7 Best places to Play Golf in Europe – 2024 Guide

Europe is the best place for everything. Let it be a vacation, sports, or solo trips, Europe tops it all. Europe has such amazing places, that sometimes it is impossible to believe that you are actually seeing such beauty with naked eyes.

Well, but the landscapes are truly mesmerizing. And between those amazing landscapes, Europe has its finest golf courses. The game becomes natural and amazing when played in these beautiful places.

According to, golf gives immense pleasure when played in nature’s paradise. Europe is filled with many golf courses, but we have shortlisted the best seven courses which you should visit to have a completely different experience at golfing.

These golf courses will leave you bewitched by the way they host the game. They and the resorts and their food, here you are sure to receive an all-round package.

Algarve, Portugal

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Algarve is a golfer’s paradise. This is a place that favors golf like no one else. The coastal areas in Portugal, the mountains, the trees, and the wonderful climate all year round, favor Algarve to be the best place to play golf. All the golf courses here are built in the utmost professional way. The landscape and courses are designed for players to get the best of their game. Golfers can experiment with their equipment and their game as much as they like. The resort provides A-class amenities and all the best features for an excellent game of golf.

Turnberry, Scotland

This resort has been awarded the best golf resort in the present year. The golf course boasts about giving the ultra-luxurious golf experience, and there is no reason for denial. The golf courses were redesigned by the best designers from around the world.

It is loved by all the professionals and champions around the globe. The breathtaking views that surround the course fill the body and mind with the best rejuvenation.

The golf attractions of this place include the Ailsa course, King Robert The Bruce course, the largest clubhouse and pro shop, and a world-class golf academy.

Bay Course, Greece

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This world-class, 18 holed golf-course has wooed visitors since its launch. It is designed in such a way that it provides the best experience from beginners to professionals. It has been designed to give the best-golfing experience at all levels.

It is beautifully situated in Navarino Bay and gives the best view of the sea. All the 18 holes have their different settings and are worth a shot to practice.

The golf course has an all-amenities clubhouse, pro shop and also the Flame restaurant for a bon appetit. This is one golf course in Greece to be visited if you are a hardcore golf player!

Monte Rei, Portugal

Mark Jones from tells us that Portugal is the golf capital of the world and Monte Rei is one of its gems. This golf course is set on a massive 1000 acres land, in eastern Algarve. It combines its game with the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean which it surrounds.

It is world-famous for its Jack Nicklaus Golf Course and that has made it the number one in Portugal. The ultra-luxurious amenities are well suited to people traveling from around the globe.

The state of art luxury accommodation makes it stand out from the other resorts. The staff and the customer service here win your heart by all means.

Andermatt, Switzerland

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Imagine playing golf in the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Sounds mesmerizing? Well, Andermatt gives us such an opportunity. In summers when this place has reached its height of exquisite beauty, Andermatt invites you to play golf in the summers.

The course is a bit difficult but best for practice. You can enjoy golf while getting indulged in the beauty of this place.

Plus, the hospitality is up to the mark. Even if your ball does not make it to the hole, your heart will be content as you have played golf on one of the beautiful golf courses in Europe!

Maxx Royal, Turkey

This is one golf course where getting a booking is the toughest thing. It is almost booked for the entire year. You really have to rub your soles to get a booking here. And once you visit this place, you will know its worth.

It is actually the Mecca for golfers. It is said that there is no true golfer who has once in a lifetime not played golf on this wonderful course.

Of course and as the name has it, the luxury and benefits are royal and beyond comparison.

Club De Golf Alcanada, Spain

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Built by Hans Peter Porsche, this golf course has been designed by him with utmost scrutiny. Located in the perfect setting of natural beauty, it gives the pleasure of playing golf to everyone. It gives the best advantage to players from all levels.

The beautiful island of Alcanada is surrounded by mountains and a beautiful lighthouse. This professional golf course has been loved by golf professionals for the peace it provides.

The resort provides the best views and the best walk on the greens. The visitors highly recommend this place once they have taken the best-golfing experience here.

These professional 18 holed golf courses, provide everything that a golfer needs. From beautiful green walks to playing at all levels, their services are unmatched.

The luxury hospitality, best suite, and apartments, mouth-watering culinary experience, clubhouses with the best amenities all add up to give their customers the best of their time.

Thus, Europe is the best continent for golf players. It has golf courses in every variety. From those in the cities to exotic locations in the countryside, Europe has it all. Golfers from all around the globe travel to Europe to witness world-class golf tournaments. The extravaganza with which these games are conducted is nothing but the best. So, head to Europe for an authentic golfing experience!

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