10 Essentials You Must Take On Your First Caravan Holiday

The fact that we are taking off on a road trip is enough to make anything seem fun and interesting – and that includes packing also.
But there are times when you just can’t leave millions of items behind and hence there is the necessity of making a packing list before your first Caravan Holiday. When traveling with your RV it is essential to have great space to put your stuff. Click here to know more about how to convert your van into a campervan.

So, take the pressure off because here we have made sure that you packed all the essentials in your first caravan holiday.

Whether you flock to the Scottish Highland or consider taking your caravan to the Lake District, in here we have got you covered with 10 essentials you simply must take on your Caravan.

The Checklist for Your First Caravan Holiday

In fact, the things that you must take on your first caravan holiday depend on your location and duration. Whatever it be, it is best to keep the checklist handy before leaving your home on your first caravan trip.

And after packing your caravan with the all the essentials make sure to double-check that the loose items are locked and fitted properly inside the drawers so that the contents don’t fly out when driving.

Things to Carry in Your Car (Car Checklist)

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  • GPS navigation system to get on and off-road navigations along with points of interest
  • First Aid Kit – Keep it inside your car rather than the caravan
  • Wipes (Face Wipes/Baby Wipes) – Wipes are one of the most essentials to pack in when caravanning. Starting from wiping baby fingers to cleaning up your hand when changing tires wipes are real handy items.
  • Car Trash Bags –Pack up with handy small car trash bags if you want less mess and your back seat neat and tidy.
  • Rubber Rug – Roll in a rubber rug because you will need something behind your back when you get under the car to change the tire.
  • Tapes (Duct Tape/Gaffer Tape) – Both come in handy when securing cables and holding any broken piece of items together for a while.
  • Basic Tools – In case the toolbox is not easily accessible from the caravan it is best to keep a few basic tools handy. Basic tools to bring with you should include wrenches, portable air compressor, tire lever, hammer, pliers, a multimeter, and also make your travel a lot easier with an electric screwdriver set on BestOfMachinery. There are those battery charged handy tools that can be used for a long duration to make any repair jobs a lot more convenient.
  • Snacks- No wonder about it!

Things to Carry in Your Van (Caravan Checklist)

Caravan cooktop or a working stove

Nowadays a handy range of camper cooktops is available which can be used both for indoors or for outside. While these caravan cooktops are perfect for preparing your meal on your first caravan holidays you may also consider taking any other working stove. But whatever it is make sure to carry a full gas bottle with you.

Essential Kitchen Utensils

When it is about packing the essential kitchen utensils for your first caravan holidays then think about taking mixing bowls, toaster, frying pans, mugs, cups, and Tupperware containers. Also, consider stashing in a roll of aluminum foil as it helps in keeping the utensils clean.

Melamine crockery is less likely to get broken and is also considerably lighter and hence not a bad choice when packing crockery and kitchen utensils.

Cut to size Shade Cloth

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When caravanning shade cloths are a must – not only to beat the heat but also for flooring purposes outdoor

Comfy beds

There’s nothing like a goodnight’s sleep and hence consider taking 2 x fitted sheets or mattress toppers along with 2 x pillows. To keep the bedding fresh use zip-lock vacuum bags. This not only keeps the bedding fresh but also saves space. For more information, visit

Folding table for outdoor dining

Consider packing in a lightweight and compact folding table for dining outside during your caravan holidays.

Torch and spare batteries

It will be unwise of you to forget packing up torches along with spare batteries when you are caravanning. As for torches think about battery-powered torches and make sure they are kept in an easy to find location. 12 Voltage battery supply is a reliable source of electricity but also don’t forget to stash in some more spare leisure battery.

Towels (beach and shower)

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When stocking up your toiletries don’t forget that you would need plenty of towels both for beach and showering.

Camp Chairs

Folding camping chairs are a luxury when you and your family are on a caravan holiday for weeks. But when choosing the camping chairs make sure to choose according to your family size.

Essential Small Items – Think about a bucket, shovel, an ax, and a small saw
If you are on an off-road trip and thinking about camping outside don’t forget to pack plastic buckets, fire lighting materials, shovels ax, and a small saw.

Porta Potty

A porta potty is a life savior when there is no other clean convenient alternative. These are portable potties and something which can’t simply forget when packing for your caravan holidays. And, toilet papers- needless to say about it!

What’s One Thing You Would Never Leave Out When Caravanning?

Now that you know all the essentials you must take on your first caravan holiday, there lies one another question. And, that is – what’s one thing you would never leave out when caravanning?

For this, we have asked many Caravanners what’s their take regarding this. You’ll be amazed to find out that there are jolly numbers of answers from different retrospect. Mostly we’re all concerned about not missing their children and grandchildren.

But when asked about what one particular thing never to miss the answer ranged from face wipes, sun hat, foil papers (to reduce washing up) to even coffee machines, and what not! In fact, that’s what it is about when packing for your caravan holidays. To find all your caravan spares and accessories, along with tips and tricks please visit

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