4 tips for Spending Cryptocurrencies while Traveling

Back in 2009 when the first cryptocurrency was made, the very creators of Bitcoin could only dream about the impact it will have on our society. The first decentralized currency was then followed by the second and the third, and to this day, this number has never stopped growing, with more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies out there.

With that infrastructure, it would be weird to expect that the crypto world would not make a significant change in the global marketplace and global economy. That’s exactly what is happening right now. And while we all witness the making of a new history, we couldn’t help but wonder, what can we use cryptocurrencies for, other than trading or saving them in your digital wallet?

It’s somehow hard to answer this question, because today, Bitcoin seems to be integrated into almost every pore of our society. With an enormous increase in value in 2024, Bitcoin has reached the unprecedented, astonishing $50,000 price per 1 Bitcoin. From $1 only 10 years ago, to the value it has today, walking the bumpy, rocky road paid off for people who believed in the potential these assets have, so in 2024 they can sit back and enjoy all the benefits while watching their profits grow, hoping for no versatility on the crypto market, or at least a small percentage.

In this oasis of independence and modern technologies, smart investors and tech-savvy people, and entrepreneurs in general, have learned to use decentralized money to invest and get fantastic returns, but they’ve also learned to use this money to purchase a car, a property, a luxury Rolex or Patek watch, a hotel reservation and airplane tickets or to simply pay in Bitcoin for an extravagant dinner. This can be done with ease since many websites and companies such as began to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, without the need to exchange Bitcoin for dollars – which was the only option 5 or 10 years ago. As a result, crypto users around the globe can have luxurious lifestyles with legal regulations different from what we’re used to, and better – compared to the traditional third-party control tools by governmental institutions and organizations.

But there is more

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However, trading, investing, and mining are not the only ways to add Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to your portfolio, nor are luxury properties, casinos, or other high-end purchases the only thing available for crypto owners. You can get a fair amount of coins by solving puzzles or playing games online, lending the coins you already have, gambling or simply choosing to get paid in Bitcoin and not in fiat currency. Eat-in KFC or Pizza Hut, purchase a variety of items using Bitcoin gift cards, pay for tuition or make a travel arrangement using Bitcoin. Since traveling is people’s favorite activity, and Bitcoin has skyrocketed not only in value but in popularity too, the logical question that arises is — is it possible to merge those two and if so, how to spend your cryptocurrencies while traveling. Let’s dig into that.

Take advantage of online travel agencies

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It was hard to imagine that you could ever purchase your airplane tickets or book hotel accommodation with digital money. Although we’re used to paying with our credit cards and using wire transfers, it still is cash, only stacked in your bank accounts. This is why it was unimaginable to purchase anything with virtual coins. But this has changed over the years, and today you can avoid numerous fees and other issues by using crypto technology. The first thing you can do when planning to travel is to find the most convenient transportation option. Luckily, there are numerous travel companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, so you can choose the option that fits your needs and your budget. Websites such as Travala, Destinia, or CheapAir allow you to book not only flights but also hotels, museum tours, rentals, and even restaurants — using a huge variety of cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Doge, Binance, etc. The only requirement is an active digital wallet and of course — coins in it.

Pay for goods and services

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During the travel and after you get to your destination, you will surely visit restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, and other places of this kind. That also includes fast food, snacks at Baskin Robbins or Whole Foods, souvenirs, and other additional items you can purchase. If you wanna opt for a tour around the city, wouldn’t it be cool not to use dollars but to use crypto instead? This is all possible since more and more small, local businesses started to accept this method as a great way to fight inflation and as a more clever way of doing business while staying up to date with all the global trends.

Convert crypto into money

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There is a limit when it comes to the amount of cash you can carry on your vacation. Of course, you can use your credit cards, but that usually means paying enormous amounts of fees and conversion rates which significantly increases your vacay expenses. Mercifully, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can easily convert your cryptocurrencies into the currency of your choice, depending on the state you are in. This way you can save loads of money avoiding the ATM and other fees, plus — you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your card declined, blocked, or lost. Sounds like a great option, doesn’t it?

Use apps to find Bitcoin-friendly places

When you get to your travel destination, it’s hard to tell which places actually accept crypto and which don’t. The easiest way to explore those places is by downloading an app that will show you all the Bitcoin-friendly spots on a map. On websites such as Coinflip, you can see all the food, shopping, transport, grocery, and ATM options available in the city or area of your choice, so you’ll easily plan out your next steps, again — without having to worry about bringing your fiat cash with you. Apps like this are lifesavers for all the curious travelers in the world!

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