6 Genius Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know

A lot of people love traveling because it allows them to try out and discover new things. The world is your oyster; you can go out of your comfort zone by exploring and traveling to different cities and countries. However, while this can be a fun endeavor, the packing part is one of the unappealing sides of traveling.

Without the right tips and tricks, packing can seem stressful and burdensome for some. It’s challenging to bring the right balance of clothes and essentials and stay within your limited baggage allowance. Fortunately, this can be achieved by learning a few pointers for packing wisely.

Here are some genius packing tips for an avid traveler like you:

1. Consider Using Travel Organizers


Travel organizers are essential for any frequent traveler. This should be your best friend if you want to align and organize your travel clothes and essentials. Click here to check out durable packing cubes which are travel organizers that can help you organize your things and separate them accordingly.

As they stack together easily, you won’t have to worry about fitting odd-shaped items in your bag. In addition, these sturdy cubes are lightweight and thin, so you won’t have to worry about losing suitcase space. The key here is to find lightweight organizer cubes that have enough sizes fit for the category of stuff you want to separate from each other.

2. Pack Crease-Proof Clothes

When traveling, you’d like to look good and wear clothes that match the venues and locations you’re visiting. However, your perfect outfit may not look so perfect anymore when creases are everywhere. If a portable clothing steamer or iron is too heavy to bring, the best option you can do is to go for wrinkle-proof clothes. These clothes come with fabric materials that don’t easily wrinkle.

You can roll them on your suitcase or bag to maximize space. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about ruining the flawless condition of your outfits. Roll tops from the bottom up after folding in the sleeves. Roll pants from the waist down by putting the legs together. Place your pants and tops first in the suitcase and finally add your shoes and other accessories. By using this method, you can fit everything into your bag and have them in its original form.

You might want to consider wearing wrinkle-proof clothes that should be made with cotton, denim, spandex, knits, and polyester. These fabrics can be used in a variety of clothing staples and pieces. You’ll definitely be able to mix and match them all together to come up with your most fashionable traveler look.

3. Research Your Airline’s Luggage Policy


There are many places to travel on cheap flights. But first, budget-minded travelers need to know how airlines’ baggage-fee policies work. Airplane companies have come up with their respective rules and regulations about luggage for carrying and check-in. Most airlines allow passengers to carry one bag; however, the allowed weight will vary. It’s crucial to be aware of their baggage rules even before packing your stuff.

After you’ve booked a ticket online, check the baggage policy on your airline’s website. You might even want to do this before purchasing your plane ticket, especially if you plan on checking a bag. You can compare different airplane companies and see which one can allow you to carry more bags without having to pay hefty prices.

4. Wear Your Heaviest Travel Outfit

Another unspoken rule for frequent travelers is to remove the heaviest or bulkiest clothing from their bag and use them on the trip. Rather than packing your coat inside your bag, wear it on the plane to conserve space and weight. The overhead bin will usually have room for it, and you can even store more things in their pockets. Airport staff usually don’t mind you carrying a heavy jacket on your arms when you go inside the boarding gates.

Aside from heavy jackets, the same tip applies to heavy footwear like boots, dress shoes, or sneakers. If you fear feeling uncomfortable during a flight because of those heavy shoes, you can simply remove them and let your feet relax on their own. However, wearing comfortable thick socks will help warm your feet for the rest of the flight.

5. Prepare A Packing List


This tip is old but gold and deserves a space on this list. In so many aspects of life, writing down what you need is never a bad idea. Create a packing list before you even start packing. Write down all your travel essentials, gadgets, and other things you plan to bring. This list serves as the holy grail of your trip, as it’ll guide you to bring all the things you need. Since they’re listed down, you won’t fear forgetting a single important thing.

Also, having a packing list makes your packing more organized and smoother. You can separate each item’s level of importance, and in situations when you need to give up some items, you can refer to the list as a guide. After booking your flight, it’s best to create a list or draft simply, and you can add more things gradually into it as the travel date approaches. This will give you ample time to plan and think about what you need to bring.

While creating a packing list, you can envision how many outfits you need to bring and even list down what those are in particular. For instance, you can write how many coats, shirts, and pants you should carry. This will save you from the stress of packing too late and not being able to wear what you planned to wear in the first place. When packing, one of the most stressful parts is deciding what to take. So do this, and you’ll be free from stress.

6. Consider Doing The Laundry During the Trip

Taking care of your laundry while on your trip is another tried and true tip from many travelers around the world. This is even more applicable if your travel period takes longer than just a few days. It’s pretty tough to pack separate outfits for every day of a trip longer than two weeks.

When you’re traveling and staying in a hotel, you may have access to a laundromat, but if none is available, you have to do handwashing in your bathroom. You can buy small sachets of laundry soap in convenience stores. As for drying, your light fabric clothes will usually dry up faster than you expect.


Packing doesn’t have to feel burdensome and stressful when you know what needs to be done. Hopefully, you can apply the tips above and make your trip feel more perfect and well-organized. Don’t forget to invest in packing cubes and check your airline’s baggage policy to ensure you bring everything you need for the trip.

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