Top 10 Animal Stereotypes in the World

Cats Are Awesome

Do elephants really have steel-trap memories? Do racoons always steal? Are sloths really lazy? Are foxes always slick and cunning? You have come to the right place if you are looking answers to these animal stereotypes questions. Here are the top ten animal stereotypes and we will scrutinize each one of them, one after another. So, here we go!

Animal Stereotypes in the World


An elephant never forgets’ is a common phrase that you see thrown around by people and it is definitely true. Elephants may not have the best eyesight among animals but they do have an incredible memory power. Hence, it is one of the smartest animals in the world. Scientists believe that this remarkable memory strength comes from the elephant’s considerably large brain and due to this, it is capable of accumulating excessive chunks of memory. These superb memory skills help elephants not only in avoiding threats but also in various other forms. For example, an elephant living in the desert covers a massive distance over a period of several months just by remembering where it can find a water source.

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Basically, cats are crepuscular, which means that these mammals are most active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. But it won’t be wrong if you say cats are lazy. They are known to sleep for 14-16 hours a day on an average. If a human did that, he would just be called a bum! Cats are known to sleep just because they are bored and have nothing to do and this becomes a general habit in its life. Cats are so lazy that you can call them ‘masters of saving energy’. Also, read about largest cat breeds in the world.

Cats Are Awesome


Racoons are known to be highly rational and inquisitive creatures. If they are in your neighbourhood, they can turn out to be a nuisance as well. Racoons are clever animals and they also possess marvellous dexterity which means they can open doors, latches and even jars. Racoons are known to steal food from other animals like cats and sometimes tricking humans and taking their food away too! So, it wouldn’t be a lie to say racoons tend to steal. It is also listed as one of the most beautiful nocturnal animals in the world.

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This is true because pigs always survive in the obnoxious and dirty environment and basically, they have a dirty lifestyle. Pigs are known to sleep and move around in its own faeces. Pigs prefer digging around with their snout in filth and dirt to eat bugs and other organisms living in the soil. Another fact is that pigs do not have sweat glands and due to this when they are extremely sweating which is almost, always) they tend to stop, drop and roll in the mud and its general surroundings.

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Domestic dogs are often called as ‘man’s best friend’. This statement cannot be truer. There are many stories and essays which dogs are portrayed as heroes and saving the day in the end. Dogs are known for their close relationship with humans, their loyalty, and companionship. Dogs are known to provide unconditional love to its family and to protect them from any dangers. It is a simple reason why dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’: Because they ALLOW us to be their best friends. It is one of the popular animal stereotypes in the world. Also, read about best guard dogs for security.

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These creatures are known to be pretty smart and they put it a good use for its survival. Many stories feature foxes as sly and cunning and at the end of the story, they always come out on top. This is the general nature of foxes and how they live. Foxes are even known to symbolize cunning and wisdom in many cultures. They are seemingly foolish on the outside, nut, in fact, they are very cunning. So, it is not out of nothing ‘sly as a fox’ or ‘cunning as a fox’ came into existence. It is also one of the colour changing animals in the world.

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Dove, usually in white colour, is a symbol of peace, love, and harmony. Doves are known to mate for life, being incredibly loyal and also working hard to raise their young. They always keep to themselves causing no harm to other species. Doves are also extremely elegant birds. Beginning since time immemorial, it has been a symbol of quiet innocence. Doves can also be domesticated and it is famous for that too. The dove, sometimes, is often known to represent The Holy Spirit.

Animal Stereotypes


Swans are known for their gracious and elegant nature. Swans are gracefully long-necked, big-bodied and they glide majestically. Their love is so deep that they mate for life. So, having only one partner for life most of the times, swans are even known to die because of heartbreak when its partner dies. Swans are also famous as ’paragons of elegance’.Whooper Swan is listed as one of the highest flying birds in the world.

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Lazy as a sloth’ is a common phrase describing a person who doesn’t budge and tends to sleep and pass time doing almost nothing. Sloths are pretty slow. It is native to America and is the slowest animal in the world. Their top speed can even be in fractions of a mile per hour. Soyes, sloths can be unbelievably slow. But they cannot be actually termed ‘lazy’ because that’s how they are made due to its slow metabolism in its body. In fact, if you drove a car right at a sloth, in all probability it is going to die not because it is lazy to move but because that is how they are built.

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There can be no disagreement that their sleek, brawny bodies allow weasels to slip through small crevices and slits, crawl unnoticed through the underbrush, and worm their way into otherwise impenetrable places. So, there is no harm in calling weasels sneaky. In fact, they are known to raid poultry farms unnoticed, gather and food. So, unsurprisingly, people call a person ‘weasel’ when they are being untrustworthy and sneaky.

Animal Stereotypes

So, these are the top ten animal stereotypes. Hope this helped you.

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