Is Hardwood Flooring Dog-Friendly ─ 4 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know

Selecting flooring for a new house or remodeling endeavor is crucial but challenging. For pet parents, the strain is doubled since they have to think about upkeep, wear and tear, and how the flooring may affect your pet’s arms and legs.

Thus, to answer the question that most pet owners have whether hardwood is a preferable flooring when they have dogs at home, the answer is a definite yes. Any hardwood floor is preferable to rugs for pet-friendly houses.

A hardwood floor makes it simple to remove all the irritants that might accumulate in a rug, such as pollen, mildew, and pet fur. Additionally, washing up infrequent spills on a hardwood floor is simple, in contrast to attempting to remove the blemish and odor after a spill on the carpet.

4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting The Hardwood Floor For A House Having Dogs


Engineered hardwood flooring offers exceptional design and endurance, enabling them to maintain their beauty for years to come in a crowded home. But even in hardwood flooring, certain options are preferable to others. The appropriate choices, from wood variety to plank layout, help a home withstand dogs, dirt, and other potential problems that your busy family may bring.

Keep The Hue Of The Flooring Subtle

Since the markings don’t mix as sharply with the tone of the ground, floors completed in softer colors tend to reveal blemishes less. The finest hardwood flooring for dogs and cats is milder because they conceal dog fur better, whereas deep colors make scrapes and fur from shedding pets much more evident.

Select A Tough And Resilient Wood

Choosing the correct wood kind is the most crucial step in selecting the finest hardwood flooring for dogs. Every type of wood has a varied firmness, ranging from supple, warm red oak to tough, long-lasting hickory. Stronger, thicker woods can withstand more usage and activity, making them perfect for any home where pets are roaming. Hard maple and hickory hardwood floors are all excellent choices for any house.

A big stride or unkempt claws are less likely to damage or scrape certain types of wood. Before users make their ultimate decision, they should consider the firmness of the different types of hardwood flooring.

The Texture Of The Hardwood


The scrapes and fractures the pets have left behind in the house can also be covered with material texture, such as a sanded finish, bandsaw lines, and hand scraping. In contrast to a hardwood floor with a uniform top, the impression of scratches and dents is reduced even though the floor is far from ideal and somewhat textured.

Always Ensure That The Dog’s Nails Are Trimmed

One should cut your pets’ nails since they constantly endanger your hardwood surfaces. This will lessen their hardness and the possibility of flood damage.

The majority of veterinarians can assist you while you wait for the consultation. By purchasing pet shop nail trimmers, one may also do it alone.

Trimming their nails is a great place to start if individuals are thinking about how to keep dogs off their hardwood floors. However, nail cutting is only sometimes a sure thing to accomplish. Scrapes might still happen. Moreover, there is an option if you don’t want to remove the pet’s claws.

Some Other Kinds Of Pet-Friendly Flooring Options


Pets may damage a home, leaving scrapes, pet fur, dust, and unintentional messes. For the flooring, in particular, this is applicable. Every dog-friendly room must have strong, pet-friendly flooring. Senior dogs and animals with unique requirements might make selecting the ideal flooring much more challenging.

Here are some flooring options people can choose from other than hardwood:

Stone Tile

Stone tile, a regular appearance in many houses, is a good choice for pet-friendly flooring. Spills and blemishes may be quickly removed because of their durability and ease of cleaning. Unless someone picks a permeable kind like marble, which requires additional upkeep, they are generally scratch-resistant.

The main drawbacks of stone tile are that it is rough, causing it difficult for pets to lie on for extended periods, and it can get chilly in the winter. Carpets and dog couches are two solutions for this.


Another comparatively recent flooring option that is excellent for pet parents is natural cork. It is a suitable option for people who desire the appearance of hardwood in a flooring substance that is scratch- and stain-resistant. It also hinders the development of mold and germs.

Cork is sufficiently robust to attenuate noise and tough enough to be moderately scratch-resistant. Although it is scratch-resistant, you should still maintain your pet’s claws well-trimmed. However, it is unquestionably superior to hardwood for houses with energetic dogs.

Cork flooring has to be frequently treated with a suitable, durable surface sealer for maximum effectiveness.



For corporate and business settings, completed concrete flooring is often thought of. But as concrete becomes increasingly prevalent for home floors due to its simple, uncluttered appearance, people are beginning to recognize how resilient and stain-resistant a well-concrete floor is.

Pet owners shouldn’t use white concrete, but stained colored concrete gives them a range of colors for their houses. The concrete may need to be cleaned and prepared for coloring and polishing because many condominiums and residences around the globe typically have a concrete floor foundation. A water protection layer is also necessary to stop damp accumulation from pet accidents.


Due to its water resistance and ease of cleaning, laminate is another sane option for dog parents. When people have laminate flooring, mopping the surface for two or three minutes with ease will suffice to remove dirty paw prints and shaken-up rain-soaked fur. Another benefit is that when scrapes unavoidably happen, they usually aren’t as obvious.


The pets, whether puppies, kittens, or even a little bedroom aquarium, eventually become an important aspect of the household. The floor in a house may influence the design, but as pet parents, people also need to be worried about how the flooring may affect the well-being of the pets in addition to the flooring’s normal wear and tear.

The choices and wish to give the pet the finest possible environment will determine the flooring option that will ultimately be used in the house. When choosing a flooring material, make sure it has a color or pattern you like and is durable enough to survive efforts at clawing and accidental spills from a pet.

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