9 Best US Cities to Visit for Student Travelers

Students who want some adventure are always searching for the perfect destination. But why limit to one only? Why not discover, let’s say, nine great US destinations every student should consider?

The US offers such great and vibrant cities everyone can visit and enjoy their stay there. From budget-friendly options as well as some more expensive destinations, you have plenty of choices.

So, let’s see what your options are:

1. Austin, Texas

Students and other visitors, in general, love Austin. The city breathes with music, food, and parties from every corner. As a student, you can stay in a rental or hostel or even choose some affordable hotel around.

We suggest visiting this city during the ACL Live festival to experience the real spirit of Austin. Still, you can check on The Museum of the Weird. Or simply spend your days walking around, visiting the popular pubs, and having the most delicious tacos you’ve ever tried.

2. Boston, Massachusetts


Boston is the perfect option for those in American history. You can follow the Freedom Trail and even explore Harvard’s campus. This city offers a real spectacle for history enthusiasts, especially for those who have it as the primary subject.

Additionally, catch some of the live comedy shows at night and then have some fun in the clubs. If you want food, choose some of the fresh seafood restaurants. You’ll be so tired at the end of the day, so it’s always great to book a comfortable rental. Look no more; you have a great option at

3. Seattle, Washington


Seattle is known for its music and coffee breaks. The whole city offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every student who enjoys beautiful parks and vibrant markets.

We suggest catching a ferry to Bainbridge Island for a perfect daily excursion. Also, enjoy some seafood, as Seattle, the same as Boston, always has it fresh and exceptionally prepared.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is probably the most artistic choice on this list. We suggest visiting Millennium Park, as it’s one of the most vibrant corners there. Ultimately, you’ll discover the Cloud Gate, aka The Bean, which is the most recognizable part of the city.

And if you get hungry, remember you’re at the home of deep-dish pizza. Or maybe you prefer hot dogs more? No matter what you choose, enjoy every bite of the authentic food because that taste is something you’ll never forget.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is a special city for jazz enthusiasts. For those who enjoy the melodies, discovering New Orleans can be the best thing that ever happened to them.

The city is so special and unique that we can say it has its pulse. All the streets are full of people who dance to their music, but together, they create a symphony of happiness. So, if you love this kind of life, New Orleans already expects you.

6. Portland, Oregon


Portland is a haven for coffee lovers, beer enthusiasts, and vintage shopping buyers. Also, the city is pretty eco-conscious, so you can learn a thing or two about keeping the environment clean.

If you love reading, you’ll be happy to discover Powell’s City of Books. In the meantime, you can sip a coffee and grab some great food from numerous food trucks around.

7. Nashville, Tennessee


If you want to discover authentic Southern hospitality, start your trip with Nashville. You’ll find plenty of cozy bars with great country music. Maybe you’ll have time to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame or even attend a festival.

Also, visit Centennial Park and choose some specialty dishes from the street food offerings. If you don’t know where and how to start, we suggest hot chicken and waffles. After that, you’ll simply go with the flow and try more food while enjoying the Southern comfort Nashville offers.

8. Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston is a charming historical city full of cobblestone streets and authentic architecture. You can visit throughout the whole year because every season gives a different charm to this South Carolina destination.

Visit the Fort Sumter National Monument or stroll through the City’s Market. Don’t miss out on the exceptional culinary scene, which is a mix of traditional dishes and modern approaches to making them even more delicious.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, or as Americans call it, Philly, is a city with a rich history and vibrant present. It’s one of the best places to visit if you want to learn more about the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Take a walk around Citizens Bank Park and enjoy the sights.

If you want some comfort food in Philadelphia, we suggest trying cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. It’s a mix of comfort food mixed with new and authentic tastes of the US.

Bonus city ─ Portland, Maine, is an authentic waterfront city known as a haven for foodies, artists, and all kinds of enthusiasts. Students can explore the Commercial Street galleries while enjoying the local roasted coffee. It’s a great way to get away from big cities and enjoy the charm of waterfront locals.

Our Thoughts

Every city in the US has its charm and authenticity that will win you over the moment you set foot there for the first time. Even if you are on a limited budget, each recommended location can be a budget-friendly option.

Look for accommodations in the peripheral parts of the cities to get the best and most affordable prices. The central parts are more expensive, so they may not be an ideal option for students.

On the other hand, comfort food will not be a big expense for you at all, especially if you are a fan of street food. And, of course, all you have to do is indulge yourself in the wonderful experience and enjoy each of these cities that we have listed. Take a moment to create wonderful memories and indulge in the authenticity that is recognizable for each mentioned location. Even if you are a student, you have the right to experience beautiful things and not just study non-stop.

So take a break, book a weekend trip to one of these cities, and enjoy a new experience.

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