Top 10 Most Beautiful Roses In The World

Beautiful Roses

No doubt, The most beautiful and most loved flower in the world is the one and only “The Rose”. A rose is the best representation of the love that is why, since ancient days it has been known as the ultimate symbol of love as well as sympathy and sorrow.Roses are also one of the best wedding flowers in the world. Its versatility and beauty with the combination of thorny stems and fragrant blooms are considered as a symbol of achievement, perfection, and completion. The rose is among the only three beautiful flowers mentioned in the bible. The world’s oldest rose was found on the walls of The Cathedral of Hildesheim, Germany and is believed to have been living for 1000 years since 815 A.D.

In 2006, renowned rose breeder David Austin founded the world’s most expensive rose “The Juliet”. It took him 15 years to complete this breeding at a total cost of 5 million dollars.

Roses are found in a myriad of colors like red, orange, pink, purple and even green but the only color that does not exist is Black. What people referred a black rose is actually a dark reddish-crimson colored rose. Around 10,000 varieties of roses are found in the world and each one of them is unique in its own kind.

Many shrubs of roses grow very tall. The tallest ever recorded rose bush stands at over 23 feet (7 meters) tall. Roses are also found in food varieties these are known as Rosehip.These varieties of Rosehip are rich in vitamin C and they are generally used for making jams, jellies, and other products. These rose hip also have some medicinal properties and are used to make rose syrup. Romans were very fond of roses and use them as room decorations and even wear them on a string around their neck. Different color of roses is used to exhibit different feelings like red roses for love, yellow roses for happiness etc. Let me list down beautiful roses in the world,

Beautiful roses in the world

1. Queen Elizabeth Rose

This pink colored rose is very elegant and with its regal blooms, it looks a queen wearing a crown. It has moderate fragrance and can bloom up to 4 inches giving a spectacular view to the people. It has won the World’s favourite rose in 1979 and is considered as the best rose ever to be found. Another feature which makes Queen Elizabeth Rose so special is the fact that its canes and stems are red. This beautiful rose was bred by Lammerts, in 1953 to mark the Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Also, read about strange looking flowers in the world.

Beautiful Roses

2. Joseph coat’s rose

This rose is very versatile with striking colors like orange, yellow, red etc..the intensity of the colors differs depending on the climate, the soil, and the amount of sunlight it receives. Its leaves are mild to dark glossy green in color and its fragrance is mild but beautiful with around 40 petals in each flower. However, it is very thorny and is mostly used to grow around the fences and hedge. It requires at least 6 hours of daily sunlight preferably more morning sunlight and a raised bed to give excellent drainage and plenty of water. It is one of the most beautiful roses for your garden. If you have a hard time choosing a gift for a picky grandmother or mother-in-law, why not send this type of rose you can get from the Bouqs?

Beautiful Roses

3. Rose Double Delight

This is very large in size with a diameter of about 10 cm and 30 petals. They are pinkish red and creamy white in colour with strong juicy and spicy fragrance but their colour changes in sunlight from white to carmin red, beginning from the edges. This change is more prominent in warmer, sunnier regions and also in presence of greenhouse gases and UV-rays of the sun. It requires well-drained moist soil with good organic compost. These roses require plenty of air around them to prevent them from diseases caused by humidity and also to encourage healthy growth.

Beautiful Roses

4. David Austin Rose

One of the most beautiful roses in the world also known as Ambridge rose, is the world’s most expensive rose founded by American breeder David Austin. This rose is medium-sized and deeply cup-shaped that grows best in the hot climate with plenty of sunlight and rich, fertile and adequate moist and well drained-soil. It has a very lovely fragrance which lasts for about 3 to 4 days and overwhelms everyone’s heart. Its stems are attractively green with good resistance to diseases. This rose is found only in peach color with paling edges and grows up to 3 feet tall.

Beautiful Roses

5.Rose Black Baccara

This beautiful rose is darker than any black rose found in the market. It has burgundy-red petals with well-formed and long-lasting cuts. It is vigorous and has excellent disease resistance. It has a very large size with 45 petals. The rose black baccara is not a very hard rose and requires a moist and cold climate. It grows best in well-drained soil with proper lighting and presence of air. It is one of the most beautiful roses in the world.

Beautiful Roses

6. Rose Sugar Moon

This rose is bright white in color with exude elegance. It has a big pointed bud with the spiral opening. It has broad white petals combined with black green leaves giving a spectacular view. These roses require six or more hours of direct sunlight per day and a fertile, reasonably moist soil.

Beautiful Roses

7. Black Beauty Rose

This a very dark red-crimson coloured rose with velvety petals. They have very light fragrance and require moderate temperature with plenty of sunlight. They are well grown in fertile, moist and well-drained soil. They generally have 40 to 50 petals with paling edges and have glossy leaves with the thorny stem.

Beautiful Roses

8. Rose Red Eden

These are giant blooms of 100 petals discovered by a French breeder Alan Mielland. They are about 15 feet tall. The most distinguishing feature of Red Eden is that they are perpetual bloomer i.e. they grow throughout the blooming period. They are pinkish-red in color with medium green color stem and mild fragrance.

Beautiful Roses

9. Rose Victor Hugo

These roses are medium sized of 30 petals with double or single petals. They have a moderate fragrance with the perpetual blooming of entire season. Leaves are generally dark green in color with toothed edges. They are crimson in color with purple shaded edges. But these plants are very susceptible to a variety of diseases and pests, many of which can be controlled with good cultural practices.

Beautiful Roses

10.Rose Gold Medal

This beautiful yellow colored rose was founded by an American breeder Jack Christensen in 1982. They are of medium size with 30 petals and mild fragrance which is somewhat juicy and spicy. They grow best in hot climate combined with well-drained fertile soil. Also, these are vigorous and highly resistant to diseases.

Beautiful Roses

These are the beautiful roses in the world. Please do add your comments.

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