Do Social Networks Affect Our Love Life and When Should We Worry About It?

Have you ever wondered what your life and the lives of all of us would look like without social media? Given that our smartphones are often the first and last thing we all look at during the day, it is not strange to ask ourselves how social networks affect our relationships. Although they have their advantages and benefits, our online life can seriously affect our reality. Moreover, it can occupy our reality and possess our life globally.

And when is it time to worry about it? The answer is: The moment the time spent on social networks begins to change the dynamics of the romantic relationship.

Although many romantic relationships actually start with the help of social networks, they also suffer because of them. Whether it is the like to a photo or a comment, each of us can become jealous and start resenting all that liking and commenting to our partner. But what happens when the problem is not caused by liking and commenting but by the fact that the partner simply cannot move their eyes from the screen of the phone – all day long, every day?

If you have ever felt like you are competing with your partner’s phone for their attention, you are not alone. There are many of those like you around the world. The time we spend on smartphone displays can change the way we approach our partners in real life. So we decided to ask ourselves (and you) when does the Internet, i.e. its use, become a problem in a relationship?

Even though we will talk here about the influence of social media to love life, it is important to mention that numerous distractions lurk from the sidelines on the Internet that can ruin your relationship apart from social media. Men are specifically prone to one of these distractions – sports betting. Given that the best-rated bookmakers listed here now offer different types of payment methods, getting occupied with online betting can take on serious contours and affect love life. So, guys, don’t force your partner to fight against your betting addiction in addition to fighting against the time you spend on social media. Be moderate in wagering and everything is going to be all right.

Think About the Time You Spend on Social Media


The time we spend on social media can affect our ability to communicate with those we care about. Namely, numerous researches show that, on average, we spend two or more hours a day on social networks.

When we are constantly tied to our phones scrolling through Instagram, reading news, checking emails, etc. we are actually depriving our partner of those moments they would spend with us. Hell, we are taking away time from ourselves for some smarter things. Let’s be realistic, we neglect absolutely everything then!

The time we waste on social networks is not so tangible, that is, we do not notice how much time we actually waste staring at the screen until someone warns us. So how can we, given all of the above, maintain our relationship in the age of the Internet?

Be Especially Careful In the Early Stages of a Relationship


Although excessive use of social networks at any stage of a relationship can have negative effects, the worst is when it is not controlled in the early stages of a relationship.

At the beginning of a relationship, we spend time with another person because we want to get to know them. We listen to stories, experiences, dreams, fears… We spend hours in conversation discovering each other; no fact is too insignificant, no story is too long. During this period, time is of the essence and mobile phones should be as far away from you as possible.

Think Twice Before Commenting and Posting


Even though posting jokes or posts on social media can strengthen your relationship, the content of your partner’s social networks can do quite the opposite at the same time – to become a source of concern or disagreement. Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram, while constantly sharing the contents of your life on the same? Have you perhaps thought that your partner is not comfortable due to the fact that each of your joint steps and actions is publicly shared?

There is no need to expose your private life in public to large extent. It is wisest to omit to publish information about e.g. choosing a birthday gift for your partner. Instagram is not a competition area, it is not a battlefield – remember that.

No matter how you approach your life on social media, be careful. That does not mean you should completely eliminate social media from your life. They can be exciting, fun, and a great way to relax from time to time. But they should not be the center of your world. Choose to enjoy tangible things and real-life with your partner. What happens and is shown on social networks is everything but reality. Or it has little to do with reality.

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