5 Reasons To Share Your Travel Adventures and Inspire Others

We all love to travel and explore new cities and countries, and the sole mentioning of some exotic destination brings chills to us, but not everyone is willing to share and write about their journeys. The reasons for that are different, and while some just don’t like to write as they feel like they are not good enough, others simply don’t have enough time to do so or are shy. Of course, these are just some of the most common excuses people use, but luckily, it’s never too late to start writing about your travel adventures, and if you are still uncertain whether to do so, these tips will help you understand the importance of sharing travel stories.

Others can learn from our mistakes

Now, mistakes are simply part of our lives as we all make them, and the only difference between people is whether some will learn something from those mistakes or not. If you find yourself in a situation where it seems like you make the same mistakes over and over again, then it is a sign that a certain change is needed. Of course, learning from other people’s mistakes is always a much better option. That is precisely why sharing your experience is the best way to draw more people to follow your blog, as the content will be looked upon as genuine and honest.

Traveling should be fun, and in most cases, it is impossible to plan every single detail and always stick to the plan, no matter what. Even if we try, it is most likely that things will not go as planned, so it is important to be open to new solutions and ready to adjust if something is not going as planned. It will make the whole journey much more interesting, and it is almost certain that we will get even more out of it. In order to really enjoy, sometimes you simply need to let go and just enjoy whatever happens next.

Of course, it creates an option to make some mistakes and do something in a more difficult way instead of finding the simplest solution, but it is all a part of an unforgettable journey. Because of that, if we decide to share our story, it can be useful to other people who want to visit the same location, as they can learn from our mistakes and not lose time repeating them.


They can virtually see a certain place

Many people love to travel, but not all of them have money to visit some exotic or distant destinations they have dreamed of for their whole lives. The internet is full of information, and they can easily type the name of the desired destination and see as many photos and videos as they want. They can also read interesting stories and facts about it, but it is not enough to provide the full experience. On the other side, our personalized stories and first-hand experience can create a real virtual tour for them and make them feel like they have visited their favorite destination without leaving their homes.

In order to achieve that, you need to be able to tell the story in the right way and write about everything that seems important or interesting. Of course, adding photos is yet another way to draw a much better picture of the entire place and overall experience, and even those who are shy can do it, as it is not a must to be in those photos. Overall, you can really move people with travel posts, especially if those posts are written in an honest and informative way, with realistic and honest writer thoughts about the journey.

It makes keeping track of your adventures easier

There are many ways we can arrange, categorize, and even store lots of data gathered from our voyages, but when we write about certain places and sights that had a huge impact on us, it makes keeping track of those stories and travels much easier. Besides that, after some time, you can also use those stories as some kind of a journal to remind yourself of everything that happened while in Cuba, for example. Luckily, doing so today is much easier, as this digital revolution really made it easy to store and chronically categorize almost anything, travel stories included.


Tips for telling the story

As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to write the story in the best possible way in order to keep the readers engaged and inspire them to pack their bags and plan their next journey. Understandably, we can all use advice or some tips on how to present travel stories in the best possible way, especially if it is your first one, which is why we will focus more on that now.

Use the advantage of social media

The impact of social media is enormous, as almost every person in the world has a profile on at least one of them. Because of that, if you decide to share that travel experience on social media, it can attract many followers from all over the world and make the story more than popular. One of the most popular social networks certainly is Instagram, and thanks to the option to add as many stories as you want, it can be a great way to present a whole story to followers. By doing so, you will draw more attention, and if those posts get really popular, you could also earn from writing about what you love to do, traveling. Of course, it is not enough just to post a photo, and some editing is always welcome, so if you do not know how to do it, the mojo-app can solve all your problems.


Do a bit of research

We understand that when you get back from some exotic destination, you are filled with stories and feel overwhelmed by everything that happened and would rather start writing about the entire adventure right away. Now, this is great for those who already have some experience in presenting a travel adventure, but for those new to this, it’s much better to do a bit of research, just in order to avoid typical clichés. Furthermore, by doing so, you will keep up with the latest trends, which can be of great value from the readers’ point of view.

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