4 Tips That Will Help You Relax While Traveling

Have you returned home from a vacation only to realize that you are more tired than ever? It’s a common thing for most people but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We all live in the fast lane these days and it’s difficult to find that balance between work and leisure, even on a holiday.

Well, no need to worry. Here are a few tips on how to truly relax and unwind on your next vacation.

1. Avoid Tech Distractions


Technology is no doubt the biggest distraction for people on holiday. It’s also the most difficult habit to cut, especially when you consider how attached we are to our phones, social media, etc.

A good rule would be to turn off data roaming. Disable push notifications on your phone and resist the urge to check your email or social media pages. Another solution is to simply get a work phone, so you can leave it back at the hotel and carry around a phone where only family and close friends can reach you. Your leisure phone doesn’t need to have any work-related apps, so you won’t even have to worry about disabling notifications.

If you have to work on a holiday, at least set a specified time of day to check and reply to emails. You can also set an automatic reply on your email to let people know you are out on holiday and when you plan to come back, or when your work hours are going to be.

Whatever you have to do, just make sure your rest time is protected so you can actually rest. Otherwise, you risk reaching the end of the trip and feeling like all you did was worry about what was going on back home.

2. Be Wise with Your Schedule


There will always be a lot to see and do on vacation. But frankly, it’s quite difficult to get to all the sites. After all, you only have a limited amount of time. So, instead of planning to see everything, try to create a light schedule that allows you to spend more time on areas of key interest.

Trying to follow a packed schedule that has you hopping from site to site will just stress you out. To make things worse, you won’t even get enough time to enjoy the best places in your destination if you go about the process with a checklist mentality.

Instead, have a light schedule. Give yourself and your travel companions enough time to enjoy each place you see, and don’t be afraid to break away from the schedule to go somewhere interesting you hadn’t planned to see. Or to just take some time to stay at the hotel and watch some TV.

Some would argue that’s a waste of a good vacation. But if your goal when going away was just to relax, then as long as it allows you to chill out, nothing you do is a waste. If you try to approach sightseeing and tourism as a job you must get done, you may end up seeing more, but you will likely enjoy less.

3. Try a Staycation


Did you know that people sleep less at night while traveling? It’s hard to say exactly why, but jet lag, stress, the change in environments, or even just plain excitement may all be to blame.

Nonetheless, there is nothing more tiring than a sleep-deprived holiday. To counter this, you can consider a staycation. There is no law saying that a vacation has to mean going somewhere far away. Your home is where your bed and your couch are, and all your little creature comforts and familiar locations. Your home is also probably located relatively close to most of your friends and family, who you can invite over or go visit during your staycation.

However, a staycation is still a holiday. It’s not the time to catch up on work or do those home improvement projects you have been planning, and it’s important to resist the urge to stay busy the whole time. If you are one of those people who can’t rest until all the tasks around the house are done, you may want to consider going to a hotel near your house instead. You still get most of the benefits of a staycation, without having to worry about household chores.

Going to a hotel in a different part of town can also give your family a nice change of scenery, all while being much cheaper than traveling to a different part of the country or going somewhere abroad.

4. Take Your Time


You also need some time to adjust after arriving home from your holiday. Give yourself at least a day or two to relax at home before heading back to work. And it’s not just about your return. Even when you are planning to leave for your vacation, allow yourself a day or two at home to organize everything and get yourself in the mood for the holiday. It’s also a good idea to take some CBD for sleep the day before the trip — click here to learn more if you are interested.

You can also use the few buffer days to shop for groceries, do a bit of cleaning up, or do anything else you find necessary. One good idea is to book a spa day before and after the vacation. A day of getting pampered with massages and skin treatments will help you start your vacation nice and relaxed. And by the time you get back, getting another spa day will help you recover from travel exhaustion and jet lag, while also helping you get back to work feeling nice and relaxed.


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and exciting. After all, people go on holiday to recharge and disengage from the burdens of daily life.

Do not let your vacation turn into every other day of your busy life. The tips above should go a long way in making sure of that.

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