6 Signs You Have Found the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding is a pretty beautiful and also pretty stressful period in life. We are all aware that it is a short period in life but the amount of pressure and stress coming from every direction is so big that it is hard to describe.

There are always people who state that if you are prepared to the full extent there is no such pressure and stress, but they are wrong. So much is sometimes out of your reach and influence that you are not even aware of. So much you can’t control and that is exactly why we are all stressing out.

The article today will tell you about only one aspect of a wedding and it is the wedding venue. We know that most of you spend a lot of time searching for the perfect one, with the right size, decorations, placement, sunlight, and so on. Just because of that this article today will show you the signs that tell you already have the perfect venue at your disposal.

Looking for these venues is not easy, and it shouldn’t be but thanks to places like your hunting job will be made just that bit easier. Enjoy the article and hope you already managed to snag your perfect wedding venue.

1. Power


Now, this might seem a bit odd for you to consider when venue hunting, but if you are one of those people who like barn-type venues in rural areas, or if you manage to snag a venue that boasts quietness and bliss thanks to its remote location, power is one of the big concerns you should consider. Some venues and locations have limited power and you have to talk to them about it because if you want the flashy, high power output wedding you have to be certain that the venue can hold its own in that department. Imagine being in the middle of a wedding and there is a sudden power outage or surge that can cause a whole bunch of other problems you shouldn’t even be thinking about. All in all, if your venue does meet these criteria then you are probably OK but just in case check it out, for your peace of mind.

2. Kitchen


As you probably know by now some wedding venues are just an empty shell given to you to do with it as you please. Those types of venues usually don’t have a kitchen setup which is why you have to either reconsider the offer or work that problem out by setting up a kitchen by bringing in a catering service. This second thing is probably the best if your venue doesn’t have a kitchen. The catering service of your choosing will do an extraordinary job and they will be more than happy to bring all their stuff there as well as equipment. The only thing you need to worry about is that is an extra cost and that all that equipment has to be brought and set up so consider the space for the kitchen inside the venue or will the catering service has to put up a tent nearby.

3. Sound quality


When talking about this most of you will say, well da, all the venues have speakers and have sound for musicians and else, but here we are addressing the quality of sound. Can you recall at least one wedding that you attended and that sound quality was poor or bad? How did it do for your experience? Now, would you like something like that for your guests? Of course not. Depending on the type of wedding you are planning and depending on the venue you have to consider the quality of sound that will project to those attending and you have to take into consideration the number of people, the open or closed space venue concept, and much, much more. In here, as in most things, the devil I in the details and you shouldn’t allow for a thing like sound ruining someone’s experience that day.

4. Lighting


Again no we don’t mean if there is light in the venue because if there weren’t then you are probably getting married somewhere on a dirt field in the middle of nowhere. This is regarding the lighting to the venue and around it and in one part additional lighting for the venue itself. It is important for all of these to be available, or at least obtainable to have the perfect, hassle, and complain free wedding. Most choose to have a two-part wedding the day ceremony and night party, and if this is your type then at night those extra lighting could come in handy and make the entire thing even more extravagant. Lighting the road to the venue and extra lighting that can be controlled for the inside is something you should consider.

5. Bar


Now, this can be optional, depending on your personal preferences. We know that some venues have Bar area while others don’t. if you want to have a bar area in your venue make sure that they have and offer one because it is not a must. In a hurry and a lot of rush many forget to ask about a bar option in the venue whether they want it or not and get disappointed in the end. According to your wishes and preferences, you should ask about this and make sure you have one at your disposal, or not of course.

6. Logistics


Now, this is another thing that doesn’t come with every venue, but if you like to get at least a bit of burden off your shoulders then a venue that offers logistics for at least some things is a very welcome addition. If you are going to have a wedding that has more than two instances then you have to worry about the ceremony, drinks reception, evening reception, and whatever else you think of. If the wedding venue has the means to figure this out and allow for additional space for the guests while the turnarounds are happening. Depending on which wedding part you are doing plan around an hour to two hours to make a turnaround happen and in that period if the venue has additional space for your guests and if it can take on the logistics of that then it is the perfect venue for you.

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