Best Cities In The US for Buying a Family Home In 2024

With the pandemic finally loosening its grip on the world and people, many people are considering investing in a family home. The real estate market is again experiencing a boom period, and homebuyers are ready to fulfill their dreams of becoming proud homeowners. Considering the amount of investment and time buying a family home requires, it is necessary to be careful while looking for a home.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best cities in the US for buying a family home.

Best 6 Cities for Buying a Family Home In 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah


Did you know that Salt Lake City has the sixth biggest lake in the United States? You might be surprised to learn that it is also one of the best cities for working remotely. With a population of almost two hundred thousand, it is a beautiful and peaceful city.

With multiple recreational options and spectacular mountain views, the city has gained popularity amongst homebuyers and realtors for purchasing a home. There is no shortage of services, and families can settle here without any concerns. The weather in Salt Lake City oscillates between dry winters to freezing cold ones.

Charlotte, North Carolina


An exceptional standard of living and affordable properties are what you will get if you buy your family home in Charlotte. Several places in Charlotte are well-connected while also connecting with peaceful nature. With a sharp increase in its population over the past few years, houses in Charlotte are still in the affordable category. However, with its continuously growing popularity, within no time, the property value will also increase.

In terms of the growth of the local economy, it is among the fastest in the United States. It is also the home to many Fortune 500 companies, making it a popular place for youth to begin their career and establish their lives.

San Antonio, Texas


Being the second-largest city in Texas, San Antonia is home to some breathtaking views and a place for growth and development. Did you know that Texas does not have a state income tax? If that is not enough to convince you to move to Texas, perhaps the fact that it is amongst the most family-friendly places will. With some of the most charming and picturesque neighborhoods and an affordable housing market, it has become a hub for families looking to buy a family home.

It attracts thousands of tourists making its tourism industry a booming one. But that is not all. The unemployment rate in San Antonio is lower than the national average rate. The summers are hot, spring is rainy, and winters are mildly cold here. If you plan on living in a peaceful place, San Antonio is for you.

Detroit, Michigan


Detroit is one of the most affordable cities in Michigan. With the recent popularity of Detroit, the prices in the area have reached an all-time high. This is enough to express the city’s beauty and accessibility. The loan interest rate is a cherry on the top for home buyers. The real estate market of Detroit came out unscathed from the pandemic.

Different neighborhoods have different charms. Some are more suitable for youngsters looking for vibrant nightlife, others for families. Check the neighborhood carefully before putting down your money. If you are planning to purchase several homes in Michigan, has some great and affordable options available.

Lincoln Park, Chicago


With a population of nearly 70 thousand, Lincoln Park is one of the more prosperous places in Chicago. Lincoln Park has everything a family might need. Different types of architecture to choose from, beautiful landmarks, music venues, theaters, and greenery. It is also the home to some of the highest-rated schools, making it family-friendly.

The low crime rate is another thing that makes it an attractive option for home buyers. However, it is also a little more expensive to live in. But its many attractions make it worth it to invest in a family home there.

Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh is no stranger to the title of one of the best cities for families to live in. It is one of the fastest-growing areas in North Carolina, primarily due to the presence of several famous universities and industries. The universities there not only attract a large number of students, but also many young professionals looking for research opportunities. With accessible educational institutions, good employment opportunities, a low cost of living, and a huge green cover, Raleigh is an ideal place to raise your family.

Things to Look for While Choosing A City

Remember to keep the following things in mind while choosing the city to buy a family home.


The first factor is the affordability of homes. Decide your budget first, and then start searching for a home. Some cities have expensive real estate, you can always go to site and see what is the actual price. If you are buying your first family budget, try to start your search from places that are under your budget. It is natural for the budget to increase once you start looking.

Cost of Living

Consider the cost of living in the city. If you are moving with young kids, your expenses will be considerably higher than an individual with no kids. Plan well in advance for the future. Determine whether you can maintain your desired standard of living in the future as well.

Public Transportation


Many cities have fewer or poor public transportation facilities. Ensure that the city you are planning to buy your family home in has a good and inexpensive public transportation network. Also, consider the time you will have to spend commuting. You don’t want to end up buying a fabulous home that is 2 hours from your job.

Employment Opportunities

The employment opportunities in a city are another integral factor to consider. Metro areas generally have better opportunities. Check the presence of industries and the condition of the job market in the city. If you ever want to switch your job or career, the city should have enough resources for you to do it comfortably.

Final Words

Purchasing a home is no small thing. It is a significant step towards building and growing your family. The US cities listed above are family-friendly and have low crime rates, making them perfect places to raise your family.

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