5 Unforgettable Things You Should Do During Winter in South Korea – In 2024

After more than a year of quarantine, you deserve to travel and explore the other side of the world again. Are you ready to pack your bags and create unforgettable moments?

Where do you plan to go? South Korea has gained another worldwide recognition during the quarantine with Korean drama and music.

When do you plan to go? There are four seasons in South Korea. Although South Korea is beautiful during spring, you can do remarkable things during winter in South Korea.

Before we go into that, you should know that you need to apply for a visa if you want to visit. The process of doing that includes filling out a form and, depending on your country of citizenship, may take up to several weeks. Getting a tourist visa is never easy, but if you’re planning to visit South Korea during winter in South Korea, you’ll need the right documents.

Before saying goodbye to your friends and family, make sure that you have all your documents ready. You can’t go back home without a visa! Please note that the visa process has never been easier with online websites like This great website enables you to learn all about the Korean visa in a breeze. You can’t even imagine how amazing this is! You can’t even imagine how amazing this is! Korea is an amazing destination, but it will be even better if you have all your documents ready.

If you love photography, this is definitely for you! You can take as many pictures as possible because South Korea has an amazing culture and scenic views. Moreover, winter in South Korea is really beautiful.

Take these 5 unforgettable things you should do during winter in South Korea.

1. Explore Bukchon Hanok Village

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, winter, Bukchon Hanok Village is an exciting tourist attraction to Seoul, South Korea. Exploring the traditional Korean Village covered in snow is an unforgettable experience.


During summer, most of these tourist places are jam-packed with people. Grab the chance during this winter and take pictures around the narrow streets of Bukchon Hanok Village. You will have one of the most beautiful photos during your winter trip to Seoul.

2. Visit Ice-Skating Rinks

Are you an adrenaline junkie? If you love to have an adrenaline high for your winter vacation in Seoul, visit one of their ice-skating rinks. You can either learn the basics of ice-skating or show off your skills– either way, you will have a lot of fun.

3. Enjoy the Scenery at N Seoul Tower

Your trip to Seoul, South Korea, will be incomplete if you do not stop and enjoy the scenery at N Seoul Tower. Annually, approximately 12 million people visit the N Seoul Tower. You can admire the scenery at the base of the tower or on the Observatory to have a 360-degree view.


4. Admire Giant Snow Sculptures

There are several Korean winter festivals that you can visit, one of the most popular is the Taebaeksan Snow Festival. At the festival, you can enjoy snow sledding and snow rafting. Aside from that, you can admire the giant snow sculptures of ice.

5. Spend a Day in a Jjimjilbang

After all your winter adventures in Seoul, the last must-have activity is having a relaxing moment at a Jjimjilbang. Jjimjilabng is a traditional spa in Korea that’s quite popular among locals. You can enjoy their steam rooms and sauna.

These are only a few of the exciting things you can do in South Korea during winter. Now that you have some ideas on how to make your winter trip memorable, you should know some winter general travel trips to avoid some mishaps during your stay in Seoul.


  • You have to ready yourself for a long flight. If you are traveling to South Korea from the west side of the globe, it might take quite a long. Ensure that you have everything with you. Pack everything you need, especially warm clothes.
  • Buy a SIM card. The moment you arrive at the airport, do not forget to purchase a South Korean SIM card. Ensure that it offers Internet data. It’s essential to have Internet access while traveling to easily search for places to eat or visit.
  • Purchase body warmers. Whether you are planning to do all the recommended activities above or you will only explore the city, you need to have body warmers. Winter is pretty cold in South Korea– you might freeze to death!
  • Buy a body warmer and place them under your clothes.
  • Get a transportation card. It’s essential to have a beep or transportation card when going around in Seoul. You can save lots of money with it.
  • Know the mode of transport in South Korea. You have to know which mode of transport you are most comfortable taking– train, bus, or rent a car. If you plan to take the bus, you need a transportation card, while you need a rail pass for trains. Meanwhile, renting a car is no a good idea when traveling in a foreign country because there are some differences with license and traffic regulations. Thus, the best option is to take the bus, taxi, or train.
  • Check for convenience stores nearby your accommodation. You need to make a quick research of the nearby amenities around your accommodation. Dining out in Korean restaurants is exciting and an additional unforgettable experience. However, doing it in every chance you get might be expensive. Thus, look for near convenience stores where you can easily grab a quick meal or snack.
  • Learn a few basic phrases in Korean. Even though most local Koreans know English, it’s a good idea to learn a few basic phrases in Korean.

Lastly, you have to consider your luggage and the number of days you are staying in South Korea. If you plan to stay for a week, do you have to bring more than a week’s worth of clothes? No, you don’t. You will pack heavy warm clothes for the winter, and bringing several pairs would only cost you additional baggage cost.


You need to take time considering which essentials and clothes to bring for your South Korea trip. The outfits you will bring are nothing compared to spring, summer, or autumn wears. They are thick.

It would be best to bring a few clothes and have them washed at laundry services. Laundry services offer a quick turnover. You only have to wait for a few hours and your clothes are ready to pick up. Check near laundry services around your accommodation. If you are planning to travel to New York after South Korea, you can drop off or have your laundry picked up and delivered by Liox.

Should You Really Visit South Korea in Winter?

South Korea can be extremely cold during winter. You are often an expert at having thick snow and negative temperatures. However, you can still enjoy your visit if you bring the right clothes.

With the mentioned winter activities, rich culture, and dominating Hallyu wave, you can’t contain the excitement to visit South Korea– especially during the winter. If you have been to Seoul before, it’s best to try wandering around during winter. You will surely still have a blast exploring South Korea.

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