The Best Time to Visit Paros in 2024 (Travel Guide)

What to say about Greece? It is a country with a rich history, kind people, and beautiful beaches. In 2018, Greece broke all tourism records. In that year, 33 million people visited this beautiful country. However, that doesn’t need to surprise us. Greece has many attractive destinations and we are not able to review them all in only one article. Because of that, this time we will focus only on one.

This time we will review – Paros.

Paros is the main port of Paros Island. You will be able to find a huge number of restaurants, small shops, old churches, etc. However, you will find many attractive beaches that guarantee entertainment.

In this article, we want to answer the most common questions that tourists have before visiting this place. Let’s get started.

How to Get to Paros?

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It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. You will have several different options to come to this island. First of all, the airport on this island started to work in 2016. Before that, people had to catch a flight to Thessaloniki or Athens. After that, they had to find a bus or any other alternative to come to this place. However, things have changed because of the demand of the tourists.

Still, you won’t find a direct flight even today. All flights that come here come from Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion (place located on Crete). This is a perfect choice for tourists that are coming from some other country. You will be able to visit these places and after that continue to Paros. Anyway, the ride from Thessaloniki will last around 50 minutes. Coming from Athens is even quicker. You will need around 35 minutes to reach Paros’s airport.

The things are even better when you get out of the airport. There are some companies that you can hire that will move you directly to the hotel. Logically, you have the option to take a bus or taxi.

When to Visit Paros?

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Okay, we do not want to give you a direct answer to this question. We can only say that prices are a bit higher during the summer. This is the part of the year when people usually come to visit this place because of its attractive beaches. Anyway, we would want to review this place through all parts of the year.


This part of the year is perfect for people that want to avoid the crowd and save some money. From December to February, people do not visit this place a lot. Logically, you won’t be able to swim in the sea, but you can relax in peace and quietness. The temperature is usually not that cold as you think. If you have cold winters, then this is another reason why you should come here. The temperature is usually between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius. However, it can happen that some that temperature falls, but happens rarely. The now falls usually 5 days per month; just like the snow if the temperature falls.


Some people will tell you that fall on Paros is perfect. In this part of the year, the temperature is usually around 20 degrees Celsius. During September and the first part of October, you might be able to visit the beaches. However, after that, the temperatures fall for 5 degrees Celsius so it probably won’t be possible to do that. Anyway, it is quite cheap in this part of the year. So, if the budget is the main problem why you haven’t visited this place yet, we suggest you pick this part of the year.


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Well, summer is definitely the most attractive for tourists. You will find a huge number of them between June and August. The temperature is highest at the end of July. If you like a warm summer, then this is a perfect time to come. Logically, you will have to split a bit more money, but you won’t regret.

P.S. In most cases, summers at Paros are usually without raining days.


If you love the temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, then this is the moment when you should come. During May, you will easily be able to visit beaches and swim. There are no significant precipitations during these months. The rain usually falls not more than 4 days. So, if you want to avoid the crowd, but you still want to see people around you, this is also a perfect period of the year. Some people rather choose to visit Paros during May because it is cheaper than usual.

Where to Stay in Paros?

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Well, you already concluded that this island “lives” from tourism. So, you have plenty of options. The decision depends on your expectations. For instance, you can find hotels and spend time together with other tourists. Still, you can also rent a villa and enjoy your time alone. One of the villas that you can rent is Villa Orian. We attached their Facebook page and we suggest you check the conditions and prices.

Things to Do in Paros

Well, we would not suggest this place if there are no things that could make your holiday more entertaining. There are a couple of things that you can despite visiting beaches and swimming in the sea.

Water Sports

Okay, this thing is associated with the water as well. However, it will be a perfect choice if you are an athlete. For example, the sports you will be able to find are kite surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, canoeing, etc. Most of these sports you will be able to find at three different beaches – New Golden Beach, Santa Maria Beach, and Golden Beach. The last one from those three is actually the most popular one for water sports. Maybe you didn’t know, but Windsurfing World Championships held at the Golden Beach for many years.

Horseback Riding

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This entertaining thing will satisfy two types of people. First of all, it will satisfy those that love horses. Many people did not have the opportunity to ride a horse. In most cases, they haven’t done that so far because they were afraid. However, at Paros, the true professionals will take care of you and horses as well. There is no reason to be afraid of anything. Anyway, it will also impress people that always dreamed of riding a horse in the early morning during the sunrise. Imagine how nice sunrises look while you are riding a horse near the seaside.

Despite that, the guides speak two different languages – English or French. That could make your conversation with them easier.

Finally, it is good to mention that there is one tour daily that allows tourists to swim with the horses. Doesn’t this sound fun?

Lefkas Village

If you want to find a quiet place during the summer and move from the crowd, then this is a perfect place. Lefkas Village is a small village that’s located between mountains. Believe it or not, the village was the capital of the entire Paros Island. You can find several different things here.

For example, the village is full of white houses, Venetian architecture, and narrow stone streets. Despite that, there are also shops, cafes, and traditional restaurants. We suggest you visit the restaurants to try out some of the Greek traditional food. You will probably understand their culture a lot better through their food. Despite that, there is also a Byzantine church that was made in the 15th century.

We suggest you visit this place after you try out the entertainment that you have on the beach.

Yoga and Meditation

A crazy nightlife is something you can expect in this small place. However, if you are not a big fan of partying, then you will want to wind back and relax during your holiday. This small island has a couple of meditation and yoga centers that everyone should visit.


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When you read the name of this place, you probably think that here live the biggest opponents of Paro’s citizens. Well, things are not as you think. This is actually a “sister” island of Paros that is away around 10 minutes of ferry ride from Pounda. You won’t have to wait a lot to get to a ferry. It runs every half an hour until late in the evening.

This place is one of those where you can enjoy peace. You can expect to see little traditional taverns and secluded beaches. You will get fascinated by how quiet beaches on this island are. You will need to go for a short walk from the port to visit them. Still, trust us, it is worth every step. The most famous beach here is Camping Site Beach. There is also a way to have fun here. For instance, some people choose to play volleyball while others play music together. However, do not worry, the music is not too loud and it won’t mess up your plan to relax and enjoy it.

Finally, if you move on to the southern side of the island, you will see the so-called Cave of Antiparos.


Before we say “goodbye”, it is important to say that Paros is completely safe. We can say that for entire Greece. People here are kind and they are always there to help if you need anything.

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