5 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Golf Holiday

The great thing about traveling is that you can do it in so many different ways and with so many different things as the centerpiece of the whole holiday. Be it long or short, in summer or in winter, abroad or in your home country, a holiday is always enough reason for feeling excited and happy. Things get even bigger when you get to travel strictly to support your hobby or a passion. Those types of holidays are usually more active than regular trips where you go to relax and recharge after months of working.

Holidays during which you do something you love are more special and pleasurable because often times people care much more about their interests than relaxing after responsibilities. How many times have you wanted to play a video game, watch a movie, or cook a nice meal at the end of the day but could not because of how tired you were? Now imagine wanting to actually play a sport after so much work and on such low energy. Even a sport like golf where you do not need that much strength and stamina is impossible. This is why you should plan a holiday specifically for that thing you like.

And talking about golf, in this article we will go over the tips you should know when planning a golf holiday. More importantly, we are going to discuss the mistakes you should absolutely avoid while preparing for an exciting few days of nothing but your favorite game. Read on to learn more about golfing holidays and be sure to check out

1. Know Who to Trust


This is in regards to your destination and whether or not it makes sense to go there. You need professional-grade advice for something as important and probably as rare as a golf holiday. It is golf, and you are going there to golf. There is nothing more important than the actual playing experience and the standard. Therefore, everything has to be on an optimal level. To ensure this, know who to ask for recommendations. Websites dedicated to this and the brochures from tourist agencies may not be telling the entire truth. You need somebody who has been playing for longer than you, who knows the game and where it needs to be played. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of venues you can choose from so it is difficult to pinpoint the right one. You want quality courts, peace and quiet, and a touch of class. This is what the sport is about so make sure you get proper recommendations from the people and places you know and trust.

2. Accommodation Value Matters

Everybody knows that golf is a unique sport in terms of how you behave and how you play it. Higher classes and rich people prefer it for a reason since it comes as a whole experience. What is more, golf clubs are classy and high-end venues because they have to be. Golf is a respected and cherished sport and not everyone can play it. Therefore, golf courses usually double as luxury hotels with all the necessary facilities and equipment (check Clarkes Golf). But do you need all that? Are you going to spend hours inside chilling in restaurants and bars or outside playing golf? Probably the latter, which is why you do not need to spend a lot on luxury accommodation. You can spend as much as 50% less if you focus solely on the course and not the room you will sleep in. Skip the premium 5-star resort for a 3-star or a 4-star hotel and a regular room. Spend more on golf-related activities, good food, and good company instead.

3. Avoid Late Mornings, Early Afternoons


Mid-morning times are the rush-hours of playing golf. This is when the course will usually be filled to the brim with other guests looking for their spots. If you want to make most out of every day and enjoy some relaxing sessions, it would be better to go to bed early, wake up at around 8 AM, and be ready to golf at 9 AM. You will be done by lunch and have the rest of the day for other things, or perhaps another go in the afternoon. Just make sure never to arrive at the course at 11:30 or so. You will hardly be able to swing. The temperatures are also going to be more pleasant if you start as early as you can. It is all about golf, but you should still do everything to make it the best golf session possible.

4. Hidden Costs

Planning out the entire trip and calculating how much you will spend in total should be how you prepare for any holiday. However, when golf courses and clubs are the topic of conversation, there are usually many hidden costs that the players and visitors do not account for. It is the small print that gets us every time! If the deal is simply too good to be true, it often is. Transportation to and from the course and golf carts are where most players spend more than they wanted. Food is also expensive if you do not make it a part of your itinerary and pay in advance. Renting the gear is what most newcomers do, which is also difficult to calculate before arriving there. All in all, you must be certain what the money is going towards. The accommodation and the access to the course are only one side of the story. It is the little things that you have to pay close attention to.

5. Relaxation is Still the Key


Last but not least, you should remember to leave frustration and annoyances at home. If you are organizing a golf holiday, there should be no place for being angry and frustrated while there for any reason. You will lose games, you will win games. Do not let the losses affect you in a bad way and ruin your holiday. Similarly, do not allow the planning of the holiday to take over your life. Worrying about everything from transfers and hotels to meal arrangements and luggage is stressful, but take it slow and breathe. When you get there, it is crucial that you remember where you are and why you came. Leave your problems behind and enjoy the moment. You will only be there for a few days before you go back to reality which means no golfing whenever you want!

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