Portugal ─ Golden Visa Program as Investment in Your Future

Have you ever thought of getting a European passport in a hassle-free way and living somewhere in Europe? There is just one country that offers the most affordable opportunity to do so, and this is Portugal. Portuguese Golden Visa is a unique program, and the requirements you will have to meet are really simple: you make a contribution to the country’s economy, obtain a Golden Visa, and spend just 7 days a year in Portugal to keep it valid. You can receive the status of an EU citizen in five years. Sounds good?

The Portuguese Golden Visa program sells like hotcakes, and in 2024 the authorities had to impose some restrictions to keep the balance. However, the program still offers a lot and its popularity has in no way declined. We are going to talk here about the basics of this truly unique offer, and you can read a complete detailed guide on Portugal’s residency by investment on our portal.

Why is Portugal’s Golden Visa program so popular?

Take a look at the main reasons why people opt for it:

  • The amount you will have to invest is by no means exorbitant, and you can even find something for a relatively tight budget.
  • It is easy to bring your family with you – just include them in the application! And if you have (or are planning to have) kids, they will surely benefit from high-quality European schools and universities at local rates.
  • You get free access to the Schengen area: no visas are required, and no time limitations are applied.
  • The program may be used as a gateway to other EU countries: if you get your citizenship in five years, you will have the right to permanently live and work in other EU states, as well as those that signed an agreement with the EU.

On the emotional side, many people are fascinated by Portugal itself, with its laid-back lifestyle, friendly people, and excellent cuisine!


What requirements do you have to meet to take advantage of the program?

They are fairly simple and reasonable:

  • No criminal record (this applies to the main investor, spouse, and children under 26 – all those who are included in the application).
  • No history of restrictions or prohibitions on entry to the EU (like a situation when you were blacklisted and could not get a visa).
  • Legal source of funds you are going to invest in Portugal’s economy (the bank will check the origin of funds before accepting them).
  • Your adult children included in the application are supposed to be financially dependent on you, and you should be able to substantiate this fact with documents.
  • Medical policy to cover each applicant for the duration of their stay in Portugal.
  • Ability to satisfy the investment criteria, of course.
  • Your investment should work for the benefit of the Portuguese economy for five years. It means that your deposit remains with the bank during this time, and you remain the owner of the property you acquired to get your Golden Visa. If you fail to do so, you will lose the right to your Golden Visa.

What should I invest in to obtain a Golden Visa?


Portugal offers 8 ways to make your investment, so you can freely choose the one that suits you best depending on your needs:

1. Transfer of funds – 1,500,000 euros and more

You will have to provide a document that confirms the investment in the form of a bank deposit, acquisition of non-documentary securities (or those held in individual custody), public debt financing, or equity investment.

2. Create 10 jobs (or more)

This is a good option if you intend to start a business in Portugal. You are allowed to lower that number to 8 if you create jobs in sparsely populated or underdeveloped areas.

3. Buy real estate at a price starting at 500,000 euros

And this is where the restrictions adopted in 2024 apply: you cannot acquire property in the most popular areas: large cities, like Lisbon, and the coastal area. However, there are plenty of good offers left! Once again, a 20% discount may be applied if you buy real estate in sparsely populated or underdeveloped areas.

4. Acquire property in an urban regeneration area that was built 30 years ago and more at 350, 000 euros

If you choose this option, you buy a property that is subject to renovation under local law. The final cost includes the purchase price plus renovation expenses. That is if you buy a house at 250,000 euros and spend 100,000 euros on refurbishment, you get a total of 350,000 euros and thus qualify for the Golden Visa program. To reduce the amount, you can also apply the 20% discount offered for sparsely populated and underdeveloped areas.


5. Invest 500,000 euros in the local R&D conducted by private or public institutions

All you need to do in this case is to prove that the investment has actually been made. 20% discount is applicable as usual.

6. Invest 250,000 euros in national heritage reconstruction or art support

There are multiple organizations, public or private, commercial and non-commercial, that will help you make this investment.

7. Buy shares in a venture or investment fund by investing 500,000 euros and more

This option is currently gaining more and more popularity. The country’s economy has its tangible benefits as the funds are required to invest at least 60% of capital in small and medium businesses.

8. Invest 500,000 euros in business and create 5 jobs

Last but not least, you can start a company in Portugal and invest at least half a million euros in it, or contribute to the existing business that has a registered office in Portugal. You will also need to provide employment to five people for at least three years to qualify.

Interested? You can follow the link above to find out what documents you will have to submit.

Portuguese residency by investment and Portuguese citizenship as the next step may really change your future by giving you new opportunities and more freedom, and even become a turning point in your life. Who knows? If the option seems to ring the bell, take some time to explore more. It may be something you are looking for.

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