How to Properly Pack Your Wigs for Long – 2024 Guide

Wearing wigs has been the go-to solution for people who want to appear different and utilize different styles for thousands of years. Although we may not think of them as an old invention because of how common and widespread they are and how well made they appear to be nowadays, the truth is that wigs have been around since ancient times. If you think about it, we can go as far back as a few millenniums and Ancient Egypt when pharaohs and the rest of the upper class wore elaborate wigs that made them feel and appear different than the common folk.

Fast forward to the middle ages and the next few centuries, and the whole aristocracy of Europe was wearing the famous curled powdered white wigs as a status symbol. It had nothing to do with hair loss or bald spots, at least not for the majority of wearers. In recent times, this trend is alive and well in much the same way as more and more people with perfectly fine hair opt to get wigs out of fashion and style reasons. Of course, individuals who want and need their confidence back as a result of hair loss are still the most important type of customer but contemporary fashion statements cannot be overlooked.

In such a world where everyone can have a wig or two for cosplay, costume, and other reasons, there should be the right type of information shared and common knowledge taught and learned regarding the wigs. Among the most important things every wig wearer should know and remember is how to properly store a wig. No matter if you are putting it away until later use or packing it for a trip, there are steps towards that and preparations required. In this article, we will tell you all about this, but to learn even more and browse for some quality wigs, make sure to check out Heyhair7.



Packing and storing a wig can only take place if you took care of it properly, which comes in the form of cleaning and drying your wig the right way before you set it aside to wait for the next special occasion. You should always clean and condition every natural hair wig in your collection before you decide to give it a break for a time. It should be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned, which you can do by using the right clarifying shampoo for regular human hair as well as a conditioner for the type of hair your wig is made of. Synthetic hair is best cleaned with wig-safe shampoos because regular ones may damage the hairs.

After you have washed it like any other time before, it is time for drying. This is the most important step in preparing your wig for a trip to the shelf or a suitcase. It absolutely has to be 100% dry before you even begin to think about how and when to store or pack it. Otherwise, it can easily lead to mildew and mold which will ruin the wig beyond repair. It is not healthy to leave such a product even slightly damp because they do not do well over time if wet. Using blow dryers is advised for real human wigs, but only air dry synthetic wigs as the heat will damage the hairs and curl them up or melt them.

Storing the Wig


Now that the wig is clean and dry, it is time to store it properly until further notice. The best and most professional way to do it is on a wig head. They are always a great option for storing because they mimic the real human head (duh) meaning the wig will keep its shape and form. There are different options to go with, from portable meant for traveling to beautiful canvas heads meant for display. If you only need to put it somewhere safe in storage, a classic styrofoam mannequin head will do just fine.

If you do not or cannot store it on a head for some reason, satin or a silk bag would be the next best option. This allows it to stay hydrated and soft over time and prevents tangles and static common for plastic bags. Nowadays, most wigs come with satin or silk bags when you purchase them for your storing and packing convenience. Both are great options for long travels too as they do not allow any sort of damage while packed up tightly with other things in your suitcase.

Lastly, there is the trusty old way of storing things in shoe boxes. Still convenient regardless of how many modern and more aesthetically pleasing ways of storing things we have today, shoe boxes are something everyone constantly has because we all like to get at least a few pairs each year. As long as the wig has been properly washed and dried, there is no reason why you should not put it somewhere safe in a shoebox. In fact, any kind of storage box will do the trick and protect your wig for months to come. For traveling, you would need a smaller yet sturdier box so look for something along those lines if you are planning a trip.


Speaking of traveling and packing wigs, do not forget to treat it right while you are at your destination. If you can, bring along a satin or a silk bag to carry the wig in while traveling, as well as a mannequin head to keep the wig on when you arrive. This will prevent any type of curling or stretching damage that could happen if you just put it anywhere or hang it on handles, knobs, chairs, or closet doors. As with many other things, the easiest way to go would be to buy a traveling wig kit or purchase separate things that would allow you to both store and travel with your wigs without any stress of ruining them. A separate carrying bag, a travel-friendly head, and a satin/silk bag or a travel-size box are all you need to ensure a pleasurable experience no matter where you go or how long you plan to stay.

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