5 Most Intelligent Countries In The World

Being intelligent is a quality that has started becoming increasingly rare in today’s times. The higher your intelligence, the more sought out you will be as an individual in society and in the business world. Intelligence is often related to creativity and innovation, both of which are considered to be essential traits by the top business companies in the world.

According to iq-global-test.com, a world-renowned IQ test website where you can easily check your IQ, having an adequate amount of intelligence is necessary if you are looking to achieve success in the world. That being said, people often wonder – which countries are the most successful because of the intelligent citizens in their nation?

You will be surprised that there are actually several countries in the world that are fairly intelligent and are quite smart when it comes to cognitive aptitude. In this article, we will list the best five countries with their intelligence ranking from the best at number one and gradually decreasing towards less while going down the list.

However, do note that while intelligence is often represented with IQ, the term itself goes beyond the definition of IQ and actually has several factors for deciding it. That is why it is essential that you know how intelligence is scored and factored in before you move on to our list of the top five most intelligent countries in the world.

What factors decide intelligence?

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There are several factors that come into play when deciding intelligence. These factors are necessary to take into consideration as a whole instead of individual consideration if you want an accurate measure of intelligence. These factors are:

  • Worldwide ranking – It is essential to set out one single factoring score that could integrate the intelligence factors of all the countries into one single solution. The global ranking factor takes into account all other minor factors to deliver an accurate intelligence ranking of the countries.
  • The average intelligence quotient of citizens – IQ, or intelligence quotient, is often said to be the quantified measure of the processing and thinking ability of our brains. It is measured with certified IQ tests either on physical exams or websites like the one given above.
  • Completion of college or university level education – Since people who have completed advanced levels of education will naturally be more educated than people who haven’t, it is an important factor when considering intelligence.
  • Amount of government money spent on education – A factor that dictates how much percentage of the government’s total GDP was spent on improving education and encouraging awareness for it.
  • Recipients of Nobel Prize awards respective to population – A test of how many people in the country have received a Nobel Prize in any of the fields.

The five most intelligent countries in the world

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Now that you know which factors are responsible for an individual’s total intelligence in a country, let’s move on and see which countries are the most intelligent in the whole world.

1. Sweden

At number one, we have Sweden as the most intelligent country in the world. Not surprising considering the fact that the founder of the Nobel Prize itself, i.e Albert Nobel, is from the country. The country places immense importance on education and it is counted as the second country in the world for spending on education.

It also has an extremely large number of Nobel prize winners and the average Swedish citizen is said to have an IQ of 99, which is a lot.

2. Norway

With their average IQ one point higher than their smartest-in-the-world neighbor and the highest expenditure on education in the world, Norway comes on number two for the top five most intelligent countries in the world. Norway has above average figures in every factor pertaining to intelligence, however, they are severely held back by their lack of Nobel Prize winners.

3. Iceland

Source: 90min.com

While the country of Iceland comes at number three, it has a more average IQ than both of the top two countries in the world and also spends a considerable amount of money on educating its citizens. The country also has a fairly decent amount of Nobel Prize laureates that have brought numerous honors to the humble country.

4. Denmark

By now you must have figured out that most European countries, especially the ones in the north, rank quite high in terms of overall intelligence. Denmark is no exception to this rule and it ranks a commendable fourth on the highest intelligence countries in the world.

While the country doesn’t have the highest IQ, nor a higher level of education for many people, it still has a fair amount of people that are quite competent when doing maths, science, and a bit of reading.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland has a higher number of geniuses amongst its citizens with the number of Nobel Prize winners being more than Sweden itself. That being said, the country spends a whole lot less on their education system with only about 5% of their total GDP contributing to the field.

But the country more than makes up for it by giving more learning opportunities for higher education and promoting college or university level education amongst its citizens.

What countries have the highest average IQ?

Source: fabulously.in

Many of you might be confused and overwhelmed with the list by seeing new country names when you are used to seeing high IQ countries like South Korea and the UK on the intelligent countries list. This is because we factored intelligence not only with IQ but various other intelligence-related aspects.

However, we do understand that IQ is a major component to assessing intelligence, and for the people who want to use it as a sole basis for evaluating intelligence, here is the list of the top five countries with the highest IQ –

  1. Singapore with an average IQ of 107.1
  2. China with an average IQ of105.8
  3. Hong Kong with an average IQ of 105.7
  4. South Korea with an average IQ of 104.6
  5. Japan with an average IQ of 104.2


There are several intelligent countries in the world. However, there are some that are truly exceptional when it comes to intelligence. We hope this article was insightful for you, and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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