Shifting From Car To Electric Skateboard? 9 Tips When Buying One

An electric skateboard is gaining popularity nowadays as a convenient way to move around. If you’re interested in the benefits of an electric skateboard, consider investing in one soon.

Electric skateboards can provide an exciting thrill that a vehicle cannot offer. If you’re looking for a fast and hassle-free way to commute without worrying about parking space, you’ll love the convenience an electric skateboard provides.

Due to the popularity of electric skateboards, many manufacturers offer a vast array of choices on the market. If it’s your first time investing in one, it can be challenging to choose from the variety of options both online and in local stores. That said, if you’re planning on purchasing the ideal electric skateboard soon or getting conversion kits, consider checking out Evolve Skateboards and other reputable brands to ensure a good head start.

Furthermore, there are several concerns to keep in mind. To help you, here are some tips when looking for an electric skateboard!

1. Compare The Prices


The price is one of the crucial considerations when selecting an electric skateboard. The best approach is to compare several prices. Buying the most expensive model isn’t usually the right move since the price will not serve as the basis for quality. It may be best to shortlist a few models by listing the price and features. Based on the list, you can choose one that best suits your specific needs at a reasonable price.

2. Figure Out The Suitable Weight

An electric board’s weight is another consideration during the selection process. Some models on the market can be burdensome, especially long-range boards. Although they’re compact, they tend to weigh more.

If you prefer to bring your board around to other locations, looking for a model with a lighter build may be best. Moreover, the size and weight may have to be considered if you’re planning to travel by plane along with your electric skateboard. Depending on the airlines, they have specific protocols, and it’s best to know them before if you plan to bring along your board during your travels.

3. Prioritize The Level Of Durability

A durable electric skateboard should be capable of enduring constant wear on the streets. Make it a priority to assess the durability of the wheels as a starting point. A model with good and reliable wheels ensures a stable and smooth ride.

Some typical durability issues with electric skateboards include worn-out hub sleeves, damaged trucks, and malfunctioning braking systems. With this in mind, the best move is to go for an electric skateboard made of highly durable and long-lasting materials.

4. Determine The Wattage Of The Motor


The motor wattage is also an important consideration when it comes to the power of an electric skateboard. Generally, if a board has a low wattage, it has less power. You have a board with less torque and low speed with low power. Depending on the specific purpose you have in mind for your electric skateboard, look for a board with a minimum of 1500W if you plan on traveling in hilly terrain.

5. Be Familiar With The Material Of The Deck

The majority of the electric skateboards on the market come in fiberglass or carbon fiber. You can also find some models made of bamboo. Some models are a combination of the two materials.

The main difference between the two materials is the degree of flexibility and stiffness. If you want your board to be stiff, you should go for a fiberglass deck. A bamboo deck may be ideal if you want a flexible board.

6. Know The Capacity Of The Board

When selecting an electric skateboard, the board’s capacity must be considered. However, it’s often overlooked. Generally, the board capacity is the overall weight the board can safely support.

To prevent skateboard injuries, which typically involve the head, hand, wrist, and ankles, take time to check the weight a board can support. With this in mind, the board’s capacity is considered a safety precaution.

7. Decide On The Type Of Motor


Electric skateboards come in two types of motors—hub or belt-drive. The difference between the types of motors is the riding experience they provide.

A hub motor is the common type and rests within the rear wheels of the board and spins the wheel directly as they turn. Some of the advantages of a hub motor are quiet operation and can be manually kicked pushed in case you run out of battery.

A belt-drive motor comprises several components responsible for the propelling force of an electric skateboard. The motor positions externally from the wheels and are fastened by a motor mount bound to the trucks. The customizable nature of a belt-drive motor makes it a preferred choice by many nowadays.

The type of motor will depend on your specific needs. If you want a hassle-free mode of transportation with minimal maintenance, a board with a hub motor may be ideal. If you want a powerful ride that you can customize to your liking, go for a board with a belt-drive motor.

8. Learn About The Battery

In most electric skateboards, the battery life typically lasts one to three years since it usually takes 300–1000 charge cycles until it loses around 20% of its capacity. Electric skateboards typically have lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the preferred choice since they have an affordable price range, good capacity, safe handling, and a longer lifespan.

9. Know The Warranty And Quality Of Customer Support

Electric skateboards can be used on various terrains at varying speeds, making them prone to wear and tear. With this in mind, go for a model with a long warranty period and good customer support. When you have a problem with the skateboard or want to purchase spare parts or accessories, you should be able to contact customer service to get your questions answered.

Final Thoughts

With the variety of electric skateboards available on the market, selecting the right one can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time. Although a vehicle is a primary choice for transportation, an electric skateboard can provide several perks, such as an exciting way to commute and convenience since you no longer need to worry about parking space. Luckily, by following the tips above and considering the factors mentioned during the selection process, you’re more likely to find the most suitable one for you.

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