3 Reasons to Bring a Bug Zapper On Your Backpacking Trip

Spending time in nature is one of the healthiest ways to include interesting but useful activities in your schedule. From a huge variety of things you can do outside, the more active you get, the better solution it is for both your mental and physical well-being. One of those activities is backpacking trips.

Backpacking is for those who are adventurers, willing to bring only a backpack full of essentials and leave the rest to nature’s beauty. If you choose to hit the mountains or the woods, it’s been scientifically proven that hiking has several benefits such as increasing hormone production and fighting mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Boosting your positive energy, enhancing your happiness levels, it also enhances your creativity – since the whole concept of these trips consists of exploring different areas, terrains and getting accustomed to new and sometimes unexpected things and conditions.

Visiting places you’ve never been to means waking up your inner child, who’s an explorer and a curious wanderer. Getting in touch with the greenery, with peaceful sanctuaries, breathing the fresh air and soaking in the sun – all of this sounds like heaven. But, there’s only one problem. Insects.

Maybe you think that they’re a part of nature, and that is completely fine. You’d be right if you wanted to make friends with all the creatures you bump into, including mosquitos, bees or flies. The reality is somewhat different.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the campers’ biggest preoccupations is handling the bugs and insects on their trip. There’s even a bunch of tips and tricks you can find on Google, as well as numerous products to keep you and your friends and family safe from these annoying creatures.

However, nothing was proven to be that successful in fighting the bugs such as one simple thing – bug zappers. Easy to use, portable, small, and efficient, these little items can really make your life easier. Choosing the right quality and size, you can simply add them to all the other necessities in your backpack. But, they’re not only for the outside. We’re sure you have had the chance to deal with insects in for home, on warm summer days. This is when you can also get some help, by using an indoor Bug Zapper.

Why should you consider having a Bug Zapper with you on your backpacking trip? There are several reasons. We made a list for you to help you realize the necessity for one of these fantastic tools:

You`ll avoid potential dangers

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It’s not only about the bites. However, you’d certainly wanna avoid these too. Bites and stings are annoying as they require some extra care. Having to worry about insects’ bites is one more thing on the already cluttered list. If you have to worry about your hygiene, shelter, food, water, clothing – imagine having to adjust to bugs and their buzzing! Sound like a process that could easily leave you overwhelmed? That’s because it is. But not only it’s important to save your skin and avoid scratching, pain, and having to wash, compress and put medications on your bites, it’s important to prevent getting in serious danger of potential diseases these insects transmit.

Depending on the country and the area, some mosquitoes can spread up to 6 different diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, or lymphatic filariasis. Flies, on the other hand, can easily spread the so-called sleeping sickness or African trypanosomiasis and other diseases. They can even contaminate your food and clothes by laying their eggs. Lice can spread trench fever or typhus. This is why you wanna avoid these bugs at all costs. By having a Bug Zapper with you, you’re making sure to kill the majority of the flying insects around you. They consist of UV lights that attract insects and they use a high voltage net to kill them after they get close. You can put a crioxen Bug Zapper in your tent or next to you to prevent getting bitten.

You`ll save your food

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Insects love your food probably more than you do. They are in a constant search for food and the moment you set the table in nature, you can expect to have these unwelcome visitors right next to you. They can even gather in large numbers, depending on the food you have, and that can be very dangerous. The other potential danger is the possibility of laying their eggs in your food. Not hygienic at all. They can easily be attracted and they can get to your food even more easily. Instead of keeping your food covered all the time, avoiding certain foods, using citrus or spray repellents, or setting up smoke defenses, you can simply set up a Bug Zapper and successfully remove some of the annoying bugs.

Place it on your table or somewhere near your food and thanks to its LED light, it will attract the bugs. They will follow the light instead of the food and you’ll easily get rid of the majority of them. This way you will save you and your food from being contaminated. Plus, you won’t have another thing to worry about on your plate.

You`ll have a better sleep

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If you don’t get a good night’s sleep during your trip, the trip can easily turn into a nightmare. As much as these trips are fun, they still require a lot of energy. If you feel drained, you’ll probably regret going anywhere in the first place. One of the main reasons to lack sleep beside the eventual bad, rainy weather and inadequate clothing are – insects. You can put on a long sleeved shirt and pants, you can even put a hat on, but they’ll probably bite you somewhere you don’t expect, your hands or face. They can even sting you through your clothes. Repellents are one of the solutions but that means that you have to put them on your entire skin, and they’re also not a 100% safe solution since some people are allergic to their ingredients. On the other hand, having a Bug Zapper switched on during the night will emit enough light to attract all the insects and kill them while you are sleeping. That’s what makes these products enormously helpful.

Although they are a part of nature, insects and bugs can cause you real troubles on your trip. That said, you need to take the necessary precautions to get yourself prepared and to be able to enjoy the beauty of gorgeous surroundings, scenery, and nature, instead of constantly worrying about your safety. Next time you make a list of things for your backpack include a Bug Zapper too. You won’t regret it. We promise.

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