5 Things To Do in Southampton Perfect for Couples – 2024 Guide

Summer is here, which is one of the reasons why you might have started thinking about where you’ll go during your vacation. One of the destinations that you can opt for – especially if you are planning on traveling with your partner – is Southampton.

Whether you are heading to Southampton for a day in order to get away from your busy life or if you are looking for a quick, romantic getaway, this South coast gem has so much to offer. You’ll be able to explore, relax, and completely unwind or you can choose to take on an adventure with these five amazing things that you can do while in Southampton:

Sip Cocktails By The Seafront

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If you love watching the waves roll in and staring out over the ocean, then the ‘Pitcher and Piano’ is the perfect spot for you and your travel companion. Once there, you’ll notice that the atmosphere is lively and the entire setting of the place makes it a perfect spot for a night out.

One of the best things about it? It offers a wide range of beverages, including some of the most delicious cocktails that you’ll ever try. So, if you are looking for a perfect combination of nature and the chance of trying something new, you might want to opt for this particular spot.

Watch A Show Or Concert At The O2 Guildhall Southampton

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Now, this is an amazing venue that has so much to offer to its visitors, and more importantly, it has something for everyone. If you love entertainment, then this is the place for you. Why you might wonder? Well, you’ll be able to catch some incredibly funny comedians and you can enjoy a West End Production.

However, that is not the only thing that this place has to offer to you – you might be lucky enough to catch some of the most popular artists and bands in the world. So, whether you want to laugh the night away, sing your heart out for an entire evening, or simply kick back and watch a great show with your partner, you should visit this fun location.

The Southampton Art Gallery

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Art might be your and your partner’s thing, and you should know that Southampton will be a real treat for both of you, mostly because you can choose to visit the Southampton Art Gallery. The best things about it? It is completely free to enter the gallery, which means that you are not going to spend a single penny in order to explore all the things it has to offer.

It is the home to internationally recognized 20th century and contemporary British art and it houses art from the renaissance era all the way to modern-day art. With over 5.000 pieces of art on display, there will be a lot to look at, which means that you’ll be entertained for several hours before you head to your next location.

Exciting Escapes

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You might be a big fan of escape rooms or you might be looking for something fun that can keep you occupied for an hour, you should experience all the thrills and excitement that Exciting Escapes has to offer to its visitors. The goal? Well, you’ll need to join together and create your team in order to escape one of the many themed rooms on offer,

It is incredibly fun and you’ll need to put your brains together in order to solve easy and difficult puzzles, you’ll need to find different clues that can provide you with some answers, and you’ll need to do everything in under an hour. Yes, it is a real and complex challenge, however, it is a perfect way to try something new and something that will excite you. Trust me, once you try escaping from one of these rooms, you might end up being hooked!

Catch The Hythe Ferry

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One of the best and most fun ways that you can see Southampton is by hopping on the Hythe Ferry and making the crossing to the village of Hythe, which is located on the other side of the estuary. The trip will only take ten minutes, but, during those 10 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to see and take in the sight of some of the largest boats and ships located in the harbor.

Once there, you’ll be able to explore the amazing Hythe pier, which runs from the heart of the village and stretches 640 meters into the estuary, hence making it one of the longest piers in the United Kingdom. There is also a tramway running along the entire pier, which means that you can simply hop onto one and save some energy for exploring other things later on.

Bonus Tip – Do Not Forget to Try The Food

Before we conclude this article, there is one more thing that is worth mentioning – do not forget to try the food in some of the best restaurants that you can visit while in Southampton. The meals you can try are completely diverse and unique, hence, do not forget to surprise your taste buds.

There are also restaurants that work 24/7, which means that you can explore as much as you want without fearing that you won’t be able to eat later on. Additionally, there are restaurants that serve cuisine from all over the world, hence, you can try Indian, Italian, French, and other dishes.


As you can see, there is a wide range of interesting, thrilling, and fun things that you can do while in Southampton. Of course, the things you’ll decide to do will depend on your budget and wishes, however, ensure that you see at least one of the things mentioned in the article above, especially since it will allow you to truly experience what Southampton has to offer.

So, now that you know what you can and definitely should opt to see, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should do some digging, plan when you’ll go on the trip, and then make an itinerary plan of all the things you and your partner will see while there.

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