A Guide to Planning the Perfect Polar Adventure

The global travel industry has noticed many trends over the years. Many vacations consisted of a peaceful trip to the beach, but adventure travel seems to rise today.

Although many travelers are likely to continue prioritizing safe and relaxing adventures, a survey found that 72 percent of adventure travelers plan to do nature and outdoor activities on their next trip. As more people become interested in adventure traveling, it is vital to understand the need to prepare differently for specific trips, such as a polar adventure.

The process of preparing for a polar expedition isn’t as simple as packing a few bathing suits and sunscreen. Here is a guide to help you plan the perfect polar adventure to make the best of your unique trip.

Consult an Expert Expedition Team

A knowledgeable expedition team can help you plan your entire trip and ensure that your polar adventure is safe and worthwhile. The team at QuarkExpeditions is comprised of seasoned veterans with rich backgrounds in marine biology, history, glaciology, geology, and more. The team consists of the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the industry so that each client can have a dedicated expert to enhance their unique trip.

Planning an exclusive polar adventure trip can be challenging for an individual without sufficient knowledge. A renowned expedition team can apply their expertise to help travelers make the most of their one-of-a-kind trip and prepare travelers for all aspects of the trip.


Educate Yourself with Online Resources

Learning more about an unknown destination will better prepare you for your vacation and any unexpected encounters on your trip. You may find online resources discussing the place and things to expect when you get there.

Some Polar destinations may have rules and regulations to protect their wildlife and their natural habitats. Researching a destination before going there also helps you learn about their culture and rules. Using online resources can help you understand what steps you can take to be respectful on your adventure.

Think About What You Want to Experience

Many Polar destinations offer incredible wildlife, inspiring history, and breathtaking glaciers and mountains. Since you have a range of options, it is best to determine which place(s) you want to visit based on your expectations. Do you want to witness a frozen ocean or icy continent? Do you prefer penguins over polar bears? You can narrow down your choices after deciding what type of location you’d rather see.

If you’re in doubt, speak to a professional expedition team to discuss your expectations from the trip. They can guide you towards the right path and help you plan a trip that best suits your wants and needs.


Create a Realistic Budget

Since there are many tourist spots in the Arctic, Greenland, North Pole, and other Polar adventure destinations, it is essential to set a budget so you can enjoy the top locations. Consult your expedition team and do your research to determine the best spots to visit and find out their costs. After determining where you want to go, create a plan and set a realistic budget for your trip.

You will incur many other costs along with exploring, such as food and the tickets to your destination. Account for all potential costs to better allocate your funds and save money accordingly. Planning your trip a few months ahead will help you save money and prepare for a more fulfilling trip.

Decide Whether You’re Going Solo or Want Company

You may want to make memories with your friends or family on your Polar adventure or head there by yourself to avoid any stress. Making this decision will help you narrow down your options and create an itinerary better suited for your plan.

If you’re going solo, you can use your judgment to make calls and plan your trip based on your interests. If you decide to go with a group of people or your partner, you will be required to book every excursion on your trip accordingly after discussing it with other adventurers. Both trips can be exciting, but figuring out who’s going with you can make the planning less burdensome.

Prepare Your Body

All locations in the Polar region are remote regions far from sophisticated medical facilities, so it is in your best interest to prepare yourself accordingly. Achieving a reasonable level of health and fitness will ensure that you can safely enjoy the trip.

Although most ships carry first-aid trained guides and doctors, what they can offer might be limited if you suffer from a significant injury without access to medical facilities. You can prepare yourself by setting a routine for exercising daily before your trip to gain strength and stamina as you may have to walk a lot and climb up certain places.


Pack Suitable Clothing

Polar regions receive less direct sunlight than other places on Earth, cold regions. The average temperature at the North Pole is 0° C, and it drops to −40° C in the winter. The South Pole is colder, with a temperature of −28.2° C in the summer and −60° C in the winter.

Wearing suitable clothing will ensure that your body stays warm in the cold region. Lack of warm clothing can freeze your skin and result in frostbites. Make sure to pack heavy jackets that are meant to protect you from temperature drops. Carry extra sweaters, gloves, hats, boots, and all necessary items to keep your face and body warm throughout the trip.

Find Opportunities for Growth & Enrichment

Many visitors use their trip to the Polar region as an opportunity for growth and enrichment. Traveling to a unique destination and witnessing their lives helps many people grow due to the knowledge they receive and the experiences they come across. Learning about the culture, experiencing unique wildlife, and stepping foot on historic spots can enrich many visitors.

Enjoy Your Adventure

The barren landscapes of the Polar region are home to a rich diversity of wildlife, allowing visitors to leave with a fulfilling experience. Planning the trip with help from the right expedition team can prepare yourself a few months ahead can help you make the best of your trip.

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