Things to Know about Snakes Before Visiting Australia

Wildlife is the heart of the world. Wildlife is the thing from which life on the planet began. The beauty of the planet we live on is in the wild. The beautiful untouched landscapes of the Earth abound with their beauty and splendor, with special animal species that can not be seen anywhere else and of course, with the peace enjoyed by the wild animals that live there. These areas are often protected and regulated by law making them free zones for animals, but not for humans and human activities.

Yes, expeditions and visits to these locations are indeed allowed, but it is not allowed to stay in those areas for too long, and it is not allowed to destroy those zones. There are such wildlife zones on every continent of our planet, and as a particularly beautiful location and full of such wild, yet picturesque places, we would single out Australia.

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Australia is a state community that extends to the Australian continent to the south of the globe. It is a very developed country, but also a country that has many beauties, both civilized and wild beauties. The wild landscapes stand out because of which this country is visited by over 1 million people every year, primarily as tourists, to visit the beauties of the country, most often during the Christmas holidays. Australia abounds in places that are special and not found anywhere else on the planet. These places are primarily authentic because of the vegetation, but also because of the animals that live there.

This part of the planet Earth has some of the most unique species of animals. Thus on this continent, you can see the kangaroos for which it is recognizable, the beautiful koalas, quokkas that are protected by the state, as well as a large number of different species of snakes that can be seen exclusively in this part of the planet. Australia is rich in a variety of snakes, specific to that part of the world. According to in this part of the planet can be found as many as 140 species of snakes that are not found in other parts of the planet, and even more shocking is the fact that only 100 of them are considered poisonous and dangerous. What do you need to know about them before visiting Australia? Carefully read the continuation of this article because below we will list the 6 most important things you need to know about snakes before visiting this country:

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  • They are everywhere in nature – you should not be surprised by the fact that this island is full of snakes of various species. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and is not new to Australians, but it is a big surprise and a kind of shock for tourists. A snake can be found almost everywhere: on a pedestrian crossing, on the sidewalks, in the lawns … That should not surprise you at all because people here live with it. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
  • You can also see a snake in homes – in this part of the world snakes are everywhere and we think that! Snake can be found in restaurants and bars, and, amazingly, a snake can be found in the home. They are so widespread that they can easily enter the home without you noticing. So be careful not to leave the doors and windows open when you are not near them and check the rooms where you stay often, because you may have a guest.
  • Stray snakes are also found in drain pipes – there are a huge number of cases in Australia where a snake has been reported to have appeared from a drain pipe. Yes, this is true. Snakes can often get lost in drainage pipes and this should not surprise you. But remember that if you witness something like this, you should remain sober, not provoke or attack it, and seek help or advice from someone who is experienced in it.

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  • Never attack or challenge them – you need to be very careful when you see a snake. First of all, you should not panic at all because you can get sick from too much stress. Second, do not think of attacking a snake because many snakes in Australia are venomous and the outcome of a snake bite can be fatal. Third, avoid it most safely without disturbing it in any way. If you follow these steps you will pass safely and you will not lead to a stressful and unwanted situation.
  • Move carefully, prefer bright places – it is always necessary to be careful, especially while you are in Australia. Since snakes are very common and are found everywhere in this country, it is necessary to be extremely careful. This means that you need to move around clear places, places that are lit, and where you can see that there is a snake. If the place is not lit with you, always have some light that will serve you for easier movement.
  • Always move in the company – make sure you always have someone with you. This is especially true if you are afraid of snakes and panic when you see a snake. Always move in the company or in a group to avoid a stressful situation during an unwanted encounter with a snake, but the snake also runs away when it senses an excessive noise or vibration created by the movement. This way you will be carefree that you will come into an unwanted encounter with a snake and you will prevent any encounter with it.

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Make sure you take a nice tour of Australia and see the most beautiful places and sights in it. We recommend a visit at the end of the calendar year because it is summer in the southern hemisphere. Summer also means an increased movement of snakes, but this should not be an obstacle because you can see some of the rarest species of snakes. The only thing you need to do is not be afraid of them, not to provoke them, and to say goodbye to them safely. Be careful to move in a group and in bright and predictable places. Follow our tips and you will have a carefree and safe stay in beautiful Australia. Enjoy and we wish you a pleasant trip on your trip!

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