Universal Studios Singapore Guide A Perfect 1-Day Visit

Visitors from all over the world visit this beautiful park in Singapore. After all, it is the only Universal Studios in Southeast Asia. Water rides, roller coasters, and 4D presentations are akin to those seen at most amusement parks. However, it is the ideals that distinguish Universal Studios!

Universal Studios is a part of RWSentosa and caters to visitors. Therefore, some rides have age restrictions, some have height restrictions, and others look for medical problems. There is, however, something for everyone here!

Universal Studios Singapore Guide A Perfect 1-Day Visit

The park’s seven themes are spread out across 20 acres. If you’re not familiar with the region, you can seek a Universal Studios Singapore guide or map for your convenience. Whether or not you are familiar with all of the characters, themes, and structures that appear in Universal Studios’ films and programs, the theme park is a fantastic place to visit for everyone!

1. Universal Studios Singapore Ticket

Consider the following alternatives while heading out for tickets, One-Day Ticket to Universal Studios, The Universal Express Pass, and Universal Express Unlimited

Ticket prices for the USS Constitution for the admission for one day are:

  • INR 4497/- (81 Singapore Dollars) for adults aged 13 to 59
  • INR 3387/- (61 Singapore Dollars) for children aged 4 to 12.
  • INR 2387/- (43 Singapore Dollars) for Seniors over 60 years old.

After purchasing a one-day ticket, the Universal Express/Express Unlimited tickets can be purchased as an add-on. The express passes allow you to ride in first, saving your time from waiting for your chance to participate. You may only utilize the express lane once each ride with the INR 2221/- per person (SGD 40) Universal Express.

The Express Unlimited pass, which costs INR 3886/- per person (SGD 70), gives you unlimited access to the express without waiting in line. Only one-day and single-date tickets are valid with the express passes. When you’re short on time or visiting during peak hours, it’s best to get such passes. A one-day ticket is adequate on weekdays. You may purchase tickets on the official RW Sentosa website. When booking through other websites, where prices may vary.

You can purchase your tickets:

2. Way to Reach Universal Studio Singapore


As the Universal Studios is on Sentosa Island, there are several transportation options:

  • Take the Boardwalk: The Sentosa Boardwalk is a free way to get to Sentosa Island. Travelers along the Boardwalk make it easier for tourists to go to Sentosa Island. In addition, it’s a fantastic aerobic workout!
  • Through Bus: The cost of taking the bus to Vivocity Merrill Lynch or HarbourFront in Singapore varies depending on where you catch the bus. Then, to Sentosa, take the RWS8 (Shuttle bus).
  • Private Automobiles: Automobiles are permitted on the site. The cost of parking varies based on the time of day.

The particularly popular way is the monorail. You get a beautiful perspective of the island; it’s well worth it! The monorail falls under the category of public transportation. When traveling by MRT, you may easily change to the monorail, which costs INR 110/- per person (SGD 2) to INR 220/- per person ( SGD 4)

3. Best Time to Visit the Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is best visited during off-peak hours. Any time is a good time to go. However, crowds will tire you out and make you wait longer. Weekends should be avoided whenever possible. However, given the outbreak, there are few options:

The USS is open to tourists on weekends from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., as of February 28, 2024. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only). The pandemic’s timeline has made some changes in the usual timings. Be aware of the pandemic and its operational hours before going.

Also, if you have pre-purchased tickets, arrive as early as possible at the USS, even on weekdays. Singapore is well-known for its tourism, and Singapore never fails to draw a huge crowd. So to avoid long waits at Universal Studios, do try to arrive early.

4. Tips and Tricks


The upside of waiting in lines at Universal Studios Singapore is that there isn’t much to pack. So you’ll be fine if you dress comfortably. Because you will be walking a lot, choose light clothing and comfortable shoes which are highly recommended.

Bring a change of clothes as certain water rides can get you wet. You can also have an umbrella or raincoat which is useful when it rains. Also, don’t forget to always have a power bank with you. Keep your devices fully charged and a backup power bank on hand.

Long lineups may be hectic for children, so it will be helpful if you carry some toys and a stroller for them, as they can engage themselves with their toys, hence making you happy as well.

5. Eateries at Universal Studio Singapore

Goldilocks can be considered a good place as they serve tender chicken (called Chicken Fingers) and garlic fried chicken. Compared to similar things at retail malls, the food at USS is generally reasonable. For example, a 2pc fried chicken set meal that is served with hash browns and drinks at eateries at Universal studio Singapore will cost INR 888/- (SGD 16).

If you absolutely can’t afford to spend a penny here, you may dine somewhere at VivoCity or Resort World Sentosa before entering USS, then at the end of the day, you can have your supper at the mouth smacking traditional food corners at USS. It’s all up to you!

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