4 Ways to Spice Up Your Honeymoon

A wedding is an event that is significant in all cultures around the world. When you get married, things in your life drastically change. First of all, you can’t continue to make individual plans. More precisely, you will have to replace the phrase “my plan” with “our plan”. Transfering “my” in “ours” counts for all the aspects of life. For instance, you can no longer organize your budget alone. Despite that, if you plan to travel somewhere, will you have the chance to travel alone? This might be possible if you are going on a business trip. However, in every other case, you will have to consult with your partner.

Well, tolerance and consultation start from the very first moment. The first “agreement” after saying “yes” is organizing a honeymoon. At first glance, the honeymoon might seem like any other trip. This especially counts if you previously traveled a lot together. However, when you look closer, a honeymoon is everything except that.

For the first time, you and your love partner are going somewhere as a married couple. Learn more from this page:, the things you need to know before you go with your partner for travel. People that are not married can’t understand the feeling that you have when you travel in that way for the first time. Despite that, this event changes many things when we talk about mutual trust. You “formally” became the present and future of another person. More precisely, you two are no longer two individuals.

Well, choosing the right destination for a honeymoon is not complex at all. The first thing you should do is check your budget. After you do that, you should share plans and ideas. If there is some destination mutual for both, you will easily find a solution.

The activities you can do in certain destinations are different. Yet, there are a couple of ways to spice up your honeymoon. As we said, both of you can now completely trust each other. We do not want to say that trust did not exist before marriage. You easily moved to another level. Because of that, we have some suggestions that will make your honeymoon more entertaining.

1.  Use Sex Toys

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Using sex toys during a sexual act is somehow a taboo subject. When you ask couples if they use them, most of them would answer “no”. Well, this might not be the truth completely. Some couples probably do not lie, but most of them would not admit because they consider it inappropriate. Click here to find more sex games which you can try during honeymoon.

Because of that, many couples hesitate to use them. Let’s say there is not enough “trust” in a love relationship. When you are married, these fears and hesitations disappear completely. Which sex toys you will purchase depends on the deal that you both make. It is okay to talk about it before you even book a hotel room.

We can only give you some recommendations to inspire you. For instance, why should you purchase a vibrator or dildo? Some men would feel less confident if their lady requires something like that. Because of that, the importance of talking about this subject is crucial.

It is hard to describe the additional pleasure that you can have with sex toys. Still, it is crucial to find the right way to purchase these items. If you struggle to find one, we recommend you visit There you can find a wide range of options that will satisfy both of you.

2. Role-Playing

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We do not know exactly how long you were together before marriage. Even if your relationship lasted for only 1 year, you have probably met your partner very well. This means that you know his/her secrets including sex fantasies. Well, it might be the right time to make a wish come true.

Incorporating role-playing will surely be an entertaining idea. You do not have to spend a fortune on finding different costumes. Visit for more information. The more important thing is to pick those that will meet the fantasy of your partner. You can incorporate this “game” in two different ways. Logically, you can talk with your partner about it and plan out the entire night in advance. However, the better effect would probably be if you surprise your partner completely.

Do not focus only on one costume for the entire honeymoon. Each night you should settle into a new role. For instance, one night you can be a naughty teaches, next day nurse, etc. Changing the roles will make this game even more entertaining.

3. Champaign and a Warm Bath

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Well, after talking about two “taboo” ways, let’s continue in a bit different manner. This suggestion would be perfect for those couples that are a bit more “casual”.

Is there a person on this planet that does not enjoy a nice warm bath? Well, enjoyment will be even better if you have a warm bath with your spouse. You do not have to talk a lot while you are having a bath. Just close your eyes and enjoy silence together with your partner. While you are doing that, there should also be a bottle of champaign next to you. We do not want to say that you should drink the entire bottle together. However, if you enjoy drinking it, do not limit yourself.

This way will surely spice up your honeymoon. You do not have to practice it every night while you are on the trip. However, it would be a shame not to spend one night in this way. You will both start to feel a bit romantic and the energy between you will grow. Do we even have to say how that night is going to end?

4. Play Different Games

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Well, role-playing is some sort of game as well. However, this time we are talking about competition. There are many games that you can play with your partner to spice up your honeymoon. For instance, “A Hot Affair” is one of the games you can play. The game contains different cards such as “Fantasy”, “Intimate”, “Desire”, etc. The winner gets the option to choose the emotion they will indulge in.

“Lust” is one more adult game that involves a lot of fantasy. You get certain “to-do” cards associated with different subjects. However, all of them are connected with fantasy. Your partner and you pick a card and do whatever is written on it. We suggest you visit sites like V for Vibes where you can find a lot of sex games and sex toys that can help you spice up your honeymoon.

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