7 Maldives Travel Tips to Know Before Planning Your Trip

The Maldives has been a favorite travel destination for many years. With its beauty and the peace that it offers, Maldives is the best place to feel close to nature. It is one of the most chosen spots for honeymoon couples. Even celebrities from Bollywood, and sometimes Hollywood come here for a luxurious experience.

With almost 1200 volcanic and coral islands in the Indian Ocean, Maldives has a uniqueness to itself. The clear blue water and the white sand beaches will take your breath away. If you are an adventure junkie, you will find a wide range of activities here. But with its uniqueness, comes unexpected experiences.

There are chances that you might make mistakes that can either have you spend more than your budget. A little mistake can scar a whole trip. But you can always follow some tips to have a pleasant and comfortable vacation without any regrets.

7 Maldives Travel Tips to Know Before Planning Your Trip


The tips that can be followed while planning your trip to the Maldives.

1. Plan according to the weather

The best weather you can find in the Maldives is between November to April. The weather remains pleasant with soft sunlight and almost no rain. But this is the peak season to visit the Maldives so the prices of accommodations and other activities remain high. You may want to travel during the travel season if you are looking for a budget trip. The occupancy is reduced almost by 20% so that will guarantee you fair discounts and exciting offers.

However, you might witness a little rain during the offseason, but the weather remains pleasant most of the time. So, you can consider the months April to September to travel to the Maldives. If you are going for water sports activities, you might want to check out the rain predictions during the time of your visit.

2. Choose your flight rides airport transfers carefully

If you are a first-time traveler to the Maldives, here is a tip for your Maldives tour packages: choose domestic or regional flights from Middle East Asia because they are way cheaper. You can also take a flight to Male and from there you can take a speedboat to hop from one island to another. You can also make a round trip between islands in the seaplanes. The seaplanes will be expensive but the experience will be worth it.

The Maldivian airlines are cheaper. Although, the timings of the flights might fluctuate or even get delayed or canceled. Even the seaplane rides between their operating time from dusk till dawn do not have a definite schedule. So, try to reach Male halfway through the day and get down to your island by 4 pm. Otherwise, you might have to spend the night at Male and catch an early morning ride the next day.

3. Choose the cheapest option for water sports activities

Anyone who visits the Maldives goes for at least one water activity. There are many water sports activities to experience, each providing a different wholesomeness of its own. Water sports being one of the most famous activities in the Maldives, you will find many agencies providing the same activity at different prices. So, it is advised to compare the prices and then choose whose services to avail. Having the most possible fun at the cheapest will give you the optimum satisfaction.

It is always advised to check the distance between coral reefs and your island. Decide whether you can swim a little or have to book a ride to your destination for diving and snorkeling. Hotels also provide services for sea-kayaking, wakeboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. compare the prices with private organizers and then decide.

You can always book your trip from:

4. You can not miss the Bioluminescent Beach


When planning your trip, make sure to put visiting the Baa Atoll on your must to do list. The planktons release toxins that are luminescent at night in water. This gives a starry look to the ocean bed and feels like the stars have come down to your feet. This adds to the uniqueness of Maldives.

There are many hotels as well as private organizers that can take you on the Bioluminescent Beach visit. Make sure to check their authenticity and compare the prices and choose the best time. Make sure to check the timings of this phenomenon happening while planning your trip to the Maldives. That way you can choose and schedule your activities and accommodations accordingly.

5. Spend at least one night at the water bungalow

Spending a night at the water bungalow in the Maldives can not be missed. This experience comes once in a lifetime and in the Maldives, you have to grab the chance. There are several hotels which are quite blissful too.

But the wholesome experience of this villa will last for your entire life. The villas might be a little expensive, but they will be worth it. You can slip into the water directly from your room. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and the view of crystal blue water from the privacy of your villa. While planning your trip, make sure to check the availability of the villa and make the bookings at the earliest because they get occupied quickly.

6. Compare and choose the most affordable accommodation


The Maldives has something for everyone. You can either have a luxurious stay or choose to stay at an affordable yet good accommodation. Many resorts and hotels offer accommodations according to your preferences. The prices remain high during the peak season. If you are planning during this time then make sure to avail as many perks as possible for the price you are paying.

During the offseason, the occupancy is almost 20% less. So, the resorts give exciting discounts and offers. It is always convenient to book ferry services and airport transfers from the hotel itself. If you are traveling with kids then overwater villas might be risky. Check for the availability of pools, restaurants, bars, and other amenities while making reservations.

7. Some unwritten rules in the Maldives

It is not advisable to travel to the Maldives during the month of Ramadan. Most of the staff will be busy visiting their families. Availability of food will also become a challenge during this time because all shops and restaurants will be closed during the day, especially during the time of prayers.

You can find pork or tobacco and alcohol during this time. One of the major rules to follow during this time is to wear clothes that cover your body, especially knees, shoulders, abdomen, and elbows while sightseeing only in the local islands. But in your resort, you can dress however you wish to.

You can not carry tobacco with you. It is advisable to carry waterproof phones and cameras. Some places do not allow drone photography, so make sure to look that up beforehand.

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