4 Best Places For Family Rafting in America 2024

Water rafting is a well-known health booster as well as an adventurous activity. At the same time, it allows people to focus on nature, and to explore it in a new way, from a different perspective, being physically active and socializing with other people. Sound like a one-in-all activity? That’s because it is! Matching people’s preferences, there’s a variety of rafting waters to choose from. Some love to relax and enjoy the steady and slow rivers while others enjoy the adrenaline rush that they experience navigating through the wild ones. In a challenge between a man and nature, overcoming natural obstacles is teaching you how to be disciplined and how to work as a team with people you’re on a boat with.

Breathtaking locations and exercising outdoors are only some of the reasons to choose rafting rather than other activities that don’t include this much of the fresh air and sun. Proven to be a stress reducer, this experience will recharge your batteries, work your muscles, make you bond with others and get your mind off of your everyday problems, while training you to overcome the others, in this case, how to use your oar to get your goal and enjoy the journey along the way. Perfect both for kids and adults, it can easily become kids’ favorite outdoor summer activity, when they indulge in this exciting experience.

America is a country with a huge variety of fantastic rafting places, with unparalleled scenery and gorgeous water canyons, wildlife, and different adventure areas that can easily steal the heart of its visitors. If you’re interested in trying out new things or if you’re already a rafting fan and an active rafter but you want to make a bucket list with all the great places to visit, then you’re in the right place. We’ve made a must-see and a must-try list of our top picks for every adventurer to explore. From family road trips to wild adventures, you’ll most certainly find the right fit for you:

1. Idaho’s Salmon River

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Famous for its enormous size, this river flows the length of something less than 450 miles, while draining over 14,000 sq. miles. It is widely famous not only for its size but also as one of the best whitewater runs in all North America. The so-called River of No Return is graced with gorgeous white beaches, a temperate climate, and animals such as ferns, moss’s a wonderful variety of trees and flowers.

What’s so special about it is that it provides its visitors with unique scenery, as it made its way through the diverse landscape and shaped fantastic rapids to explore. This river is divided into three parts, the Middle, Main, and Lower. Whichever you choose, you can count on clear waters, hiking and climbing onto the breathtaking mountains and magnificent waterfalls, eagles and ospreys above you, awesome swimming spots, camping with your family, and a lot of fishing. If your kids are older than five, then you have nothing to wait but to visit the second deepest canyon on this continent.

2. Colorado’s Arkansas River

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Arkansas River Rafting is an unforgettable experience for everyone who decides to take part in the journey and discover the beauties of more than a 100 miles long Arkansas river. The sixth-longest river in America hides adventure opportunities for every taste, from mild and relaxing floats to wild and extreme trips. White water rafting in Colorado and exceptional trout fishing areas are the main reason people choose this exact location for their little escape in nature. If you’re interested in gentle family rafting trips with your youngest ones, Echo Canyon Rafting Expeditions provide trips specially designed for young rafters and groups with children as young as 4 years old.

You can expect high safety standards, unforgettable mountain views, learning how to paddle, enjoy the rippling waters, climbing the stunning rock canyon cliffs, exploring ponderosa pines and flora and fauna along the way, and all the wonders of the gorgeous Buena Vista. If you’re lucky enough, when visiting the Arkansas river, you might see bighorn sheep, falcons, and eagles as a part of the astonishing scenery that also consists of monolithic boulders, red canyons, and the beautiful mountains surrounding the river valley.

3. Utah’s Green River

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Utah’s Green River is a great surprise in the middle of the desert. You didn’t consider researching rafting in this state? You’ve been mistaken. If you’ve been wanting to see some of nature’s most uniquely carved canyons, then this location is the right for you. Colorado River with its red rock cliffs, Escalante river, and other memorable locations are on the list of must-explore spots when you visit Utah. However, Green River’s canyon is well-known as the most beautiful one, compared to the others in the state. What’s special about this location is the opportunity for you to see some of the magnificent animal species that can only be seen in this area.

That’s exactly the case with the peregrine falcons, endangered species that you can’t find in this amount anywhere in America. Other than that, the sandstone cliffs and other amazing rapids, animals such as mule deer, bighorn sheep are only some of the things you can expect when discovering this spot. Visit the Dinosaur National Monument with fossils and Wild West artifacts, and explore each rapid for an exciting experience you and your family will surely want to repeat.

4. Arizona’s Colorado River

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If you want to find your new favorite spot for rafting, this might be the one. Majestic opportunities and places to explore the Colorado River are what attract people to visit and indulge in the world of nature, adventure, and wilderness. The most famous river in the West is a fantastic place to start your rafting journey as well as decide to enjoy the challenge and get an instant gift of making the impossible possible. That’s exactly what people think when they first see the mile-deep Grand Canyon.

After they discover the beauties of the Colorado River, they get to feel the thrill of spending time in this beautiful area. Convenient for all ages and abilities, here you’ll find everything you thought you would and even more. From spectacular vistas to the amazing wildlife, archaeological spots, and alpine meadows, to the challenging cascades throughout, this could be called the rafting heaven!

No matter what place you choose, be aware that there’s always something you should keep in mind. It’s the danger of falling in love with rafting, and therefore falling in love with nature. This can make you into a nature addict, which can then lead to living a healthy, positive, and exciting life. Worth the risk?

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