Smoky Mountains can be seen in all their glory. It is because no object will block your view.

The zipline route consists of 3,100 feet of zipline fun across four separate cables. The rope bridge will also allow you to get closer to the surrounding natural scenery. Throughout the experience, you and your loved ones will be safely fastened to a strong cable that has passed the most stringent industry requirements. To ensure your head is protected from protruding branches, you must wear a helmet.


7. Explore the Wears Valley farmer’s market

Wears Valley has several farms with delicious fruits and veggies. We highly recommend checking out one of the fantastic local farmer’s markets if you are interested in sampling some of this great fare for yourself. You will have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are usually a hot commodity on the market. The reason behind this is that the soil is more acidic than average due to the presence of limestone, which gives these tomatoes their extraordinary flavor. Visit this traditional market and pick up some fresh kettle corn, handmade jams, and boiled peanuts to eat in the comfort of your rental.

For those who never feel excited about eating their vegetables, beef, fresh eggs, and chicken are also up for grabs in the market on specific dates. The farmers market has not only delicious food but also a wide selection of lovely crafts and presents, such as jewelry, paintings, small sculptures, soaps, lawn decorations, and ceramics.


Tennessee’s Wears Valley is one of the state’s best-kept treasures. The neighborhood has a quaint rustic charm with its quiet lanes and peaceful atmosphere. To maximize the fun of your Wears Valley adventure, you simply cannot skimp on the things covered in this post.

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