Nevada Travel Guide for 2024

The moment you hear Nevada, you start thinking about Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, this is the prime destination for all tourists. Still, it is unfortunate that most of us do not have any idea what incredible adventures Nevada has to offer apart from Las Vegas. The neon attraction of incredible sin city has concealed the unimaginable destination in the whole of Nevada. Almost every city of Nevada has multiple breathtaking tourist destinations that one could only imagine. From lakes to mountains and from parks to historic spots, Nevada has covered every kind of attraction. It is time that we explore Nevada deeply to have a spectacular experience. If you are planning to visit Nevada’s other tourist attractions, then you should book your room in hotels such as Cactus Petes Resort and experience the amazing and relaxing stay.

Valley of Fire State Park, Overton

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It is the oldest and largest state park in Nevada. Only 1-hour distance to Las Vegas, it is a perfect getaway spot for people in need of some silence and relief from the city’s chaos. The red landscape and red mountains seem like a world of red brick with red sandstone rock formation. It is amazingly eye-catching. It has several trails where you may go in a Jeep or walk for a closer look.

Great Basin National Park, Baker

The amazing thing about Great Basin National Park is that it is one of the least visited parks and most remote national park. You can walk and hike for hours to a pristine mountain lake and ancient pine forest without seeing a soul. You may also experience your life’s most isolated, darkest, and quietest night. An incredible yet much daring experience.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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Dip your feet in the water, enjoy the silence, and just relax. View the reflection of ice-capped mountains along the line of Lake Tahoe in crystal-clear water and appreciate the commendable beauty. It is the largest alpine lake in the United States that also meets the border of California. This tourist attraction is open year-round. In the Summer you can also enjoy mountain biking and sailing, while in winter you may choose to hike, ski or snowboard.

Stargazing, Tonopah

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If you have ever wished to have a glance of the Milky Way, then a clear moonless night in Tonopah is the spot you need to visit. This tourist destination is known for its perfect stargazing. The town has even mapped the roads as “star trails,” where you can take a view of around 7,000 sparklers in the darkest nights. The perfect destination for stargazing is ensuring that you’re far away from light pollution. This place is located 215 miles north of Las Vegas, making it a prime stargazing spot.

National Automobile Museum, Reno

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If you’re into cars, especially classic cars, then you will love this fascinating National Automobile Museum in Reno. This museum accommodates one of the largest vintage and antique automobile collections in the world, also known as The Harrah Collection. This antique collection includes horseless carriages, copper Rolls Royce, Phantom Corsair, a gold DeLorean, and a Cadillac that was owned by late American singer Elvis Presley.

Budget Travel To Las Vegas

According to the statistics, the city of Las Vegas is the 58th most expensive city in the world. From hotel room rates to expensive price tags, Las Vegas can put a hole in your wallet. Nevertheless, most people only visit to experience the glamorous fun of a 2-5 mile strip. However, we see numerous people with dreams to visit Vegas at least once in their lives. The most fearful expense among traveling is the hotel. That is where Grandview at Las Vegas comes in. Grandview is a hotel that has so many amenities and features to offer at a very nominal rate. If you are traveling to Las Vegas with a limited budget, then Grandview is the best choice to save your pockets. With a stay here, you can experience all the glamor Vegas has to offer. For that matter, you should visit these places to make the most of your experience in Las Vegas.

The Strip

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At 2.5 miles long, the Vegas Strip is the first thing everyone experiences when they enter Vegas. The Strip is lined with top-tier hotels, a variety of shops, award-winning restaurants, and floors for fun. It also ranges from high standard performance venues to famous world-class hotels like Bellagio, Mirage, and the MGM Grand. You may try some street food or collect some wonderful memories with your camera.

Fountains of Bellagio

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The phenomenal performances of the fountains of Bellagio beg for more performances. The synchronization of the dancing fountain with music compliments the commendable engineering behind it. Watching a fountain dance with a glance at Paris Hotel Eiffel Tower is a heavenly sight one could not experience anywhere else in the world for free.

Fremont Street

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Fremont Street is a tourist-driven destination in downtown Las Vegas, and it is all about gift shops, neon marquees, and the scent of beer. You will find an amazing crowd on this street at any time of the day. It has amazing snack bars to eat and an old fashioned coffee bar to drink. You may also wander around downtown container park that features shops and restaurants built-in shipping containers and some whiskey, wines, and cocktails to keep yourself refreshed. If you want an incredible aerial view of Fremont Street, then the 12-story high zip line off the Giant Slot Machine is the right activity to do.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is seen during sunset in downtown Las Vegas, Nev., Oct. 25, 2017. Photo by Jason Ogulnik

The Neon Museum is easily accessible to everybody because it is off the Vegas Strip, and you don’t have to wait in line. Furthermore, this place reflects a glimpse of a Sin City that most people do not recognize today. The Neon Museum is now a house for Neon Signs that once complimented the casinos and hotels of The Great Las Vegas. The neon signs in this museum stores the history of this city. The glow of these blinking neon signs has attracted countless gamblers in the city of sins.

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