Philadelphia’s Slip and Fall Legal Support ─ Attorneys, Liability Lawyers, and Essential Advice

Filing a claim isn’t a simple process, but a necessary one when it comes to seeking justice when it’s due and protecting your rights.

In the case of a personal injury, in particular, one which involves falling due to improperly kept maintenance, it is well within your right to make a personal injury claim and demand compensation from either the property owner, business, insurance company, or all of the above.

Protecting Your Rights with a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney

Negligent property owners or companies without lackluster maintenance are just asking for someone to get hurt. You could be suffering from bruises, fractures, blunt trauma, concussions, and other serious injuries that could hospitalize you and potentially put you out of work. Your medical bills are racking up, your income is stalled by an inability to work, and you could be missing rent too; all of which are serious matters and ones which you deserve to be fairly compensated for.

By filing a claim, you’re safeguarding your rights and fighting for your reparations. But you may not understand the legal jargon or negotiation process that accompanies these sorts of things. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer to take on your case. So, how do we define the role of a slip and fall lawyer?

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Defending the Injured ─ The Role of a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia


A slip and fall lawyer will be your legal guide when making a claim. They’ll help you navigate the situation and take care of various aspects of the accident, especially insurance claims, medical bills, and eventually securing a settlement.

Injury lawyers seek justice for any client who’s been wrongfully harmed due to the negligence of some other party. They’re experts in what’s known as “torts” and thus expressly know the different ins and outs of making a personal injury claim and securing compensation for their clients. They’ll understand the PA laws and federal laws in place for properties and proper maintenance, and how whether or not the owner or company in question could be held accountable for their negligence.

They’ll gather all the evidence at play and all parties at fault. There could be numerous parties at fault, each with its own insurance policies. If you slip into the convenience store and the cause was a leak from the ceiling, there could be liability on both the store owner and the contractor who may have worked on the pipes or roofing. Every case is different, and the fault isn’t always clearly or expressly determined, and that’s exactly why having the expertise of a legal team will benefit any client immensely.

Finding Your Legal Lifeline ─ Philly’s Slip and Fall Legal Help

So now you’re asking, where do I sign? Well, first you’ll need to make sure you find the right lawyer who’s up for the job. Not just any lawyer will be an expert in tort law, which is why you’ll need to look for law firms that are specifically devoted to personal injury claims, and from there go down the rabbit-hole even deeper to hunt for the right slip and fall lawyer.

You can scout for a lawyer by sifting through Philadelphia local listings and local business journals to find the lawyer for you. There are dozens of online directories, law firm websites, advertisements, and social media platforms where lawyers will welcome you and await your call and consultation.

Your consultation can be a gauge for how effectively you and your lawyer communicate and whether or not they’re compatible with your case. Ask questions, develop a rapport with them, and make an informed decision.

From Injury to Resolution ─ Your Journey with a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer


  • The accident
  • Medical treatment
  • Looking for a lawyer
  • First consultation
  • Investigation
  • Demand letter
  • Negotiations
  • Settlement
  • Trial (if needed)
  • Resolution

When you’ve suffered an injury from an accident, your number priority is always your own safety and well-being. While receiving medical treatment, at the ER, your focus is on recovery. However, keeping a record of all injuries sustained will be beneficial for your lawyer to build your case and make a claim against any secret formula the insurance adjuster may try to throw at you.

Once you’ve assessed the damages, you’re ready to find a lawyer for your case. As mentioned above, you can look around for specific tort law attorney recommendations, local listings, and catalogs, and narrow down your choice.

You’re ready to schedule a consultation, meeting with your lawyer either virtually or face to face, and better assess if they’re the right person for the job.


When you’ve signed an agreement following your consultation and have hired your lawyer, your lawyer will investigate the accident and gather all of the information they will need (including the accident information and medical records mentioned above) to build a strong case.

Now, you and your attorney are ready to submit a demand letter to the insurance adjusters that outline the dispute and define what terms and dollar amount of compensation you are seeking.

From there, your attorney can negotiate and leverage a deal on your behalf to get a settlement ready.

Once signed, a settlement will outline your compensation and specific legal details agreed upon between you and the opposing party (which could include clauses like such that may disallow you to pursue a lawsuit against the particular persons or companies involved moving forward).

If a settlement cannot be agreed on, the parties may agree to argue the case in court before a jury. In any case, your attorney will be prepared to litigate on your behalf.

Eventually, a resolution will be reached, and in the event that your case wins, you’ll be awarded compensation for your damages and will owe a contingency fee pursuant to the lawyer.

Now that you know the general outline of how a personal injury claim may go, do keep in mind the specifics and circumstance and timeline of every case is different, so it’s always best to rely on your own judgment and the expertise of your lawyer when engaging in legal matters.

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