Top 10 Best Things to Do On Sunday

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Sunday is the much-awaited day of the week after a whole week of working hard at work or home. It gives the much-needed break from routine activities and a monotonous lifestyle. A well-spent Sunday not only relaxes you but also rejuvenates you for the next week. For most of us, Sundays are spent catching up with some sleep or finishing pending tasks at home. Take a break from these activities and plan your Sundays for some fun and vigor to kick start an interesting next week.

Here we explore the top 10 things to do on a Sunday that will not only keep you hooked in but also ease out your mental tension and physical stress.

Best Things to Do On Sunday

1. Exercise

If you are not a fitness freak or a health enthusiast, Sundays are the best day to get some exercise for your weary body.  If you can’t work out 4 to 5 days during the week because of your hectic schedule, you need to be active on weekends. You can have a quick Yoga session or if you are an outdoor person, you can go cycling or even a brisk walk. Just fix an hour or so for your exercise schedule, and go for whichever activity suits you. Whatever you do, the physical workout will give you the necessary push for the next week.


2. Have a Board Game Day

Board games are not just for kids. There is a variety of interesting board games that are available in the market and that could be just sitting in your cupboards. Take them out and sit together with friends or family for an exciting board game day. You can try your hands at the all-time favorites-Monopoly, Scrabble, Battle Ship or Chess.

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3. Get creative with DIYs

DIYs are amazing creative activities for all ages. You can always check some innovative ideas online or in some magazines. You can have a go at origami or build a kite or construct something out of wood or waste articles lying unused across the house. Just use a little creativity to convert these daily use articles into something magical that will be a treat to the eyes of the beholder.

4. Have fun with family

We often tend to ignore family time during the whole week while rushing for work. Make up for that lost time by sitting together with your beloved family members. You can just talk or exchange news or crack jokes- just make them feel connected and loved and that you care for them. You can arrange for a picnic lunch or dinner outside, or go to the park or just a simple walk together.

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5. Go Shopping

Shopping for your favorite things does have a healing effect. It can uplift your mood and spirits and recharge your batteries. So, you can always utilize your Sundays to go shopping, either solo or with someone. You can pick up groceries or go mall-hopping- it depends on what is on your agenda. Just make sure not to overdo this activity and go above your monthly budget while making the purchases.

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6. Listen to Podcasts or an Audiobook

If you like staying at home and have some quality time for yourself, listening to podcasts or an audiobook could be interesting. Keep your compilations ready. You can listen to them as you prepare Sunday breakfast or clean your cupboards or just plain sitting on your couch or in your bed. You can always learn something new from these podcasts or gain some inspiration. You can always listen to some good music or recitals for a change.

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7. Explore your Kitchen

Most of the time we go through the entire week with the same menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or outside in the office cafeteria. This can make your daily routine very mundane. For a change, you can use your Sundays to don your culinary apron. You can look for interesting recipes on Youtube or online, and then try to make them for your family. To spice things up, you can take traditional recipes and tweak them, giving them your own personal touch. For example, you can look for penne alla vodka recipes and modify them, just like Gigi Hadid did back in 2020 when she shared her spicy vodka sauce recipe on Instagram. It’s important to look for recipes that are easy to make and that will enable you to have fun and get creative while making them.  

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8. Do some Maintenance Work

There is always something to be taken care of at home. A leaking tap, a noisy hinge or some lace that has come off from a curtain. It is always better to tend to these things on time and not push them off for the next week. So, plan your schedule and use a couple of minutes of your Sunday to tend to these tasks. Take out your tool kit or your needle and thread basket, and finish these simple tasks one by one. You will appreciate your skills once done.


9. Finish a book that you like

Sometimes, we like reading books and magazines, but do not get sufficient time to finish our favorite books during the week. You can always use your Sundays to take out a book or a two and settle down in a corner with a cup of coffee. There is nothing better than spending your Sunday afternoons in the company of your books and their vivid world.


10. Plan the next week

This is the easiest yet the most neglected activity. We don’t want to strain our brains to plan and schedule our activities and time for the next week. However, planning the next week is important, especially if you have a lot of tasks on your plate. Set your priorities, and make a list of all tasks that you would like to accomplish for all the days of the next week. This can include anything ranging from your work, home, and family, friends to your hobbies, passion or just entertainment.

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 These are some of the activities that can make your Sunday well spent. We all love to binge-watch TV, Netflix or indulge in a movie marathon, but these activities will not only entertain you but also fill you with a sense of achievement as you spend sufficient time with yourself and your loved ones.

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