8 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Chernobyl

Are you someone who loves to travel? Have you been to Chernobyl before, or do you want to visit it sometime soon? It is an unusual touristic attraction that has a lot of history to tell. If you are someone who loves to listen to stories, engage with the locals, and you prefer quieter locations over big and loud cities, this place is perfect for you! If you are interested in learning a bit more about Chernobyl, as well as preparing the needed facts before you hit the road, keep on reading! Here’s all that you should know.

Why visit Chernobyl?

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It is a surreal trip, an amazing tourist attraction for anyone who wants to understand the past and get informed about the history. A reactor system had destroyed a nuclear power station in 1986, which lead to massive radioactive materials. Due to high-radiation, it has been left and known as a ghost town, frozen in time. However, most tourists feel safe and are protected from the radiation. These levels are often so low and irrelevant that they can’t make an impact on your body. However, if you plan on staying a bit longer, you should think about your health and the health of others. One-month stays in high-risk zones might demand additional protection. You can check out since they’ve been in this business for over 25 years. They are the number one manufacturer of radiation equipment in Ukraine, and they export their measurement instruments to over 70 countries.

8 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Chernobyl

1. The largest technogenic tragedy

It is the largest technological tragedy that occurred in Ukraine 35 years ago. It was an accident that happened in the nuclear power plant. On a scale of the tragedy, the catastrophe was given 7 points out of 7, which did make it the world’s largest technogenic tragedy. The next thing that was only worse than it was Fukushima that happened in 2011. You should be prepared for a lot of grief, sad and scary stories, as well as some unusual facts that you would never link to a technogenic tragedy.

2. You will need an escort

There are loads of different radiation zones in Chernobyl that will demand that you have an escort, along with the specialized equipment, as we’ve talked about before. Exclusion zones need to be checked out with a worker from the area. Travel experts, as well as tour guides, will give you the best and safest tours in your case, so make sure to book beforehand and do your research. Make sure that the tour suits you physically, do not book something too intense.

3. You can take pictures

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You can take pictures and shoot videos in most zones, which is great if you want to document every step of your journey. The only area that is a bit strict is the nuclear power plant where you can take pictures from the viewing point only. Also, do not capture officers, and ask beforehand if you’re allowed to use drones at the given property before you fly them up in the air. You can also use selfie sticks and shoot some professional pictures in almost every area.

4. Do not mix-up Chernobyl and Pripyat

Tourists from around the world believe that these places are the same. Chernobyl is 12km found from the power plant, and it was believed that around 12,000 people were affected by the accident. Now, it has a population of 1,000 people. On the other hand, the city of Pripyat was just 2km away from the disaster. It did make an impact on 50,000 people but now is an empty city due to high levels of radiation, along with a sad story that people do not want to relive.

5. Over 70% of pollution was spread out in Belarus

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This disaster also made an impact on Belarus. The country borders are 10km away from the power plant, which made the case even harder to solve and investigate. However, scientists believe that 70% of the pollution spread to Belarus. On the other hand, a huge part of Ireland was reached by radioactive rain, which further shows how much radiation is dangerous.

6. Over 800,000 men tried to prevent the consequences

After the news reported about the accident and as everything was happening, 800,000 men tried to save the situation by risking their own lives trying to save the situation and make it a lot more stable. All of them worked in high-risk zones and were exposed to radiation. In the end, over 25,000 people died, and 70,000 of them became disabled.

7. Chernobyl is a Biosphere reserve

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This ecological biosphere exists and is found in the 30-km exclusion zone. It occupies 2/3 of the territory and is a gorgeous scientific research that can be visited by civilians for a quick little getaway. You can find some wildlife, rare animals, flowers, as well as creatures that further make an accessory to this place, and they tell the story in itself.

8. You can book a hotel overnight

Last, but not least, do you want to book yourself a hotel and spend a bit more time at Chernobyl? There is only one hotel that offers overnight stays. Guests are offered Wi-Fi and amazing food. Although it is a beautiful hotel, you are not allowed to stay in it for too long due to radiation. In fact, even workers can stay within the zone for up to 15 days, so make sure to plan properly and ahead.

Ready for your next trip?

Are you ready to visit Chernobyl? Does it sound like something that you’d love to explore with your friends and family, or maybe your partner? Let us know if you’ve been here before, and how was it for you. If you are traveling sometimes soon make sure to pack accordingly, do not forget your radiation instruments, and follow these 8 steps that will make your trip enjoyable, as well as safe!

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