What Customers Love About Dubai Festival City Restaurants And Why You Should Try Them Too

Dubai Festival City is a commercial, entertainment, and residential community developed and owned by the Al-Futtaim Group.

It’s a 1300-acre urban town that is home to countless local cafes, cinema complexes, global food courts, retail stores, and international fashion brands.

The dining experience this city has to offer is just unparalleled. Dubai Festival City Restaurants are famous for providing one of the best fine dining experiences in the United Arab Emirates.

There are different cuisines to choose from that will satisfy anybody’s taste buds, from American to Italian, to Middle Eastern, to South African, to Japanese and so much more.

Want to know why people love dining in Dubai Festival City? Here are a few reasons!

Fine Dining ─ Casual Dining


People from all walks of life reside in the city, and they all have their preferences when it comes to the dining experience. Some want it casual, especially when they’re on a night out with friends or families.

Some corporate employees who plan to eat and discuss choose fine dining.

Both of these options are available in the City. Some restaurants offer daily specials prepared by their world-class chefs. There are burger establishments where friends enjoy catching up.

Some bars require a dress code of smart casual. And some businesses offer a family fun picnic day kind of vibe.

Whether you’re into fine dining or casual, Dubai’s restaurants are a must-try for anyone.

Great Atmosphere or Ambiance

What makes a dining experience even better is the breathtaking view. Many of these restaurants offer that to their customers. If you want to appreciate the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, yes it’s possible. If you want to enjoy a waterfront dining experience, say no more.

Some have terraces overlooking Festival bay. For others, it’s the bustling downtown Dubai that welcomes the sight of its customers. And for others, the city skyline, the Dubai Creek, or just a wonderful sight of the stars.

The ambiance indoors is also captivating. Customers can just sit back and relax without having to worry about what’s happening on the outside.

If you are to visit any of these places, you sure will get to appreciate Dubai more.

Diverse Cuisines ─ Authentic Menu


For food enthusiasts, it’s important to try different cuisines, and it’s always a plus point for the restaurant if they have authentic menus. There could be hundreds of Italian places or Japanese restos, but if they have something more to offer, then they would be a must-visit place.

Some of the restaurants in the Dubai Festival City are at the top of the list of must-visit places for tourists because of their authentic menus.

Of course, the common cuisines are American, Arabian, Asian, French, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, and Mediterranean.

The ones you most certainly should try are the more memorable ones like Parisian delicacies, fresh-from-the-sea specials, and other international à la carte selections.

Some of these delicacies are even prepared by their very own three Michelin-starred chefs. That’s a must try.

Super Customer Service

Sometimes, customer service is a deal breaker. For a lot of foodies who visit restaurants regularly, they can’t help but compare.

And when in Dubai, with a long list of dining establishments to choose from, one restaurant would stand out from the rest if they provide exceptional customer service.

One thing that people love about the dining places in the city is the attentiveness of the staff. They always make sure that every customer doesn’t go unnoticed.

They also love that they are very knowledgeable about what the restaurant has to offer, such as the best sellers, the daily specials, the signature delicacies, or the chef’s recommendations.

The restaurant’s organizational skills as well as attention to detail are also a plus. Some customers enjoy additional services like extra setups for a reception, a complementary cake, a professional host, and a lot more.

Just like any other customer, you’ll make the most of your visit if you get the best customer service there is.

Special Offers ─ Best Deals


Every restaurant has a special offer. And some of the best you can find is the Dubai Festival City.

Some examples:

  • unlimited beverages for three hours
  • special set menus
  • complimentary food for kids
  • meat lovers’ fiesta
  • 2-for-1 packages
  • happy hour
  • girls’ clubs
  • half the price
  • desserts buffet
  • free pool access

Online Booking Ease

For people who want to make reservations, the online booking process of these restaurants is quite easy to understand. No hassle, just a few steps, and they’ve got a stop at the resto.

They also get the best rates when they book online.

For people who don’t have the time to leave their homes or offices, some of these dining establishments have also partnered with reliable delivery companies to make sure that all orders are delivered safely and promptly.


Social Media Presence

It’s not hard to find a good restaurant in the city since they are all over social media. If customers want to find who’s hot now, or who’s newly opened, all they have to do is check out their social media platforms.

Most of them can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you’re interested in dining at a particular place, check out their social media accounts. You’ll see if people are hating or loving them. That will help you decide whether to dine or leave.

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