Sailing to the Cabrera Island

If we talk about the Virgin Islands that are not so popular, we need to mention Cabrera Island. This is the least known Balearic Island and therefore, is almost untouched by people. Cabrera keeps its natural beauty intact, and people who go there, have an incredible experience by enjoying the wind and waves, the silence and calm environment perfect to relax.

Located just at 10 km of the south of Mallorca, Cabrera is an island formed by 19 islets and in 1991 was declared National Park. This area is protected because it works as a refugee for important fauna and flora, especially the Poseidon Weed. This is one of the reasons why anchoring here is completely prohibited and the visits to the island are very short.

However, coming to the Cabrera is possible and you can spend some delightful days here. Do you want to enjoy a natural paradise? Then you need to book your sailing vacation at pro-yachts and sail to the beautiful Cabrera Island! In this post, we will give you all the important information you must know before coming.

Restricted area: anchoring is prohibited in Cabrera Island

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Since the island has a lot of delicate ecosystems in the waters, the visits are restricted and anchoring is prohibited in the whole place. If you get caught anchoring or taking one of the buoys without booking it, you can get a heavy fine. To visit you need to follow some steps: before even booking your buoy, you need to get a permit. You can get it online here and it is free. This permit will allow you to visit the place. Then, you need to book your buoy.

The buoys are located in a specific place to not disturb the ecosystems of the Poseidon Weed. You can book them online too, even though this can take a while, or you can ask your charter company to do it for you. There are 50 buoys available, and normally, 20 are reserved for charter companies. So, it is faster if you ask them to do it for you and you won’t miss your chance to visit the island.

Booking to visit the island

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In the summer, especially between July and August, the Balearic Islands receive a lot of tourists, so you can only spend one night in Cabrera. And if you want to come again, you need to wait 7 days after your first visit. In June and September, you can book for two nights since the amount of visitors is lower. The price depends on the boat, of course, and it can go from 20€ to 200€.

The buoys here are coded with color to indicate the length of the boat and each one has a different cost:

  • White = 12m or less
  • Yellow = 12 to 15m
  • Orange = 15 to 20m
  • Red = 20 to 35m.

The booking is from 18:00 hours to 17:00 hours. If you get before 17:00 you might need to wait until your buoy is free, but if you get after 18:00, your buoy can be reassigned to someone else. So, we recommend you to get on time so you don’t miss your chance to stay in this wonderful place.

Once you get your permit and booking, you are completely ready to go! This island has incredible beaches and places to visit, so let’s take a look at the best tourist points.

Where to go on Cabrera Island?

The main attractions on the island are the beaches. These are all virgins with calm and clear waters. The place is truly a paradise and if you are looking to swim and have a relaxing time, this is the right place. These are some of the best beaches:

Cas Pagés

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This is the biggest beach on the island. It has 270 meters in length and 12 widths. Even though is the biggest, you won’t find a lot of people here. It is a good place if you want to have a lot of space for yourself and your family. The seabed is all sand, so it is good for children.

Es Palmador

This is the second larger beach here, having 140 meters in length. It is isolated from the others, so it is very private and you won’t find many people here. The waters are very calm and the seabed is rocky, so we recommend you to be careful with the boat and children.

Sa Platgeta


This is another important beach on the island. It has clear and calm waters, and it is surrounded by a lot of plants, almost merging with the sea. The seabed is gravel.

It doesn’t matter what beach you choose, all of them have an incredible environment and you will leave out of there with such peace. Something important to know about the beaches is that you won’t find tourist facilities, so make sure to have it all prepared and ready on the boat.

Historical places to visit

The island has different historical places that you can visit, like:

Touristic Centre National Park Cabrera

This park has an aquarium and you can participate in different educational activities. This is the place to learn more about the island and its nature. The pass is 8€.

The castle

On the island, you will see a big castle that was used to defend the island from pirates. Then it was used as a hospital and residencies. If you go, you will be able to experience a great view from here.

De N’Ensiola Lighthouse

The lighthouse has a panoramic view of the entire island and it is 102 meters above the sea. It is a great place to get great pictures of Cabrera.

Botanical Garden and Ethnographic Museum

If you are interested in the fauna and flora of the island, the marine life and ecosystem, the history of the place, and so much more, you need to go to the botanical garden and the ethnographic museum. These two are right next to each other. As you can see, this island is full of surprises and we can guarantee you that your visit here will transform your life!

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