6 Tips For Traveling By Plane With An Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding was known as “sidewalk surfing” in the past, upon its invention and discovery of this sort. The first skateboards were made of wooden boxes and were ridden as an alternative to surfing. Nowadays, the skateboarding industry has innovated and rode along with the growth of technology. The emerging popularity of electric skateboards is ongoing, and many people love it.

In fact, due to its popularity and growing demand, many were trying to customize their skateboards. According to and other websites, there are many wheel collections you can check out to spruce up your electric skateboard.

If you’re planning to travel by air with your electric skateboard, you have to check the rules and regulations of the airlines to see if it’s possible to bring your electric skateboard. To save you from trouble, do your homework ahead of time so you won’t get frantic about how to handle your electric skateboard on the day of your flight.

Consider the following tips for traveling by plane with your electric skateboard.

1. Contact Your Airline And Inquire About Their Rules


Airlines are known to change their flying rules every now and then. Even if your friend or relative told you about their practices before, that may no longer be the case. Before booking a ticket, it’s essential to learn about the luggage restrictions the airline you intend to use has. Some airlines offer more relaxed rules on domestic flights than on international flights, but it’s always best to ask what limitations the airline places before traveling.

Some airlines include electric skateboards on their list of hazardous items for flying. There could be some that do accept them, but with limitations on their battery capacity or even the skateboard wheels. For instance, a few airlines allow passengers to travel with electric skateboards with fewer than 160 watts of power. This can be lucky for you if your skateboard capacity is in the range of 100 to 160 watts.

However, the airline doesn’t guarantee acceptance, so it’s wise to call them ahead and talk to them about all the details related to your batteries. Some airlines also require skateboard owners to use Lithium-ion batteries to hold a certificate from the lab to ensure their quality and standards. Ensure you bring all the documents necessary for this futuristic transport invention before finally flying.

2. Consider Whether To Check It In Or Carry On Cabin

The next tip is to decide whether you want to check it in as luggage or just carry it with you to place it in the cabin. Electric skateboards must be checked in, but some airlines allow you to carry them on. Some airlines could give you both options, but you should sign a waiver form for the possibility of damage.

Many skaters prefer to bring their electric skateboards on the plane by themselves, as they can hold on to them carefully and bring them with extra care. If you’re traveling internationally and have a connecting flight, the airlines might not accept skateboards as checked luggage on these flights, so it’s best to bring them with you. But then again, settle with all the airlines and ensure that they allow you to carry them.

3. Understand The Reason Behind Why Flights Are Strict Against Skateboards


There are some regulations to follow to fly with an electric skateboard. It’s best to know the reasoning behind these rules. Aside from your electric skateboards, there’s a lot of equipment and devices that have been restricted too. Lithium-ion batteries are very strictly regulated by most airlines. Batteries must be checked in with almost every airline. If you notice, most airline staff request passengers to carry their laptops, gadgets, phones, and other electronics into the cabin and not in the luggage compartments.

Lithium-ion batteries have exploded several times, making it necessary to monitor them strictly. To ensure the safety of everyone, it’s best to follow these airline laws strictly. Most flight companies only allow lithium batteries with a maximum 160W capacity. Since your e-boards use lithium-ion batteries, it’s essential to check their ability early on before booking your flight. Although it can be risky and quite a hassle on your end, it’s necessary to be ready with everything related to your board so you won’t have trouble later on.

4. Dismantle Your Board

This option takes a little longer, but it may be more effective. You can dismantle your board and store them separately according to your airline’s regulations. For example, you can remove the deck and trucks and have them checked in. As for your battery, you can carry them in your cabin bag. Airline staff can be more considerate when they don’t see the skateboard as a whole.

It can be a challenge to deconstruct your board. Additionally, putting it back together again might not be your favorite task. However, this tip can essentially be helpful to ensure that you can fly with your electric skateboard.

5. Consider Renting Batteries If You Can’t Have It On Board


This tip is ideal if your battery capacity has exceeded the limit posted by your airline. You can bring everything else and leave your batteries at home. It’s possible to find someone willing to rent you their battery in a forum or other local skateboarding platform. There are also local electric skateboard shops at your destination – commonly called skate shops. Make sure you rent the correct battery for your board by calling in advance. Another option is to ship your skateboard to your destination instead. This is best if you want to use your batteries and skateboard during your travel.

6. Know Where To Place The Boards

In an airplane, deciding whether to put it in the overhead bin or under the seats can be challenging. While some planes allow things to be stored under the seats, this might be difficult for your boards considering their length. But if there’s enough space under the seats, it’s best to keep your boards inside a bag to be protected while being stored. Another option to store them is in the overhead bin. Your board could be strapped to your luggage and placed in the overhead bin, so it’s safely stored.


It’s not entirely impossible to travel on-air with your e-board. Traveling with an electric skateboard is an excellent idea if you follow all the tips mentioned in this article. The key is to inquire and prepare for your trip early on and ensure your battery size and capacity are up to par with the airline’s laws and regulations.

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