Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2024: Design and Style Inspiration

When thinking about outdoor furniture, one has to keep in mind the fact that we don’t buy this often, and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to functionality, comfort, and materials. As we are slowly approaching the summer, the sun has finally decided to show us more, warmer and longer days invite us to stay outdoors therefore right now is the right time to think about how to arrange your terraces, balconies, and gardens, familiarize yourself with the upcoming seasonal trends.

However, the biggest challenge when buying this type of furniture is the fact that we don’t buy it often, as was mentioned earlier, it’s not something you’ll change every year. Everyone wants comfortable, beautiful pieces of the highest quality that will last for many years, preferably custom-made outdoor furniture you can find here.

When buying outdoor furniture, it’s important to consider factors such as functionality, comfort, and the materials they’re made from, along with basics like price and size. A purchase involves a similar process to buying indoor furniture, but the outdoor environment comes with some special conditions and questions that you always have to ask yourself. Let’s take a look at what they are before we continue with the trends for 2024.

What are the weather conditions like throughout the year?

Does hot and dry weather prevail or do you live near the coast? Does it rain often? Is the space in direct sunlight or in the shade most days? These are all important questions that you need to answer before choosing the right pieces in order to choose adequate ones resistant to the conditions provided. Hot and dry conditions are not suitable for wooden furniture as they can cause it to dry out and crack, while exposure to frequent moisture can promote rotting. Strong winds can blow away aluminum furniture, while iron pieces will not tolerate salt air.

Sunlight generally does not affect metal, while plastic and rubber are always sensitive to UV rays, especially at high altitudes in hills and mountains. Also, wooden furniture can be of exceptional quality, factory-applied, and resistant to weather conditions, but it should not be neglected and it is important to maintain it by staining it throughout the year.

Consider all of this before you start browsing through this year’s offers and trends. And find below what you can expect this year to be considered stylish.


Source: hellomagazine.com

What could be more cheerful than a bright color palette? White and neutral exteriors are slowly losing popularity, and bright shades are taking over their place, even if they only appear as accents. Indeed, despite the fact that minimalism plays an increasingly important role in our reality and, of course, has a number of advantages, not everyone is comfortable with it. To avoid boredom and the feeling of a sterile porch without features, add more warm or contrasting shades.

Comfortable minimalism

This year, 2024, is the year of “everything pleasant“, so it is important to have soft fabrics and pieces of furniture in your garden. In 2024, textured fabrics, velvet, mohair, and bouclé will come to the fore when it comes to the interior, while colorful sofas and armchairs with accents will become the main accents of a balcony. Everything will start feeling warmer and more welcoming, when tufted woolen chairs and velvet sofas appear, and the plastic and cold metallic shine is out of our outdoor oasis.

Crazy clichés and mass decor

Many designers are no longer interested in furniture with clear lines and the one that comes in a set but prefers to use unique and unexpected objects in their designs. There is a renewed interest in vintage furniture as more and more people view these purchases as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Antique furniture

Source: thespruce.com

Feel free to mix styles, adding antique wooden furniture to a modern exterior, or combining a sofa with accent chairs or an armchair in a different style. This will break the symmetry, and make the space more interesting and unique. And this mixture will give your garden a unique character.

However, this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your traditional furniture pieces. Just experiment with unusual accessories. Focus on what’s important to you. You can, for example, choose personal items such as vases, or jars. And find a few nice places to put them – on a table, combined with some solar lamps to give the garden that charming sparkle at night.


Most likely, the trend towards rational consumption and reuse of things will only strengthen. So, it’s time to reupholster the pillows you keep in the attic or change the upholstery on the antique couch. Invest in uniqueness, look for handicrafts, or something interesting at flea markets and stores, or create something new with your own hands.

Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

Rounded surfaces

In modern balconies, curved surfaces, soft contours, and objects with reduced shapes that bring additional organicity can be seen more and more often. For example, the tables should be round and placed low on the floor. Arches, oval shapes… all these are desirable.

And finally, now that you’ve learned about the trends, there’s one more thing to think about before you go shopping – what is the size of the garden? The size of the outdoor space you have and how it is designed are also factors that influence the choice of furniture, just like with interior design. Use the area and shape of the outdoor space to determine the size of the future outdoor furniture. What is often overlooked is to leave enough space around the furniture for comfortable walking and passing, so apply the same approach you would use indoors. After all, the size will make a significant difference in your outdoor space feeling relaxing and looking stylish.

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