How To Stop Motorcycle Windshield Buffeting ─ 6 Easy Ways

Hobby or love – this is a dilemma that each of us has about our favorite activity. Some of us like to call it just a hobby because it’s a way to fill our time, but most of us would say it’s love because it gives us new and clean energy. What is motorcycling? It is a combination of love and hobby, it is something that gives motorcyclists strength, but above all clean energy to be able to function in their everyday life. That is why they spend a lot of time taking care of and adjusting their faithful friend on two wheels – the motorcycle. Each motorcycle is different, and for that reason, each motorcycle must be adjusted separately according to its needs.

This combination of hobby and love brings with it a large number of checks, adjustments, and care by each owner. So, for example, each of you motorcycle owners must make sure that your faithful two-wheeled friend is promptly taken for a technical inspection, annual registration for circulation in traffic, then a regular routine service, and if necessary, adjustments for problems and conditions such as what is windshield buffeting. This is a problem that almost all motorcyclists generally have, so it requires enough attention and dedication to solve it on time, but after all, solving it successfully will eliminate the problem.


Wondering what exactly this is all about? It is a general problem that almost every motorcycle has, and it is caused by the windshield. A large number of motorcyclists faced this problem, but they managed to solve it either temporarily, or they did not find an agreement with which they could overcome this problem. The windshield and buffeting are something that creates an impossibility to fully enjoy riding the motorcycle, so a specific direction is needed that will neutralize this effect. We are here today to offer you some simple tips that are sure to help you overcome this common windshield problem. We talk more about this topic today when we bring you some tips that will surely help you. So let’s see what it’s all about.

The first and most important thing to do to solve this situation is to choose the most suitable windshield for your motorcycle.

Although a large number of motorcycle owners face this problem, almost no one knows that the main cause of buffeting is the windshield. You need to choose a windshield that will be the most suitable for your friend on two wheels, and if you want to look at quality windshields visit this page. Almost any mechanic and expert in the field of motorcycle maintenance will tell you that the problem is very likely to lie in the windshield, so find a solution that can solve the buffeting problem permanently.

If you have already selected a quality windshield, in that case, make sure that it is properly installed


When making a change to this part of the motorcycle, a mistake can often occur. The error occurs when the quality part is selected, replaced, and installed on the motorcycle. It is important to make sure that it is well installed because a mistake is made during mounting and this can cause buffeting. Therefore, after installing it, try to see if the replacement part is installed well, and if it is not installed well, in that case, leave it to the professionals to take care of and install it properly so that you no longer face the problem that can be easily solved.

Make sure the windshield is set at the proper height

Oftentimes, people who own motorcycles say that despite having a quality windshield, it usually doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It is mostly due to insufficiently good setting of the height of this protective part. It is necessary to adjust the height to be as high or low as possible to perform its function. Otherwise, you can only feel the problem of buffeting, which is really annoying for motorcyclists. Therefore, make sure to check from this aspect as well, and if the height is not good enough, it is time to start a small project through which you will adjust the height to the appropriate level.

The problem can often be in the helmet, which almost no one ever suspects


Yes, this problem is in 75% of cases caused by the windshield and that is exactly why we started with tips that refer to this part of the motorcycle, but there is another 25% that usually indulges in another deficiency and that is usually the inappropriate helmet. Yes, this buffeting problem can often be caused by your helmet, so check with another loaner helmet to see if that’s the problem. If that is the problem then you will need to find a new and much better quality helmet that will negate the existence of this problem and give you a much better riding experience while on your motorcycle.

Note that the motorcycle should not be used in windy situations

One very important piece of information for each of you is that the motorcycle is not recommended to be operated and used at times when there is a strong wind. It’s okay to ride it when there is little or no wind because in those situations the windshield can provide protection and the motorcycle can be handled normally. But if there is a strong wind at the moment and you want to drive your pet on two wheels, in that case, you must, first of all, know that the windshield cannot provide you with protection, but it is very likely that the helmet is also useless. That’s why you need to know this important information.

We have provided you with some guidelines that we believe will help you in the process of fixing the buffeting situation. Any of these solutions or directions could help you successfully move through the remediation process. We wish you to go through the process of solving this condition on your motorcycle as quickly and easily as possible.

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