How to Stay Well-groomed while Traveling

Traveling is fun and when we get the chance to visit a new place, we want to make the best memories and preserve them by taking as many photos as we can. However, every trip is exhausting and you may end up not sleeping enough and not looking good all the time. You cannot share your photos on social media if you don’t look great, right? Because of that, you need to stay well-groomed during your trip, so you can look presentable when you are meeting somebody new and when you take all those selfies.

Looking perfect while you are on vacation may sound impossible, but there are some things you can do to achieve it. Follow our tips and you will never again look sleep-deprived or too tired.

Prepare before the travel

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The best way to stay well-groomed during your travel is to prepare before you go on vacation. Make sure you get your hair trimmed one week before you go and, depending on your preferences, get your nails done, wax, or groom your beard. Just in case, you could also invest in an at home nail kits from

When you finish all of these things the week before your travel arrangements, you will be able to relax about this part for two to four weeks. Don’t make any drastic changes and don’t change your hairstyle too much, so it can be easy for you to continue with the regular habits of styling it. Don’t change the products as well, because you don’t know how your skin is going to react to the new hair or beard components.

Check the local hair salons and barbershops

In case you didn’t have time to take care of everything before your trip, you should not be too worried. No matter where you plan on going, there are going to be hair salons and barbershops. Make sure you do your research and if you have any friends who live in that city, ask them which salon is the best.

When you visit a local salon, don’t ask for any drastic changes and tell them that you want to just take care of the split ends or to make your beard look presentable. Check to see if their hygiene is at the highest levels and if something doesn’t look right, leave before you sit in the chair.

Carry travel equipment

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If you don’t want to risk letting someone else cut your hair or trim your beard, you should carry travel equipment with you. Invest in a great razor that won’t get damaged in time. Even though they cost more than the regular ones, you will see that they are worth it.

You should always carry a beard trimmer with you. They are easy to use and transport and they can make the difference between you looking like a hobo and a well-groomed gentleman. There are a lot of different grooming kit options available on the market, and you can find out more at about the best beard trimmers.
Other things you should not forget are nail clippers and file, as well as some travel size scissors. The things you need mostly depend on how long your vacation is going to be, so plan your grooming kit according to your arrangements.

Use makeup that lasts

If you want to look impeccable all the time, you need to use at least some type of makeup. You don’t need to do a full face, but make sure to use some concealer, a bit of mascara and a lipstick.

Invest in products that last for 18+ hours as they will save your life. No matter if you are traveling by air or taking the plane, you may get stuck at the airport because of delays and you need something that will last all day long. Buy the things you need the most first and depending on that invest in more products that you can use all the time.

Skincare is the most important

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How you take care of the skin will make the difference between you looking great and you look like a tired tourist. Use day and night creams and always use something with SPF of 30 or more. These things will protect your skin and you will look great even when you are tired. Wash and clean your face every night before you go to bed, even if you didn’t do anything and even if you didn’t wear makeup that day.

Don’t forget to carry hair and body products and buy ones that are in a travel size. Experts say that you should not change your favorite collection before the travel, as your skin may have a negative reaction to it, it may get red or flaky.

Shave regularly

If you want to always look your best, you need to shave regularly. Do that at least 3 times per week, or every day if needed. When you are traveling, you will be exposed to the sun, so it is better to let your skin breathe. Don’t forget to use products to protect your face and always make sure to disinfect your skin after shaving.

In case you don’t want to shave every day, wash your beard at least two times per day with warm water and soap or another product of your preference.

Use the right hair products

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The right hair products can make all the difference. Remember that when you are traveling you will be out and in the sun most of the time. Use products to protect your hair from the sun, but also use water-based solutions that won’t make your hair oily and won’t cause dust to stick to it.

Try to stay away from heavy gels or sprays, as they will not only damage it, but they will make it tangled as well and you’ll need to wash it every day to make it look good.

Always smell good

What you smell like can make the biggest difference in how people perceive you. If you always smell good and if you use the right perfumes, they will think of you as a collected and a well-groomed person, even if you didn’t shave for a day or two.

Perfumes cannot replace the power of water and body soap, so shower regularly and if you are going somewhere that’s hot and humid, shower every time you get the chance. Don’t use perfumes that are too strong and choose something fresh instead of something with a heavy scent.

Don’t forget to drink water

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Water is the most important when it comes to looking great. When you drink enough water, your skin will look better, your hair will not get oily, plus you won’t get those terrible dark eye circles. Make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water per day and if you spend much time in the sun, drink water before you feel that you are thirsty.

Do you have any tips on how to stay well-groomed when traveling? As you can see, you don’t have to do much to achieve perfection. Just follow the self-care routine you use when you are home and rely on traveling-kit packaging.

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