Traveling During Pandemic? 10 Things Should Not Forget to Pack

Since Covid and lockdown all across the globe, the traveling industry has been to a standstill. According to a statistic, there has been a decline of $2.7 trillion in its revenue. With the traveling norms easing, here are a few essentials you must not forget in the Covid-hot world:

1. It’s time to keep yourself well-sanitized


With the ongoing pandemic it is important to stay sanitized whenever we leave or comeback home. In this case, the next time you are traveling, you need to have your sanitization kit with you. So, what are the things the kit must contain?

Start with a small and handy sanitizer that you can keep in your handbag. It is better to keep disposable wipes, too, which are laden in alcohol. These wipes can be used to clean your hands and face, at regular intervals. There are also sanitizer sprays available, which comes in handy for the surfaces.

2. Carry your protective gear at all costs

Once you have taken the sanitization kit, the next thing will be the protective gear. This is where your mask will come in. Haven’t you already started loving your masks? Then, do not forget to pack it in your luggage. While you are at it, why not pair it with some disposable gloves?

These gloves will keep your palms safe when you touch the surfaces. You can also go for disposable hair caps, as these are great for keeping your hair off the mess. When you are going at these lengths, make sure you have enough disposable gear for the trip. Who wants to run to the stores while on a trip? You can easily buy it from here.

3. Your daily medicines are very important


Do you want to look grumpy while you travel? No, right, then don’t forget to keep your box of medicines in the bag. You must have the basic medication for fever, allergies, flu, and not to forget the most important range of medicines.

4. You need a sanitization kit for your belongings too!

With you completely sanitized, what about your mobile, iPad, laptop, eBooks, etc.? You will need to sanitize them, as well. There are special sprays available for this, and there are other aerosol dispensers, too. Remember surfaces can fast spread the virus and so it’s necessary for you to follow all the norms.

There are also disposable covers available on the internet for these essentials. You can either use them or even use wet wipes.

5. Carry Your own food and beverage when you are traveling


Although it is easier to get food outside, still, it is hygienic if you carry your own food especially during these difficult times. This will minimize human contact and thus save you from the virus. Infact, some airlines have stopped giving food altogether. This is to curb the maximum possibilities of virus spread.

While it’s best to carry home-cooked food, you can also carry pre-packed meals available on food delivery platforms. They are much safer considering the strict safety norms that they have been following.

6. Get creative with your sleeping arrangements

If you are taking a long flight and you need to sleep, carry your own sleeping arrangements. By that, we do not mean sleeping bags, but you can carry a lightweight blanket and an air pillow.

This way, you will not need to rely on the airlines for the arrangement which will again minimize your contact with other humans or surfaces.

7. Do not forget your documents


While you are making preparations with sanitization, you still cannot forget your identification documents, like the passport, driving license, etc.

Hence, double-check all your documents before leaving for the airport. You can also keep your credit cards, and cash in the same bag. That way, you will never forget anything and all the essentials will be in one place.

8. Have you packed your entertainment?

While you are traveling, your comfort and entertainment is everything. So, have you packed your iPod and books? If not, make a list of things that you need and get them in your luggage.

You should definitely use this opportunity and pack all the laptops and mobile accessories, too. This will keep them charged and save you from the embarrassment of borrowing from others.

9. What about your grooming and personal care products?


No matter if you are traveling for work or vacation, your personal care products are the most important traveling companions. So, what is the trick behind not forgetting these small bottles and tubes? Stack all of them in a pouch.

This pouch must consist of all your grooming products – hairspray, gel, wax, comb, shampoo, conditioner, etc. You must also keep your fragrances, skincare products, trimming kit, and all other necessities in this one place.

10. Always be prepared for every event

This is the most important lesson that you can get while packing for a trip during these tough times. If you want to look the most prepared for your travels, you need to pack your clothes accordingly! And, that is where this styling guide will play a huge role.

Apart from the clothes you pack for functional use, like the Polo T-Shirts and shorts for casual wear, followed by formal shirts and trousers for business wear, you need to be prepared for more. Carry dinner suits on travels as you never know when an event can pop up.

Over to you…


Remember, your safety is in your hands. Times are tough and you need to exercise maximum precaution, especially while traveling. And, while you are at it, do not forget the regular things like undergarments, personal accessories, etc.

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