Top 10 Most Important Things In Life

Human lives have become a rat race for survival. We have become increasingly money-driven, goal-driven and success-driven. In the midst, we have forgotten and taken for granted a lot of things. We regret doing this as soon as we feel its absence. These are the things that made us, shaped our worldview, shaped our perceptions, shaped us as humans. We have prioritised our work and money so much that we have forgotten to enjoy and be grateful for the simple things in life. Here are the top 10 most important things in life,

Important Things In Life

1. Family

Never take your family for granted. You might be pissed with them, might have had a huge fight with them and might have contemplated abandoning them and moving out, but remember, they know you the best. At the end of the day, when you are tired and don’t want to talk, they are the ones that understand you the best, even without you speaking. It is a blessing to have a family to fall back on, many people don’t have it. Family is the reason you feel complete and there is a sense of belongingness that no one else can give. Family is an indispensable part of life and really important to complete a person in all aspects.

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2. Love

Being able to love someone is the greatest ability in the world. You are made up of the amount of love and positive energy that you surround yourself with. Love is enjoyable, gives meaning and purpose to life and makes one feel special. That special person is capable of bringing a smile on gloomy days and stands by you through thick and thin. It is magical to think that once a stranger, you could develop that kind of emotion and connect with someone; reinforcing the belief that love exists in this world.

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3. Health

‘Health is wealth’ goes the saying and stands true till date. This is one of the things that once lost, you cannot gain back. And sadly, this is the thing we take for granted the most. It is only when you lose your eyesight will you realize how important it is. Even a simple disease like a viral fever could make you feel horrible and create instant guilt in mind for having that late night shower or having that ice-cream under the hot sun. It is scientifically proven that most of our life earning goes into paying for our health needs. This is because we are highly unmindful of what we feed our bodies and how we treat it. Not drinking enough water, nutrient and vitamin deficiency, lack of proper sleep, excess stress can adversely affect one health, crippling them and robbing them of their precious time with family and friends. So, if you take care of your health, you will spend more time with family and spend less of healthcare.

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4. Freedom

To live a life free of inhibitions and fear is a life worth living. Freedom is really an essential part of life and people around the globe have fought vicious, long wars for attaining freedom from rulers. Only when you are free will you be able to take decisions about your free will and do what’s best for you. In that case, in anything goes wrong, you are the only person who will deal with it. It is not just about freedom for rulers, children desire freedom from their strict parents, wives desire freedom from their in-laws, the students desire freedom from societal expectations. All these regulations put a check on exercising one’s freedom and must be broken.


5. Purpose

It is important to have a purpose in life, to give it meaning and a direction. When you have set your mind to become something or do something, you will work in that direction and achieve new feats as humankind. All the great inventors, discoverers, world leaders had a strong sense of purpose in their lives. The knew exactly what they wanted to do in their lives because of which they were able to divert all their attention and energy to attaining that one thing. It is necessary to have aspirations, to have role models, and to have your own definition of success. It is also important to realize that everybody has his/her own pace of learning and futile competition only leads to conflict.

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6. Faith

You could be a devout or an atheist. You will still have a certain set of beliefs that you swear by. Faith gives you the inner strength to battle bad days, bad circumstances and a bad phase of life that feels neverending. Due to faith, you find peace, solace and a guide. You elevate yourself about earthly feelings, petty fights, and worldly possessions and aspire for something bigger and better than what you know.

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7. Happiness

If you have all the best things in the world and you can’t be happy and content, it is like being deprived of everything. All the valuables in the world reduce to nothing if your being doesn’t find happiness in it. Hence, it is important for you to do what makes you happy and to be happy with what you do. Happiness is a very subjective thing. What makes one happy might spell doom for another. One must always try to find the happiness that doesn’t cause any collateral damage to others. Happiness could be as simple as looking at a flower on a bright morning. Happiness is thus a very important thing in life.

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8. Self-development

Change is the only constant” goes the popular saying. In this world, you have to constantly make yourself better in order to stay in the loop and not lose out. To stay yourself better is to find things that will make you grow as a person. It could be lessons, meditation, human company, experiences, activities, etc…. Evolution has remained true to human existence. The ones who fall out of sync with life are the ones who were not able to evolve and adapt fast enough resulting in them being wiped out.


9. Knowledge

Knowledge is what gets you tide over the high waves of life. While animals learn from memory, we humans learn by acquiring knowledge. We share information through verbal or sign language use and we get our message across. This comes from superior intelligence that we are born with. Knowledge is important to succeed in life. Knowledge helps in shaping and polishing one’s personality and increasing the effectiveness of human dealings.


 10. Money

Money is important to survive in life but money is not everything. People who have a lot of money often live the saddest lives while people with meager incomes lead happier lives. Money is coveted as it brings with it a lot of power but is feared and shunned by many because it makes you greedy, short-sighted and corrupt. To use the money judiciously and not value it over everything else is the key to its proper use.


These are the top 10 most important things in life you should admire. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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