Reasons Why I Fell In Love with Morocco

Morocco has a reputation as being an exotic place, but it’s also very much like any other country. It’s got its own language and culture, but there are still many things that are similar to what you find in other places. However, there are also many things that Morocco does better than anywhere else in the world. Here are some reasons why we fell in love with Morocco!

I Fell in Love With Morocco for Many Reasons

Morocco is a country that has many things to offer, and it’s one of those places that everyone should see in their lifetime. The country has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food. You can’t go wrong with the sights or the food in Morocco!

The culture is fascinating and so are the people. The country is also very affordable, so it’s a great place to visit if you’re on a budget. Morocco has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure, romance or just want to relax.

The Culture

The culture of Morocco is rich and diverse, influenced by Berbers, Arabs, and Europeans. The country’s history has been shaped by its location at the crossroads between Africa and Europe. Morocco’s culture is a blend of Islamic and Berber traditions; it has also been greatly influenced by France due to its proximity to France’s former North African colonies (Algeria).

Morocco offers visitors an experience unlike any other in its relaxed approach to life ─ and food! You’ll find yourself surrounded by locals who are kind, welcoming, and curious about you as well as your home country. Moroccan people love talking about what they know best: their own country! Don’t be surprised if someone starts asking questions about where you’re from or how long you’ve been traveling around Morocco…they’re just interested!

The Music

The music is amazing. The variety of styles and genres you hear in Morocco is unlike anything you could find in your own country, and it’s all so fun to dance to. You can go from traditional Moroccan songs to European techno in the span of a few minutes ─ and it’s exciting! Plus, there are so many different instruments playing at once: drums, and tambourines…there always seems like there’s something new happening every time I turn around (or move my head).

And then there are those moments when everything stops except for one person singing or playing an instrument…it makes me feel like everything else has been put on pause while we listen intently together just before moving on again with our day-to-day lives here in Marrakesh.

The Food is Delicious, Healthy, Cheap, and Plentiful

Morocco has a rich cultural history of food that dates back thousands of years. The country’s cuisine is influenced by its geographical location between Europe and Africa; this gives it an eclectic mix of spices (like cinnamon) as well as ingredients (such as tomatoes). The result? A flavorful blend of dishes that are easy on the stomach but big on taste! Not only is Moroccan cuisine delicious but also it’s healthy ─ you’ll find plenty of fresh vegetables served alongside most meals which makes them very filling without having to eat too much meat or dairy products like cheese or yogurt.

If you’re looking for something cheap yet still filling then head over to one of Morocco’s many street markets where there will be plenty of options available at cheap prices! Or if you want something more upscale try one of their many restaurants serving traditional Moroccan dishes such as tagine which comes with chicken cooked slowly over low heat in olive oil until tender before being served atop couscous along with other accompaniments such as olives & raisins.

The Architecture


Moroccan architecture is a reflection of the country’s history. It’s a melting pot of cultures and religions, which have all left their mark on Morocco’s buildings. It’s no wonder that this blend of Berber, Moorish, and Andalusian styles has been described as “the art of living together.”

Marrakesh and Fes are two cities that showcase Moroccan architecture at its best: you’ll find examples of each style in these two cities alone!

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people are friendly. The food is amazing! The architecture is beautiful and there’s so much to see when you walk around the city. There’s also great music everywhere you go, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The People Are So Friendly

I have never met such friendly people in my life. They are always willing to help you or give you directions, and they will always smile at you. I had been traveling alone for a while and was trying to find my way back to my hostel one day when I stopped by a shop and asked if anyone spoke English there.

A young woman named Fatima came out from behind the counter and helped me find my way back! She even walked me all the way there so that we wouldn’t get lost again on my way home later that night!

Morocco is a Place That Everyone Should See in Their Lifetime


Morocco is a place that everyone should see in their lifetime. It’s a beautiful country with lots of history and culture, there are so many things to do there, you could go back every year and still find new things to do.

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Morocco Has Just So Many Things to Offer That You Can’t Help but Fall in Love With It

Morocco has just so many things to offer that you can’t help but fall in love with it! The culture is so rich and unique, the food is delicious, the architecture is amazing and the atmosphere is relaxing. The people are also very friendly as well. Morocco is a place that everyone should see in their lifetime.

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